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    where to get diesel

    We purposely do try to not travel each day so far that we need to fuel up while hooked up. Personal preference. But if we do need to fuel up, we go to big truck stops - no stress in and out.
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    Thinking of everyone in Texas

    We can sympathize with y'all. We had over 20" in one 24 hour period at the beginning of October and another 5" the next weekend. Everyone has been cringing when rain is forecast for our area of South Carolina.
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    Mysterious Thump Noise This Morning

    You win, hands down, you win!
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    Mysterious Thump Noise This Morning

    Ann, I like that story. I'd expect rambunctious deer, but an itchy cow - not so much! Our best wildlife story (really lame) was the night that squirrels decided that our roof was the perfect elevated freeway between 2 trees. Long night, don't the little rodents ever sleep?
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    Mysterious Thump Noise This Morning

    Did you check their insurance info? 😊 Hope you didn't have damage.
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    Lots of great people on here who will help you when you ask. Welcome and you'll love your BH and being FT.
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    Parking Lot Scams

    Ladies - I refuse to carry a purse when shopping. I put one credit card in a secure pocket (one that buttons, snaps or zips) and my ID in another secure location. Car key goes in a pocket and I carry it between my fingers with the sharp point out when heading to the car. I walk with purpose...
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    New guy (Bighorn owner)

    Re: New guy Huntington Beach SP is our favorite beach here. Being close to Brookgreen Gardens means we can stroll in the shade and wade in the surf within minutes of each other.
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    Shower Drain

    Second the baking soda and vinegar idea.
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    New guy (Bighorn owner)

    Re: New guy Welcome and congratulations! If you love your BH even half as much as we love ours, you'll be SO happy.
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    List your favorite CG to spend a month in FL... Gulf side

    We stayed at Shady Acres, Ft Myers in January 2014. Nice facility.
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    Just bought our first RV - 2014 BigHorn 3160EL

    Re: New Owners If it has a button, switch or any type of on off device, make sure you are shown how it works. Locate the fuses. Ask every question you can think of - even if they sound dumb (no dumb questions, only dumb answers). We also made a video of our walk-through since our memories...
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    Emergency window handle

    Have you called Heartland? Have your VIN handy.
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    Help....!!!!!! A stressed out newbie

    We live here, but have heard good things about MB KOA & Cypress Camping Resort. Neither are on the beach, but Cypress is on the Intercoastal waterway and the KOA is only a couple of blocks from the ocean.
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    Help....!!!!!! A stressed out newbie

    Been my experience that people will work more effectively and efficiently when they are answerable to someone who has an expectation of results. CW doesn't have a great rep regarding both quality or timeliness of repairs, but we've had (thus far) good experiences with the one here in Myrtle...
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    Help....!!!!!! A stressed out newbie

    We have begun every conversation with "When will you put the parts order into Heartland?" Then we say "Okay, we'll give Heartland a call the next morning so we can answer any questions Heartland might have and find out when you'll be getting the parts." We also have a copy of the parts list...
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    Trip to Wyoming in the fall?

    Beautiful family! Looks like all of you had a grand time. We wish you many years of happiness while camping. This forum is a great source of info for first hand experience on what actually works (and doesn't work). Keep posting.
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    Pulling a heavy fiver

    Check out McGeorge's in VA. Just north of Richmond on I95 in Ashland.
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    Model differences

    Big Horns work well for full-time use. We know that for a fact. We ordered ours so we could get precisely what we wanted. Weed down your "would be nice to have" to your "must have" list. That should be made easier with the lists Jim provided. Good luck and enjoy.
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    Okay. Let me rethink my response. Our Silverado is a diesel with a Duramax engine and an Allison transmission. I'm going to defer to others familiar with towing with a gas engine. Martha
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    We pull our 3670RL Big Horn with our Silverado 2500HD. We've gone up and down the Rockies several times with no problems. Some will say that we should have a larger truck, but we're happy and planning more extended trips. Don't second guess yourself. If we had done that, we wouldn't have all...
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    Plumbing issue -- who do you call?

    We've always had good luck with mobile repair guys.
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    What is being done about Towmax Tires

    A person who sells tires (and who knew that we were asking for advice only) told us "12 ply is 12 ply. The big trailers should have 14 ply at least." Just passing on what we were told.
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    By (Popular?) Demand - Our Ownership Story

    Perhaps others (like us) have had positive experiences with our trailer, our dealer, and Heartland. That doesn't make you blind to another person's commentary nor slavish to their products. I know we hope your BH can be made to all you envisioned initially. Safe travels, Martha
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    Bighorn 3270RS "Lil Guy' s Maiden Voyage

    I'll add that people who attend to small things when first noticed before they become major problems don't post here about how terrible Heartland is. We also expect things to need fixing so are prepared to do so on the fly. Happy owners ask for help, information, and advice from others not...
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    2014 Torque 321 De-lamination issue

    good to know. Hope it all works out.
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    2014 Torque 321 De-lamination issue

    Sorry, but a 2014 isn't a brand new trailer even if was not previously purchased. The caulk has to be examined for cracks and recaulked when needed even when it's just sitting. If your dealer neglected that, then I'd be totally angry at the dealer. Hope all gets resolved. Martha
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    Just When I Thought I Had Seen It All

    What a jerk! I'm hoping to never run into him. You did the right thing.
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    Thinking of everyone in Texas

    Please keep those in the Austin and San Antonio area in your thoughts and prayers. Hoping everyone there is safe.
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    Washer/Dryer for Bighorn. Combo or Separates?

    Re: Washer and Dryer Truly it's a preference. We prefer the stackable so we can be washing a load while one is drying. We had an all-in-one unit on one of our boats and were not pleased with the length of time it took to complete one load.
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    ATF: Landmark - Wall covering

    I'd call Heartland with your VIN in hand. The factory doesn't routinely monitor the homeowner's forum, so it might escalate the response.
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    Just When I Thought I Had Seen It All

    Wow! Some people think they know everything. We like advice and guidance - and I would think that if someone is telling you of danger, you would listen.
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    Just When I Thought I Had Seen It All

    But the only cure is a headbuttectomy and there are very few people qualified to perform that procedure. Kidding aside we agree that the park manager is the appropriate person to address this issue since the failure of the current setup could cause damage to other campers and park assets.
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    Just When I Thought I Had Seen It All

    Two comments leap to mind: You can't fix stupid; and You can't argue with crazy. Winner, hands down, of this year's Darwin Award!
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    Baking in our rv

    I'll wager it was a flaw inside the stone. I've used ours in our BH and in our S&B for years with no issues. I'd return it to place of purchase for replacement. Air Bake pans are good, but I personally prefer the stone.
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    Tank Heat pads yetti package

    there are many manuals available here on the forum. Look under the tools bar. It's a great source.
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    Baking in our rv

    Probably a fault in the stone (hairline crack) or moisture in the stone. Was this a new stone? Martha
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    Finally Get to Change our Status

    Retirement is the best!! Enjoy it. Congratulations
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    electric fireplace

    We love ours. It puts out enough heat to relieve the amount of propane being used.
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    ATF: Bighorn - Maximum Vinyl Flooring

    So, you know that Heartland is communicating with your dealer and your dealer is communicating with you. That's a great indicator to me that you will get what you ordered. It's normally when there is dead silence that I worry.