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  1. rl7greg

    Guess I have been off the forums a while....the Edge is discontinued?

    Wow, I guess this has been discussed a lot, but I can't believe there aren't enough people with 5000lb capacity SUV's wanting a decent trailer for a family with kids. The Edge M22 at 3700lbs dry weight seems to have been replaced by the Wilderness WD2250BH at 4700lbs dry. That is no longer a...
  2. rl7greg


    Just thought I would update this. All I did was take out the radio and moved the slide switch to be accessible on the inside top of the cupboard by the door (which I have a child lock on). 4 screws to pull out the radio, 2 screws to take out the slide switch and disconnct the telephone cable...
  3. rl7greg

    Bunk bed wooden ladder

    this link is in my bookmarks - - I haven't bought one as I still have a 1 and almost 3 year old which I would't want climbing up there, and my 4 year old can get up there by herself, but not down yet...
  4. rl7greg

    Forum Software Upgrade -- New Editor, NOW with AutoSave!!

    I'm having a problem posting to the "Ask the factory" subforum of the Edge brand community. Not sure if it is related to this change or not, but I can fill out my name, email address, VIN, phone number, subject line, but then I click on the box to type my message in, and I don't get a cursor -...
  5. rl7greg

    Edge owners - Please check your brake wires!!!

    I just got my trailer back from the shop....had them adjust the brakes in preparation for a long upcoming long trip. To my shock, they showed me that the two brake wires that go from the front set of wheels to the rear set of wheels along the driver side (zip tied to a pipe on the frame in...
  6. rl7greg

    Interior LED lighting?

    Re: LED lighting Just an update....I got "18 5050 SMD Warm White BA15S" bulbs for my trailer, and I'm really happy with them. They are maybe slightly whiter light than incandescant, but just as bright as an 1141 bulb. I don't have a way to test how much power exactly they draw, but I noticed...
  7. rl7greg

    Fried battery

    Not sure if everyone gets the same battery and box - I seem to remember the dealer installed that before I picked up my trailer (was a special order). But I have noticed on mine that the vents in the top of the box let water filled up with water the first winter/spring I had it. I...
  8. rl7greg

    Mounting Tv in an M 22

    I don't have a TV in the trailer, but if I was going to mount one in mine, I'd get a desk mount monitor arm that can be installed through a hole in the counter beside the door - somehting like this - It just shows a...
  9. rl7greg

    Interior LED lighting?

    Re: LED lighting I just ordered what looks to be the same thing from China direct from a manufacturer. Got enough bulbs for my trailer, but I was thinking of importing more. Glad you like them, I don't know anyone that has them.
  10. rl7greg

    M22 Shower Connection Access

    If you still want to check yourself, I think I pushed the board down (it bends) rather than prying it up - but it did break a little, so you may want to let the service people do that. There isn't anything supporting it in the middle underneath, not a very heavy duty shelf. I just left it off...
  11. rl7greg

    Ask the factory moderation

    Just wondering what the reason is for the moderation in the Ask The Factory sections of the forums. Is it necessary? Especially for follow up posts after a topic has been started, but even for posting a new topic... Are the moderators really deleting/editing/moving many new topics or responses?
  12. rl7greg

    M22 Shower Dribbles

    Check your local dollar store or home depot for something like this: and/or this...
  13. rl7greg

    M22 Sky Light Blackout

    I bought a roll of velcro tape and a heavy guage roller blackout blind from Home Depot and made covers for the door window and roof vents. To get them the right size without measuring I taped some paper over the vents and window, used the side of a crayon to mark the edges and used those as...
  14. rl7greg

    M22 Shower Connection Access

    It's a very thin piece of laminate in my M22 at the bottom of the cabinet shelf. I took it off last winter to see what was under there. Just a few nails if I remember right. Seeing as the water pump under the end of the bed on mine was also under a nailed down piece of laminate (why...
  15. rl7greg

    Crossroads Slingshot vs Edge M21

    Answer to my own question - - Some guy who is 6'3 has been in one and has to duck under the light fixtures...I am 6'4. Thank you Heartland for realizing tall people want to go camping too :-P
  16. rl7greg

    Crossroads Slingshot vs Edge M21

    I think they state the length differently than Heartland does. My M22 is 26ft long and their '26' models are 26 ft long. The 28' quad bunk model that is 'coming soon' looks good to me though. I wish Heartland would make an Edge model like that. @finke_david - What is the interior height of...
  17. rl7greg

    2010 Edge M22 and first trip complete

    Yes, my M22 gets lots of attention too, though it doesn't have the nice paint job yours does. I guess the 4.4i is a V-8, but still, it looks really big behind your SUV. That really gets people looking. Did yours come with shades over the roof vent over the bed and over the door window? I had...
  18. rl7greg

    propane quick connect

    I don't have one of these to know for sure, but I think it is what you're looking for. I think you'd have to attach this directly to the pit without the regulator that came with it as Rloren suggested. Hopefully the...
  19. rl7greg

    M22 Brakes

    I have the same controller and same trailer and used a max of 4.0 last season on boost level 1, and this season the same max, but have it on boost 2. I'm sure the brakes need to be adjusted, I have over 5000KM on it.
  20. rl7greg

