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    looking for MPG in the Seattle area

    My 185T is still for sale in the seattle area. ddh did get through to me through the email I set up and left in the for sale page (mpgtrailer(at)gmail(dot)com). Apparently he was not able to contact me through the list itself. Eric in Seattle
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    Interested in a 186T MPG

    We have a 185-T, A little different layout. The tent area is a queen size bed. The table and benches make a full size bed below it (not much headroom for 1 of the 2) and yes, the couch on the side folds down for a small person bed (dog in our case). This said putting 5 people in it would be...
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    Stove Top Issue

    I went out and nosed around my 185T. I have the 2 burner stove top. My manual (under the operation section) says to turn the knob fully to the left where it says lite and light it with a long match. (towards top of page 3) There is no piezio (sp?) electric unit under there that I see with the...
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    Heard a rumor that 2012 will be the last year for the MPG?

    That will be interesting to see if they do resume building them. Everywhere I have been with mine, and I do mean EVERYWHERE, I get stopped and asked about it. Rest stops, gas stations, campgrounds, and even when driving people want to see it, see inside, want to know where I bought it, how...
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    MPG 185 Stereo unit location

    On my MPG 185T the stereo unit is on the back wall of the bathroom above the table. (in the door, left turn, left turn, look back to your left toward the front of the trailer) This is very awkward to get to and just as difficult to adjust with the remote as getting bent around over the table...
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    ATF: MPG - Repair parts needed and Bracket question

    Heartland actually called me first, We had a nice chat this morning. (from this Forum) Sounds like it should lead me to some parts. MPG - 185T-WA
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    ATF: MPG - Repair parts needed and Bracket question

    I need to get a window screen, a compartment lock and 2 "tentpost" ends. These were missing/broken on my 185T when I purchased it. My dealer takes notes of the things I need and say they they will look into it but I have not heard back. (Apache Camping in Everett, Wa.) The window screen is for...
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    Any other MPG's in the NorthWest??

    I am in the Seattle area and bought the MPG locally about 2 months ago. We have been on 2 trips with it and had almost everything work perfectly. I have yet to see another one on the road, but everywhere we go we are asked about the trailer and where to see them. Since we bought it, the...
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    ATF: MPG - Separation of pop-out tent platform mpg185t

    I notice that this is a couple of months old. Did you ever get a resolution? We just bought a new 185T and have not had any issues with the bed in the tent. I was wondering if you got poles that were too shorty or something or if the hinge area in the center was not held in correctly. I have a...