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    Warranty Service from "any" RV Dealer?

    If you're passing through Des Moines, Iowa and need repair work, I highly recommend Mike at The Great Outdoor RV Store on I235 going through town. He knows his stuff and he's great to work with. He's taken wonderful care of our Golden Gate and they are a Big Horn Dealer as well! Tell him the...
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    Charge Wizard

    I have Golden Gate #008 with a charge wizard. Recently found out this has to do with the batteries! My question is, in storage, we have turned the batteries off. Should we turn on the charge wizard to trickle charge and do we need to turn the batteries back on or can we leave them turned off...
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    Winterizing our 5vers

    charge wizard Hi fireflipper - we have 2005 GG #008 with a charge wizard and didn't know what it is. If you turn the charge wizard on do you leave the batterys on "on" or can you turn them off and still have the wizard trickle charge?:confused:
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    User Manual Project

    I would be very happy to see a USEFUL OWNER'S MANUAL! The one we received falls quite short of useful! Unfortunately, I would be no help in writing one since I already can't understand the one I have!:confused:
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    2006 Heartland Rally Planning

    2006 Rally We own Golden Gate #008 and will certainly hope we can be at the rally. We have 2 weeks scheduled at Lake of the Ozarks and I can't remember the exact dates :( but hopefully we'll make both events! We would certainly enjoy meeting everyone and taking another tour of the factory!:)
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    black water flush

    Thanks for the input! We took it to the dealer and they found the hose into the tank was kinked. Easy fix - for them! Thanks.None
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    black water flush

    Somebody help me out please. After draining the black tank, and with the drain valve still open, we have tried to use the flush connector in the docking center. Water runs out the underbelly on either side of the docking center but does not appear to flush down the sewer line hookup. Anybody...
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    Inflatable boats

    inflatable boats Thanks Tom for your reply. That is helpful. The factory states that Cabella's is a dealer for Sea Eagle, however, we have gone to 2 Cabella's and they carry the 9 ft. but not the 14 foot. I called the factory and they were not interested in the fact that I thought taking...
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    Inflatable boats

    We are fisherpersons and our rig is too long to triple tow the boat:( . So we are thinking about the Sea Eagle 14' inflatable boat and a 10 hp motor. It will easily fit in the bed of the PU or in the storage compartment of the Golden Gate. Would like to hear from others who may have an...
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    Cabinet Drawers

    cabinet drawers We have had problems with the slides on the cabinet drawers in the bedroom too. The dealer "fixed" one of the large bedroom drawers but it's still hard to open and probably won't be able to take much of a load. Also, the trim around the bed frame is not fixed to the plywood...