    My new M-18

    I don't think I could ever make them as nice as yours, so I started looking for a commercial product... I didn't measure yet, but I think these would probably work:
  21. rl7greg

    need wifi help

    Not sure how much the repeater and antenna you are looking at goes for, but for around $40, you might try a high powered USB wifi adapter. This is the latest and greatest one according to reviews on youtube, etc -
  22. rl7greg

    Problems searching

    Yes, that seems better, kind of awkward that it opens up in a new window though. I found this post regarding vBulletin's search methods - Looks like this forum uses the builtin search still as phrase searching doesn't...
  23. rl7greg

    Looking for custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in

    Thats it! Thanks for finding it :) In my Edge there is not that carpeted bit in the middle of the table, so the part at the floor would have to be more flush with the floor I think, but I think it would be a good project for my trailer. I'll have to do some measuring...
  24. rl7greg

    Problems searching

    I'm not too familiar with vBulletin, but it seems that the built in keyword search is not that effective. Everything I search for brings up 500 results. For example, search for: 'custom welded table legs' ...and you get matches in the first 10 results that have only matched the word 'legs'. I...
  25. rl7greg

    Looking for custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in

    I'll keep looking, but I can't find it. Maybe it was here that I saw that.... The search on these forums doesn't seem to give higher priority for matching 2+ words rather than 1. I get a list of 500 results no matter what I search for.
  26. rl7greg

    Looking for custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in

    Custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in Edit: Found - see post #4 I saw a posting on some other RV related forum with pictures and description on how a guy custom made table legs for his dinette that stayed in place while the slide was in. I can't for the life of me...
  27. rl7greg

    Axle Flip

    If it is a Lippert axle, they sell a over/under kit - I think that is what you are looking for - Probably good to wait for an answer if it voids your warranty or not... (or call customer service)
  28. rl7greg

    Here's a good one...

    Good to know. It's reassuring to hear good outcomes like that. I am glad I went with Aviva for the collision/comprehensive vs ICBC (In BC we have to get basic liability coverage through the province's insurance company, but can shop around for collision and comprehensive coverage).
  29. rl7greg

    Here's a good one...

    Who was your insurance with out of curiousity? Sounds like you would recommend them... I got insurance with Aviva ( - the deluxe coverage -it is guaranteed replacement cost as well, but I would pay a bit more to deal with a...
  30. rl7greg

    Better iPhone tethering

    I don't only work at home, but I do a couple days a week. I just try to create a few extra 4 day weekends by keeping an eye on my email and having my computer ready if needed during the day, and getting work done when the kids are napping or asleep. I have a friend that does internet tech...
  31. rl7greg

    Better iPhone tethering

    Sorry, I didn't know, but it looks like the option is supposed to not be there in the US. See the small print on this page - - "Tethering is not currently offered in the U.S. and some other countries. See your carrier for availability"...
  32. rl7greg

    North Trail FX-22?

    I took a closer look. They say "3500#" in huge print, and "GAWR 2500lbs" in small print. Kind of strange...
  33. rl7greg

    Better iPhone tethering

    You've got the right software. Without jailbreaking it, you can see if the built in USB or Bluetooth tethering works for what you need - tap "Settings", "General", "Network", "Internet Tethering" and switch it to on. Next time you plug it into a computer with Itunes 8.2 installed, it will...
  34. rl7greg

    Lets try something new... Route/Trip Planing

    I guess you'll have time for trips to Oregon while you're living in Washington, but if you aren't in a rush near the end of your trip, Highway 101 on the coast is very scenic. Pacific City, Oregon is one of my favorite spots there - not overly busy and touristy.
  35. rl7greg

    Satellite Internet Canada

    Really old post....but Xplorenet is what you are looking for in Canada -
  36. rl7greg

    Better iPhone tethering

    In the wifi mode I just tested at and I get Download Speed: 826 kbps (103.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 266 kbps (33.3 KB/sec transfer rate) I am on Fido(Rogers) in Canada and have a 3G connection at the moment. In a non-3G area it works, but it is a lot...
  37. rl7greg

    Better iPhone tethering

    If anyone else is trying to "work at home" while they're camping, like me :D, this is what I do... Thought I would share the info... With the iPhone OS 3.0 the internet tethering feature was added and works with a USB or Bluetooth connection to your laptop. There are limitations though: -...
  38. rl7greg

    North Trail FX-22?

    I read that as well, but the "3500lb" sticker on one of the axle disagrees. I will crawl under there and take a closer look, but the sticker may be gone now - we've put 5000km on it. I really like my Edge. Love that it's so spacious for the weight, and love the big fridge, the layout for a...
  39. rl7greg

    North Trail FX-22?

    I am 99% sure my Edge M22 has 3500 lb axles, so I assume the upcoming FX22 would have at least that.
  40. rl7greg

    Running down the road with the propane on.

    Yup, the 12V does cut out when the battery voltage drops below a certain limit, so in my experience it will run for anywhere from 10 -60 minutes on 12V after you've stopped for gas or lunch before the display blinks and beeps. But while you are driving obviously the tow vehicle keeps the battery...