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  1. ucwinters

    Swift Hitch Wireless Back-up Camera System Model SH02

    I actually was selling this back up camera and guess that moderator didn't realize that, hence the move from "Items for Sale" to "Around the Campfire". Yep, new ones are $199 to $249 depending on which vendor you buy from.
  2. ucwinters

    Swift Hitch Wireless Back-up Camera System Model SH02

    Great way to make sure that you're lined up when hooking up either your travel trailer or 5th wheel. $85 shipped in the USA.
  3. ucwinters

    2016 Sundance 278 TS 31' with multiple warranty issues

    Joe, I have a 2016 Sundance XLT 285TS. I have some trim that is loose - will fix that myself. Leak behind the panel for the hot/cold valves in the shower - fixed that myself. Kept finding small amounts of water in the top drawer that, when closed, is under the kitchen sink. Thought that the...
  4. ucwinters

    ATF: Sundance - TV backer board location

    Thanks for the info. Will look tomorrow to see if there is still a sticker on the wall.
  5. ucwinters

    ATF: Sundance - TV backer board location

    Paul, I have the same question but for a Sundance XLT 285TS. Thanks!
  6. ucwinters

    Best Deal on New Bighorn

    Might want to call Bob Hurley RV in Tulsa, OK and speak w/ sales person Lisa Chandler. I went there last August and again 3 weeks ago to trade RV's - she made it worth my while money-wise to make a 1,150 mile round trip. I called nearly every dealer in Texas looking for the Sundance XLT 5th...
  7. ucwinters

    SOLD!! Equal-i-zer brand weight distribution hitch for sale

    Hitch was bought 12 mos ago - now have 5th wheel and this hitch is no longer needed Hitch/bars for max 1,200 lb tongue weight; 12,000 lb max trailer weight Takes the sway out when being passed by large trucks $225 Local pickup only (Kerrville, TX) Cell 210-872-3615
  8. ucwinters

    What is being done about Towmax Tires

    Regarding the switch from Powerking TowMax to Westlake tires, it's still a china bomb tire. This article was from 2007 but still makes for an informative read:
  9. ucwinters

    Another Blowmax victim

    Dan, it is apparently a very slow migration. I'm trading for another new Heartland this week (2016 model) and it still has Powerking Towmax tires on it. The good news is that the dealer is swapping those tires/rims for the ones on my current rig (E-rated Maxxis tires).
  10. ucwinters

    Mattress replacement

    Bought a 8" queen short gel-infused memory foam mattress from this Ebay vendor and pleased after using it for a week's vacation - paid $239 w/ free (quick) shipping: I'd bought a regular sized queen mattress (same composition) from another vendor on...
  11. ucwinters

    Awning shade screen recommendations?

    Had one similar to this on the Elkridge - worked well and cheaper than Camping World. Can be ordered in various lengths and colors.
  12. ucwinters

    Golf cart insurance

    Some RV parks won't allow use of a golf cart w/o proof of insurance.
  13. ucwinters

    Roof-Mounted Kayaks on 5er

    Just the 2 bars on the cab. Unfortunately, no pics.
  14. ucwinters

    Roof-Mounted Kayaks on 5er

    I used Thule roof racks on my truck when we were pulling our 5th wheel (and still using them w/ the travel trailer) - probably spent <$350 for the set-up. Like David said, easy to keep an eye on the kayaks since they're mounted on the truck's roof. My yaks are 14 ft long and as long as the...
  15. ucwinters

    Heartland Dealer Release of Liability Requirment

    Yes, they are a multi-brand dealer.
  16. ucwinters

    Vision Trailer Tires??

    Might take a look at this - in here, there is a link to a Cedar Creek RV forum which shows the damage done when one of these blew. Seems to be on the same level as TowMax.
  17. ucwinters

    Dallas to Boerne for Rally 4/15 - any advice?

