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    Some disappointing observations with our 2011 BC3510

    Eileen and Jon, We, too, are disappointed in the quality of our new (2014) Big Country. We traded in a 15 yr old Pace Arrow motorhome, that showed less wear and tear than this one yr old Big Country 3950. A lot of communication with the warranty staff, spent a week parked in a parking lot...
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    Good Sam Travel Assist

    We, too, have Roadside assistance with Good Sam. We locked ourselves out of our truck once, (while towing our Big Country). If you've ever had to pay to get unlocked, you'd appreciate the value of the Roadside assistance! $67.00 for one "unlock"! We broke down once, on our first journey after...
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    ATF: Big Country - slide window screens

    are you speaking of sliding it sideways now? we've had no luck with that method either.
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    ATF: Big Country - slide window screens

    There are no clear plastic tabs on our screens :(
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    ATF: Big Country - slide window screens

    Our first major window cleaning! We cannot seem to get the screens out of the small end windows in the living room slide. We don't want to force and break the screen. What is the procedure?