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    AC air flow problem SOLVED

    Our new 2019 Landmark 365 Phoenix had no air flow from 2 of the 3 units. The dealer was allowed to remove the 2 units per Landmark engineering and they found the roof opening had never been opened up. The sealing material was removed and we now have some air flow. That was just some of the minor...
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    ATF: Landmark - 2019 with multiple problems

    They are hanging down in plain view. Also the only thing holding them up was the insulation and under wrap which was tore loose and hanging down. The other obvious indicator was all the level gages were reading 2/3 full from first day. With the tanks sagging down they will not drain comply.
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    ATF: Landmark - 2019 with multiple problems

    Thanks for the information Brian.
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    ATF: Landmark - 2019 with multiple problems

    Purchased 2019 Landmark Phoenix 12/ 27 18. Before leaving dealer the jacks failed and they fixed, then they had to replace LP regulator as it was leaking. Drove 18 miles to our snowbird location. With in the first week of ownership the list grew by the day. The black and gray tanks are falling...