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    Wet bolt kits or not?

    Yes the standard bolt/shackles kits are a problem. However I think you might have a different setup on you landmark. On our Big Country the 3 year old main bushing on our trailer equiflex system that had roughly 12000 miles on it was completely worn through and almost ruined the equalizer.
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    Lippert springs strike again

    Emco is the manufacturer of the spring but they manufacture Lipperts springs to Lippert's specifications. If you look on their website the 4 leaf pack 3000# spring is a nonstock item which means its not an off the shelf product thus produced for a specific manufacturer. The off the shelf 3000#...
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    Lippert springs strike again

    I apologize for not getting back to all on this sooner but we are now getting around to addressing this issue. After going around several times with everyone at Lippert, they flat out denied my claim that the spring failure was their fault. So I will state my case and let you make your own...
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    Lippert springs strike again

    I finally recieved a call back (several at that) from Heartland yesterday morning about our spring issue. I explained my situation with this system in great detail as stated in my first post. We tried to get Lippert on the phone as well to discuss the possible solutions but had to leave a...
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    Lippert springs strike again

    ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!! I just got back from dropping the trailer off at a spring/axle shop to diagnose an uneven tire wear problem. After further inspection of the suspension I seem to have the same problem as everyone else. Flat, warped, under engineered springs. The owner of the shop (who...
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    Water, water, everywhere...front cap!

    So today I un-hitched the trailer from the truck from a trip last weekend. It has been rainy/snowy over the last few days and the trailer has been leaning down toward the front at about a 15* angle. So as I am un-hitching and the trailer slowly comes up off the hitch to a more level position I...
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    Fungus growing under coach

    As for a fix or wood type, I would use a marine grade 3/4 ply and a construction grade vapor barrier with some of the underbelly (corregated plastic) screwed over the barrier to protect it from the elements. Our trailer is in storage right now but if I remeber correctly the only area of this...
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    Purchasing new 28BRS + ProPride 3P and Need a Spring Camping Destination!

    If your on the west slope I would head over Moab. This time of year the high desert can be a great place to escape to, cool to cold nights and mild days. Plenty of hiking, biking and fishing in that area.
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    Kayak transporting

    So I have searched everywhere but I cannot find a pic of us hauling our kayaks. We ended up going with the Thule rack system on top of our 4 door lwb ford. It works out great and have actually thought about going with a front goal post setup to offer more support. We typically haul three...
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    Houston to Seattle?

    This is the route that we took back in November when traveling from Lake Tahoe to College Station for the A&M/T.U. game to tailgate. I would defiantely recomend this route, although instead of I-5 we did 99 through CA. Essentially this would like traveling to Dallas, you can either use 45...
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    You guys are completely right! with that said, we use our Honda 2000's for 75+ hours a year for medium to heavy duty loads, the extra money for the added reliability was worth it for us. Especially for those that will only use the generator once or twice or only to charge just the...
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    Where Do You Buy Wall Hugger Power Recliners?

    I know that these chairs are probably more than you want to spend but let me give you a hands down, these are unltimately the best. The DW has had a 3 level semi fusion on levels L5-L2 and will tell anyone these chairs are the only ones that give back pain relief. Unlike typical recliners that...
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    You will find plenty of my postings about our Honda 2000i's and how much we love them, by all means you get what you pay for. We had a friend show up at our last tailgate party with a cheaper (can't remember the brand) 2000 that was litterally still in the box. He spent all weekend messing...
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    Under cabinet coffee maker

    we used to have one in house and after several years of use we noticed it was starting to warp the wood above it due to the steam that is generated by the maker.
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    Problems searching

    Ok so with the forum upgrade the google search seems to have disapeared. I am a member of several online communities that run vBullitin and I actaully used to run one myself (note: 8+ years ago). I have never had any other forum with a search function that is as ineffective as this one. I know...
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    2500 Dodge Ram with Cummins diesel 5.9

    This topic comes up time and time again....yes you can haul anything with any vehicle, its all about how you drive it. Back in the day we used to haul a JD 2940 (10,400 lbs) tractor on a 6,000lb dual tandem gooseneck with 1/2 ton 4x4 Chevy...did it pull it, of course, was it slow ohhhh yeah...
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    snow load

    Not only would this take forever but you have ice daming issues before it ever melted off. You have to remeber that areas like the vent covers that are thin will let the heat out an melt the snow. Once it gets cold enough that melt will turn to ice around the vent cover thus trapping any melt...
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    2011 model landing jacks

    Any advice with a retrofit would be great!
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    What Radio are you using?

