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    North to Alaska

    Summer of 2019 headed for extended visit to Alaska. Taking 32 ft Sundance 5th wheel. Could use any help and suggestions regarding campgrounds (private, provincial [Canada], state, national forest or national parks.' Any other tips and suggestions greatly appreciated. KB
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    Good Sam help in Alaska & Canada Camping

    5th Wheeling in Alaska 2019. Wanted to know how Good Sam membership would be helpful to me in campgrounds as we travel. 72 years old.
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    ATF: Sundance - Install second rooftop airconditioner

    Currently my Sundance has one air conditioner in the living room. I want to take out the roof vent in the front bedroom {overhang area} and install a second air conditlioner. Where do I locate electrical wires in the ceiling to provide power for the new air conditioner? thanks, Kurt B
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    Replacing gas/electric water heater on my own

    Have gotten a quote from my dealer on replacing my hot water heater on my 09 Sundance, wow, big bucks. Anyone out there replace their own? Would like to know how it went for you if you did the replace. Kurt
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    replacing the water heater on 09 Sundance on your own

    I have to replace my dual power source water heater on my 09 Sundance. Because of high cost to have it done at the dealership, I was wondering if anyone out there has replaced their water heater themselves.