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    Gateway 3905 FLG.....Anyone see one yet?

    The Bed has a mechanism underneath it that raises the bed up for additional Clearance for lifted golf carts and the garage is below the bed. The slide out is above in the bedroom area. This floorplan not only has the 1/2 bath it already also has a very large pantry in the kitchen with...

    Gateway 3905 FLG.....Anyone see one yet? The link is above for the virtual tour of the all new 3905FLG. It is a great floorplan especially to be a garage unit and keep the main floor 1/2 bathroom. There will be one in the Tampa Super show along with the Cleveland RV show...

    Considering used 2017 Cyclone 4250 or new Road Warrior 427

    Take a look at the all new 4270 Cyclone with side patio. This unit has a lot of cool never seen features. Elevated bar top area with bar stools, huge u-shaped kitchen with pantry, perfect tv placement, sliding glass door to outside patio area, 1 1/2 baths, 13' garage area, awesome pass through...

    Central Vac

    The central vac is a really nice feature for the Cyclone because of the foot sweep option as well as hose openings in the living area and the pass through storage. The Dyson is a $300 vacuum that can be purchased on line if it is something you want to add. Make the decision based upon the...

    Prospective buyer for torque T285 toyhauler

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at I am senior GM over the brand. We would love you to join the he heartland family!!

    Frameless windows

    We have the choice to go to the frameless windows, but we choose not to. This decision was really cemented when camping next to my friends motorhome that had frameless windows and my Cyclone that had the Max vent framed windows. The Cyclone had amazing ventilation while the motorhome got...

    Last minte questions

    1. The dual pane windows do not have separation issues that I am aware of. They do not provide hardly any additional R-value because you can not put the gas between the windows like the residential versions (to much vibration), and they will also add some additional weight. The one big benefit...

    Expecting Soon

    FYI if it helps my truck is my daily driver and I was questioning dual or single wheel. For me it was single wheel but I don't haul 5thwheel often.

    Expecting Soon

    1. It comes with the upgraded furion oven that is nearly 2x efficient that standard rv ovens, we do not offer the option for cook top only, but a lot of customers that do not use the oven use it for storage. 2. We do not have the option for the fold up steps, however they can be very easily...

    High End Toyhauler Idea and observations

    Every brand has there individual choices as to the items they put in there units, but we choose to stay away from the frameless windows because of function. I am not saying that frameless windows are a bad, but we choose function over looks. It made the decision easy when I was camping with a...

    High End Toyhauler Idea and observations

    Not sure if you have seen the construction of our Toy Hauler upper deck area's (you can see video on youtube of Toy hauler plant tour) changed construction a few years ago have strengthened the upper deck area on our toy haulers when we went to the 20K GVWR. Triple axles have 2X 8" tubes that...

    4200/4250 dinette?

    Most people choose to go with the large sofa because it also comes with the pedestal tables in front of the couch and can be used for multiple purposes. There are a few in the field with the table and chairs with the 2-person sofa, but only goes into about 1% of our units. thanks, AJ

    2018 Torque 345 Garage

    The garage is insulated in the sidewalls and roof the same as the living area. The garage floor is insulated with thermal foil below the plywood floor, but we can not run the heated underbelly under the garage because we cannot enclose the fuel tank that is underneath. The garage does have a...

    Cyclone 4005

    The 4005 is a new floor-plan and just getting out to the market, but it is quickly becoming one of our most popular floor plans. With the largest kitchen and living spaces available, outside kitchen, 13' garage area, 1 1/2 bath rooms, and king size bed all in one floor-plan it is easy to see...

    Cyclone 4005 Washer Dryer

    Sorry for late response the washer / dryer space is designed for a combination washer / dryer and it fits in the open area and still allows you to open the 1/2 bathroom door. thanks, AJ

    2017 Heartland Cyclone 3611JS HD

    Congrats on your new 3611JS!!!

    Way to Change Speaker Output to Outdoor Speakers?

    Yes simply just fade the speakers front to rear to turn on inside and outside speakers on and off. thanks, AJ

    2016 Hershey Show

    Yes it will have two recliners that are directly in front of the TV and a two person love seat on one side of it and a 3 person couch on the other side all wrapping around the 58" TV. The seating configuration is similar to the 3970RD Big Horn. thanks, AJ

    2016 Hershey Show

    Sorry for late response we will not have a 4200 in the show this year because we ran out of show space. However we will be introducing a couple all new floor plans at the show that we are VERY excited about. If you are set on a new 4200(great floor plan) I wanted to make you aware that we have...

    Torque 270HG Discontinued?

