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    M-19 Rainwater and winter woes

    I have a 2010 M-22 here in Anchorage. I had to re-caulk most of the unit this spring. I think the caulk used on the trailers just can't handle the winter temperatures. I replaced it with silicone hoping it would last a bit longer. From what others at work tell me, you can just plan on touching...
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    Shelving Falls//any ideas?

    We have a 2010 M22 that had the same problem. Heartland fixed under warranty. The service company installed shims behind each of 3 supports on one side. Fix worked great.
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    Fried battery

    We have a 2010 and I haven't had any problem with the battery or converter. We only stayed at one site all summer with electric hookup so our converter and battery worked flawlessly for at least 25 charge / discharge cycles. At night our furnace would run quite often so every morning a couple...
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    2010 Edge M21

    On the other hand there are benefits to living North! I'm happy to report that proper operation of our A/C unit shall remain a mystery. On none of our trips this summer was the temperature high enough for the compressor to kick in while I had the generator running.
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    M18 Bathroom and bunk suggestions

    There are two options: 1. Yell at your spouse or kids! 2. Reach out and turn up the water. We have showered numerous times this summer in the corner shower of our M22. I never had a problem with the curtain moving out of the basin. I did have a problem with water running down the walls, onto...
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    M18 - Pretty but rotten...

    I just wanted to note that although I have no doubt the people in this thread have genuine problems, from what I've seen on this forum this instance seems like a extreme situation, not the norm. We love our M22 and have used it almost every weekend this summer putting several thousand miles on...
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    Generator Amperage Question for the smart folks

    The 12V converter will draw more current from the 110V input as load on the 12V output increases. Since there is energy lost in the conversion from 110VAC to 12VDC you will be pulling more load from the generators by running the fridge on 12V than if you ran it directly off 110V. The fan in the...
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    Generator for 2011 Edge M21 to run A/C

    A single EU2000 is rated for 13.3A. I run my A/C very infrequently (in Alaska) with no problems. I do not run any other appliances such as the fridge (force to gas mode) or microwave at the same time though. I assume you also have the Honda cable to link the two EU2000 units in parallel...
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    Edge M22 real life length

    We purchased an M22 in February and have been using it often this summer. Our trips have all been with four people the wife, a 3yr, an infant and myself. Tow vehicle is a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 extended cab with the 4.8L V8 and automatic transmission. I use a Reese sway control weight...
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    M22 Shower Connection Access

    That's a good idea Greg. I think I'll talk to the service guys about either modifying the cabinet so the base can be easily removed for inspection or just have them put the bottom shelf in place of the panel.
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    M22 Shower Dribbles

    Yah, that's exactly what I did. I got a couple piece of those corner guards designed for bathtubs.
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    M22 Shower Connection Access

    I've discovered how to reproduce this leak. It doesn't visibly leak when the lines are under pressure only from the pump. When I say visibly leak, I mean that there is no water seeping under the cabinet onto the floor outside. When I turn on the hot water heater the first time for a trip the...
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    M22 Shower Connection Access

    On a 2010 M22, how do I gain access to the water connections for the outside shower. These connections must be located in the bottom of the closet between the bunks and bathroom. From the water heater compartment there is no apparent access to the connections. I can see the water lines passing...
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    Can you walk on the slides when in?

    In our 2010 M22 the slide does not have a floor to walk on, the slide moves over the stationary floor of the unit. It is a good question though that I am interested in a factory response for. We occasionally sit on the slide's bench while it is in. Is there any reason we shouldn't do so?
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    M22 Brakes

    A good idea, but boost is set to off. Also, the wiring uses the harness specific for GM so there wasn't any splicing and dicing? Anyone out there with a similar controller and unit what max voltage do you run?
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    2010 M22 Sawdust

    No it was totally clean when I took delivery. Several people commented it's pretty common. I like the sawdust and screw fairy explanation the best.
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    2010 M22 Sawdust

    I've recently taken my 2010 M22 out on its first few trips. I am noticing bits of what appears to be sawdust appearing on the counter surfaces and in most of the cabinets. I'm guessing that this is normal as the cabinets settle in while getting flexed running down the road. Is this to be...
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    M22 Brakes

    I've put around a 1,000 miles on my 2010 M22 now. Over the last few trips, I've found it necessary to keep reducing the maximum voltage on my brake controller. It seems as if the brakes are exerting more stopping force with less voltage applied. I have a Tekonsha Prodigy P3 controller. I've had...
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    M22 Shower Curtain

    It would be nice if the shower curtain was held out about halfway down the curtain. This would effectively increase the size of the shower without taking any more floor space. I suppose you would have to also add something at the base of the shower curtain to keep it inside the basin. Perhaps...
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    M22 Shower Dribbles

    In our 2010 M22 after every shower there are little puddles of water along the wall outside the shower. This is coming from water running down the walls onto the raised edge of the floor piece and then running over the sides. There isn't really anything to force water to drain into the basin...
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    M22 Sky Light Blackout

    I love the lighting you put in above the cabinets in the M22. It's a nice night light to get up and manage during the night without blinding everyone. Unfortunately the times when it's actually dark enough for me to need a night light, it's generally too cold to use my trailer! :) So now for...
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    Shore Power Connector

    I love my 2010 M22, but the shore power connector is one of the few things I generally don't like about the unit. A few questions and some design feedback as follows. 2010 M22, my shore power connector has a twist lock connector with a threaded plastic ring on the connector. It is difficult for...
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    M22 Seal Around Fridge

    I noticed a draft coming from the vicinity of the fridge. When I bent down to look for it, I can see light from outside from under the fridge. There is a gap on the bottom side of the fridge that is not sealed. It is a bit more than 3/8" and is present the length of the fridge. Is this gap...
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    No hot water

    It is under the bottom bunk. There is a winterize bypass pre-installed on the M22. If it is indeed set to bypass you probably also need to install the plug. Open the external access panel by the rear driverside corner. There will be a plastic plug sitting in there beside the hole. If the...
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    M22 TV wall mounting

    Several people have asked for similar information under other forums. I would like to see a manufacture response too.
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    Table and Plywood Storage

    What do you do with the plywood piece need to make the table into a bed?
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    Table and Plywood Storage

    Do you have an M22? From what you're saying is sounds like you've made some short table legs. The table stands on these legs just off of the floor? The table is close enough to the floor that the slide passes right over it? I can't recall how much space is from the bottom edge of the slide to...
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    Table and Plywood Storage

    It would be nice if there was a good storage position for the table top. It's fairly heavy and I don't want it sliding around inside the unit. I don't want to just lay it on the floor, I'm afraid it will become scratched up. My current solution is to put it on the bottom bunk and place the top...
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    M22 Rooftop Heat

    The rooftop unit in our M22 has a 'heat' position on the control. When in the heat position the air never warms up. Also, the unit pulls about 400W from my generator both in 'fan' and 'heat' position. Is the heat element not installed in the rooftop unit on M22s? Is it possible to acquire one...
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    M22 Pump Access

    It would be nice if the M22 pump had a hinged access door as opposed to removing and driving screws to access the pump. As is, it is only going to take a few winters of removing and reinstalling the screws to wear out the holes. Thanks for installation of the winterization kit from the factory...