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    Trailer Life 4500 Tongue Jack

    My Trailer Life 4500lb tongue jack stopped working today. Both the motor and the LED light are dead. It's not the fuse, wires or the battery. I purchased it new with my camper less than a year ago. Does anyone else have this jack? Anybody else having problems with your's? thx
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    8 Tracks and Cassette Players

    Re: What did you do to your camper today? OMG! lol, bet you even had fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror?
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    8 Tracks and Cassette Players

    JohhD, that is funny! I'm not say'n you are old, but listening to REO on cassette tapes? you might be?? lol.. Good luck Riding the storm out.
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    New Member Introduction

    Welcome Frank, from just across the river in Gretna..
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    Any glaring issues with Mallard?

    I’ve had my 2018 M26 out a half dozen times with no problems. It’s a good camper for the money. Good luck!
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    Picking up a Mallard M26 Tomorrow

    Sorry to hear about the water leak. At least you caught it early so you shouldn't have to worry about any long term damage. Fortunately, we haven't had any water issues with our M26, (knock on wood). I'veread a lot about brand new rv's with water issues or seals leaking. Wish there was a little...
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    Mallard M26 winter campiing question

    Thanks for the link, good info in there.. - - - Updated - - - Good to know, thanks for the info!
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    Mallard M26 winter campiing question

    Thanks for the info mhaskins, I appreciate your response.. Are you happy with your M33? Any issues with it?
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    Picking up a Mallard M26 Tomorrow

    Congratulations on the Mallard. We picked up our m26 in September and have had it out several times since with no problems. Seems to be a pretty good camper? so
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    Bunk Ladder for M29

    Did you ever find a good ladder solution? I'm having the same issue with my M26.
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    winterizing M26

    Did you get your M26 winterized? I just did mine and it was pretty easy. let me know it you have any questions?
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    Mallard M26 winter campiing question

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I purchased a 2018 Mallard M26. It has a forced air heated underbelly. Just wondering how well it actually works and how cold of temperatures I can actually camp in? Any other thoughts about Mallards? We've had it out a few times and it seems to be a decent camper...