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  1. katkens

    Vent Cap

    The hole is where the screw holds the cap.
  2. katkens

    Excessive sway on 5th wheel

    I wish you would have answered Bill Knights question on sway. I have friend that was complaining of sway and was actually a problem with the truck. He was having problems at the speeds you are stateing and we found a bad universal joint on the truck.
  3. katkens

    2019 torque t32 towing problems with porpoising

    I had this problem with my previous truck and a new set of Bilstein Shocks cured my problem.
  4. katkens

    Replacing Shurflo Water Pump

    Might want to check this out also......
  5. katkens

    Best way to increase fuel capacity

    I have the RDS 40 gallon tank/toolbox best investment I have made. Its been flawless for the last 13 years.
  6. katkens

    Hour meter not counting the hours.

    I have seen a couple new meters that did not work and the wires where hooked up backwards. I would try switching the wires .
  7. katkens

    Hot Water Tank Sacrificial Anode

    Most folks change theirs to often, there still good till 75% gone. I filter all my water and get years out of my anode rods.
  8. katkens

    Level Up

    I had my 2007 done in 2009 when Trailair was still was on its own. It took 2 guys 9 hours to install at a price of $2400 . They replaced front electric jacks added the 4, a bigger pump and reservoir. It is the best money I have ever spent on my rig and no problems what so ever since. I still...
  9. katkens

    Reese elite vs reese signature

    I have the Signature Series bought new for my 2007 Bighorn, works great. I believe the Elite is just a rename ,I see no difference in the two.
  10. katkens

    Please pray for me

    You are in our prayers and remember there are good treatments now if so...……..Ken
  11. katkens

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    Just wanted to let you know we have to cancel out of the Rally. Kathy has medical problems and we will not be able to make it, sure will miss seeing everyone. We know everyone will have a great time and sorry to miss out...…...Ken
  12. katkens

    Slide Wire Support/Hanger ??

    I used a door hinge on mine and install was about 10 years ago.
  13. katkens

    Tank sensors but mostly black tank

    If you can't find Calgon use this same principle ………..The Geo Method is what a lot of folks use
  14. katkens

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    Do you remember the movie Misery with James Caan ? Was just thinking ,maybe Jon was not telling me the right story of his so called accident.
  15. katkens

    Where to Order Hi-limit ECO Switch for water heater Here is one if you need to order ,great company and quick. The 12 volt ones are at bottom of page links.
  16. katkens

    Interior lights coming and going in intensity

    Glad you are getting things fixed . Here is some links for future part needs great parts stores and super quick. and
  17. katkens

    Prayers for Happykraut

    Lots of prayers for you and Judi. I also wanted to know if you want me to clean out your driveway, we got or first snow last night.
  18. katkens

    Tire Speed Ratings.. it!!!!!
  19. katkens

    Tan caulking?

    I use Sika products but I have not used this particular one.
  20. katkens

    Tan caulking? '''''might look here.
  21. katkens

    Hensley hitch

    Might want to check this one out ,Jim Hensley's last design.......
  22. katkens

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Utica - 8/4/2017 to 8/6/2017

    Sure ,right and chickens have lips.
  23. katkens

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: WI, Wisconsin Dells - 8/10/2017 to 8/13/2017

    Bob use Walmart..... 130 Commerce St. Wisconsin Dells,Wi. 53965
  24. katkens

    Countertop scratches easily

    We have corian countertops and use SCI products that work well. ..... We found it Lowes I believe , not sure if they still carry it.
  25. katkens

    Who do you use for on line purchases?

    Rv stuff I use or . I got my EMS at the upgrade store was the cheapest at the time but need to check Tweetys there stuff can be cheaper, depends.
  26. katkens

    Happy Birthday Jimtoo

    Happy Birthday , Jim. Wish upon you a wonderful day, see you in Goshen.
  27. katkens

    Father & Son Bonding

    Terry ,don't know where you find all these lately but sure been funny.
  28. katkens

    Need CG ideas near Carson City, NV This should help some, maybe someone here that lives in area can help you out.
  29. katkens

    Now I Know Where to Find It

    Good one Jay....LOL
  30. katkens

    How long does it take for your RV freezer/refrigerator to lose its cool?

    Refrigeration slows bacterial growth. Bacteria exist everywhere in nature. They are in the soil, air, water, and the foods we eat. When they have nutrients (food), moisture, and favorable temperatures, they grow rapidly, increasing in numbers to the point where some types of bacteria can cause...
  31. katkens

    2017 Goshen Rally - Vendor Specials

    Ron, are you offering disc brakes for 6K axles ? I didn't see them listed in the flyer and have been debating on purchase. ........Ken
  32. katkens

    Ford 6.7 Diesel oil weight ???

    Here is a link for more info
  33. katkens

    2017 - Goshen Rally Minor Service Work

    JimB fixed it ,its working now.
  34. katkens

    Reese fifth wheel wear on inside pivot

    Looks a lot better cleaned up , coat good with better grease and good to go.
  35. katkens

    Reese fifth wheel wear on inside pivot

    I have the Reese Signature Series , which is now called the Elite for 11 years now. I use Lucas Red N Tacky grease on it and don't have the wear shown in the pictures. I bought it at local auto part stores , its more robust grease than lithium ..........Ken
  36. katkens

    Slider hitch or Not

    I have never had a need for a slider in my short bed trucks . I pulled with a Chevy and now with my Ford for the past 11 years no problem. My Ford has the in bed puck system works fine.........Ken
  37. katkens

    2017 Goshen Rally - Entertainment

    Re: 2017 Goshen rally - Entertainment If no Jeff Dunham ,how about Gabriel Iglesias , we want Fluffy.
  38. katkens

    Popular options to order?

    Lots of good ideas but don't forget dual pane windows.
  39. katkens

    Furnace starts and ceiling lights get brighter

    I was getting surges like that and it was my converter going bad. It will do this for awhile ,then eventually bite the dust.
  40. katkens

    Separation of pin area

    I would say its a water leak . I had some screws holding the cap down to the roof break off causing a gap letting water in. I would check the caulking on the cap roof seam , it doesn't take much water to warp the section you are showing.