    Well we kinda moved out of the FM realm and purchased a Bose portable IPOD docking station. This thing produces the most amazing sound and esily fills the inside of the trailer with sound or out on a picnic bench.
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    Hydraulic slide controls

    Caisseil, Can you post pictures of your modifications if you have any. Also, about how much did the modifications cost? Where did you get the supplies from? TIA
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    2011 model landing jacks

    With a little customization could some valves be added to the current hydaulic slide motor to power hydraulic landing gear? If you purchased just the jacks from Lippert or HWH I can't imagine it would be to difficult to add some hoses, valves and wiring while utilizing the current pump.
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    What size generator?

    You can actually get by easily with just running a single Honda 2000 for what you want to do, but...... I would highly suggest this unit (be it one or two of them). Our reasoning behind purchasing two EU2000i's was the weight factor. Purchasing two of them is almost the same cost compared to the...
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    Wanted to share modification

    JGALLEGO: Where did you get your mounts?
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    So if I understand the installation, you didn't glue or nail the flooring, its essentially a floating system? The DW wants the carpet out soo bad and this seems like a great solution for the spring time.
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    Bargain Deep Cycle Batteries in Northern Ca.

    Have you used these for your trailer? I am really curious about these and if they would give us longer run time especially when not hooked to shore power and having to use the battery sucking heater.
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    San Antonio trip

    Definately don't miss the Institute of Texan Cultures which is right downtown next to hemisfair park. A great history of Texas Museum. Also, someone mentioned the oldest dancehall in Texas. That would be Gruene Hall, just outside New Braunfels, spend the day in Gruene, eat lunch at the Grist...
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    Wanted to share modification

    Nice Mod, I have mulled this mod to death, looking at all sorts of different mounts, flush swing arms, etc. I have been concerened that our 42" will cause fatigue on the mount while bouncing down the road, although I will end up doing this eventually for tailgating at college games. For now, I...
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    Lake Tahoe to Texas via Phoenix

    Guys thanks for all the info! I think we will do the 99/58/395/I-15/215/I-10 combo. I talked to the Camping World in Rocklin and they generously agreed to allow us to park our rig in the parking lot tonight and come back for it on Wednesday on our way out of town. This is by far the safest...
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    Lake Tahoe to Texas via Phoenix

    Well after reading all the posts we decided yesterday morning to take the 95 route to Vegas based on pending weather that might be moving through the area Wednesday afternoon/evening. Basically head east before anything stops forward to last night.... The weather completely...
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    GVWR on Cyclone 3912

    Wow, this is interesting,....If you rig weighed in close the 18k max without any toys, what would happen if you loaded some four wheelers and/or dirt bikes! Scary, sounds like Heartland needs to weigh in on this one.
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    Brakes on a Big Country jamming on

    I would venture to say that the problem is not with the controller. Once grease enters a braking assembly, trailer or TV, you pretty much have to replace the pads/shoes and clean everything untill it is free of grease. Grease that is stuck between the pad suface and rotating surface will...
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    Lake Tahoe to Texas via Phoenix

    So we are making our bi-yearly homage back to College Station for the Texas A&M V. UT football game. This year I am a bit more worried about weather, roads and travel times. Basically we are leaving the Lake Tahoe area around noon next Wednesday. We have three options to get south. Our main...
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    Loose awning lag bolts

    We have the same situation on our 2950. After reading the thread about the 2950 with the entire back end rotted out, little things like this bolt and how it is sealed is a major concern to me. Our trailer is an 08', bought in Sept 07, so we are well out of warranty......don't have a real good...
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    Ranch hitch gooseneck/5er adapter

    Still for sale, just in time for the 5er season!
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    Truck + 5th Wheel Length

    You should also check the laws on multiple trailers. I believe in cali the length is also 35' but to tow doubles you have to have a CDL.
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    SAMSUNG HT-X20 DVD Home theatrein 3580 BH

    Do you guys have to be plugged into shore power or have a generator running for the stereo to work? We would desprately like to upgrade our sound system but I still want to run it off of the 12v system without buying an inverter. I know some of these units only require 8-16v inputs but most...
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    2wd low range any one try this yet

    Gotta love having hub locks! Our 01 F-350 still has them. We use our low range just about every time when backing into a space and our driveway. There is less riding of the clutch and more ease of monuverability (sp) because of the reduced speed when in low. Essentially this product allows...
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    Sansui TV doesn't work

    The booster makes a huge difference. Our tv barely picks up channels, as soon as you turn the booster on you get several very clear ones. Try it out, it also helps to rotate the antenna.
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    Can you simplify the forum

    Oh gosh, I hope my words didn't come off wrong, I completely enjoy everything on this site! Just wanted to add some observations.
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    Can you simplify the forum

    I somewhat agree with Gerry... It seems that information regarding the different coaches, i.e. Appliances, Electrical and Plumbing can get lost in the HOOT, or Modifications sections. The three forums for trucks (diesel truck, tow rig, trailer/truck weights) could all very easily be in one...