    The 270HG is an awesome model that is only 30' in length, but yet provides a living space similar to most larger 5th wheels. The only reason it was discontinued is because it was not a top selling floor plan. Unforchunetly when producing the volume that we build it is critical that we build...

    3611JS - Design Suggestions

    Thank you for the input it is greatly appreciated. I did want to let you know we have now changed the pantry to add some more shelves up top on units being built now. We are working on additional storage under the bed, the main issue is the king bed sliding mechanism that moves the mattress...

    Cyclone 4200 Battery Question

    I have seen 4 done before but that usually requires building a rack of some sort to stack another layer of batteries in the front compartment next to the generator. I have also seen customers add batteries in the pass through storage as well for additional battery capacity. thanks, AJ Jones

    Ramp and Patio Decks

    We use an exterior wall inside the side ramp door that is designed to stand against the elements just like the rest of the exterior walls. The sliding glass door is also an exterior door to keep your inside of the unit protected. The interior wall and doors are completely sealed, along with...

    Our New Home on Wheels 2017 Cyclone 3611JS

    congrats on your new 3611JS!!!!

    ATF: Cyclone - 6pt leveling system

    You will need to go to an authorized 6 point level up dealership to have it installed (call Lippert for nearest dealer). The pump is the same but you will need brackets welded to the frame for the 6-point, run the hydraulic lines, the rams, and all of the computer system and sensors that go...

    ATF: Cyclone - Insulation issue

    The 2016 models do include the additional radiant technology (thermal foil) insulation (was previously a part of the Canadian Artic Package). thanks, AJ

    Cyclone 3611JS Questions

    We do not offer Washer / Dryer as an option and it would have to be a dealer upgrade. The plumbing will have to be ran behind the toilet and through the vapor wall. They do sell vent-less dryers, although they don't work quite as well on this floor plan it is probably your best option...

    Cyclone 3611JS Questions

    1. MSRP base price - $79,499 2. This model is available now and will be at a lot of major shows this show season. 3. The Cyclone package is a forced package 4. You a contact us here at Heartland (574) 266-8726, or contact anyone of our dealers in the rest of the North America 5. There is no...

    Cyclone 3611JS Questions

    The RW 420, 3611JS, 390, and 362 all have hook-ups for washer and dryer. The 420 is located in the bedroom closet, the 390 is in the garage, and the 3611JS and 362 has the hookup under the sink in the 1/2 bath so that the plumbing can be ran behind the toilet into a washer / dryer to go in...

    New Cyclone Model ????

    That was a torque 270HG, but looking at possibly doing a hidden garage on a front living room cyclone would love to get input on what customers would want (garage size, features, and any other ideas). - - - Updated - - - The 270HG was a torque price point unit.

    grey water capacity on CY3800

    That is a typo on the website I will work on getting that corrected asap. The 3800 has 100 fresh, 80 grey, and 80 black. thanks AJ

    Cyclone 4200 vs Jayco Seismic 4212

    When comparing these two models there are some key features to remember (listed below just to name a few). But also remember that Cyclone is the #1 selling toy hauler brand in the world 5 years running and that doesn't happen easily. It happens mostly by word of mouth from other customers in...

    Differences in standard features of 4200 2016 vs 2015

    The main differences are 1. 58" TV IPO 50" 2. double entrances in the bathrooms 3. new flooring, wallboarder, backsplash, ceiling pannels, and counter tops 4. new bedroom valances and, comforter, and headboard 5. large window added to hallways 6. solar prep 7. rear back up camera prep 8. Blue...

    Edge Toy Hauler Insulation / Options

    The Edge models do have the same insulation as the CYC/TQ (R34, R38, R11), and 6 point level up is not available on the Edge models. thanks, AJ

    DETERMINED: 2016 Edge EG vs ED

    Re: 2016 Edge EG and ED The EG was a typo they should all be ED at the end of the floorplan number now. thanks, AJ

    Need some dimensions!

    I apologize for such the late response it is 64.5"

    DETERMINED: Does the Road Warrior posted pin weight include the Generator?

    Re: Does the posted pin weight include the Generator? Yes the generator is a STD. feature on the RW and that is included into the pin weight. thank, AJ

    Cyclone 3010 discontinued?

    Sorry for the late response, unforchunetly we are discontinuing the 3010. We will be introducing a new double axle floor plan to take the place of the 3010 at the Lousiville show at the end of November. The 3010 has been a great floor plan but has decreased in sales dramatically forcing us to...

    Construction methods used in Cyclone production

    We have a great video on the construction of our units on youtube please check out the following link. Moderator Edit: This might be the intended link. thanks, AJ Jones