    Getting over on hwy 281 would save you the headache of the Austin traffic. You could then take hwy 46 straight up to Boerne.
  18. ucwinters

    Dallas to Boerne for Rally 4/15 - any advice?

    If you decide to take IH35 down to either New Braunfels or San Antonio, I'd suggest getting on SH130 (toll road) in Georgetown which exits in Buda back onto IH35. This way you'd avoid the traffic in Round Rock and Austin. Hwy 46 from New Braunfels up to Boerne should have plenty of wild...
  19. ucwinters

    TV reception

    When I got my Sundance, it worked just fine on cable but was unable to pick up local stations using the antenna. Signal booster light showed that it was "working". Took it in under warranty for this repair. Tech found that the signal booster was wired incorrectly at the factory and had to...
  20. ucwinters

    towmax tires failure

    I could never find the PSI rating on my rims. Called Tredit and their rep had me locate the load rating stamped on the back of the rim which he said equated to max 80 PSI.
  21. ucwinters

    Wood under mattress

    Bought some cheap indoor/outdoor carpet at either Lowes or Home Depot and used the electric stapler to secure it to the wood. Felt that it would keep the mattress from sliding around which was a minor concern if we'd used the tiles. Pleased w/ the result.
  22. ucwinters

    Portable Sewer Tank

    Have the large Barker unit. Use it for grey water and tow it behind the truck to the dump station. Got it off of Craig's List for $75 - great price compared to what a new one would cost.
  23. ucwinters

    Tow Max about to get next victim

    There is W&W Tire Company in Boerne (830) 249-8749. I believe that they have Maxxis tires (10 ply) in stock. Here in Kerrville there is A&A Tire Service (830) 367-4640. They had 10 ply Maxxis tires in stock when I called them a couple of months ago. I ended up buying from Discount Tire -...
  24. ucwinters

    Looking at a "new" leftover 2013 Elkridge Express E30

    Sinecure, I had a Elkridge. It had a free-standing dinette (table and chairs) as opposed to the dinette booth in the Express. Also, the Express has formica type countertops where the regular Elkridge has "pseudo-Corian" type countertops. The regular Elkridge has a molded front cap, the...
  25. ucwinters

    Attaching exterior LED lighting.

    Did this on my North Trail and Elkridge using C-channel plastic to place the LED light strand into. Mounted the C-channel to the side of the trailer beneath the awning w/ 3M double-sided tape (got this at Home Depot). I'm sure that you'd be able to loosen the double-sided tape using a hair...
  26. ucwinters

    Recommendations for a good dealer in South Central Texas

    Bought our North Trail from Explore USA in Seguin a few years ago - had issues w/ the general manager (same guy still listed on their website as being the GM) changing lenders so "they could get their money quicker" despite it giving me a higher APR and the unit not being ready for PDI when it...
  27. ucwinters

    How Many Have Fired Their Weapon?

    +1 on your response. I find the OP's post to be irritating.
  28. ucwinters

    Bubbles under new rubber roof?

    Got the same response when I sent Heartland pics of the Elkridge that I'd bought.
  29. ucwinters

    For those of us with 15" Towmax tires . . .

    Jim, Any reason why you suggest the 8 ply instead of the 10 ply Maxxis? I will be getting a Sundance travel trailer that (unfortunately) has the TowMax tires (size 225/75R15)
  30. ucwinters

    I sure screwed this Valterra sewer valve T-Handle and Cable up

    My cable for the black tank became disconnectd soon after getting my 5th wheel. Your solution below is what has been working for me for the past 2 years. Plan to cut through the coroplast (some day)and try to fix the cable snafu.
  31. ucwinters

    Dometic fridge fans

    I had the same problem - popped a fuse and the fans wouldn't work after replacing the fuse. Contacted the seller and sent them back for replacement. I read the instructions a little closer on the 2nd set and everything worked OK.
  32. ucwinters

    Minimizing Travel Anxiety in Dogs?

    We use this for our dogs and it works. Also helps me sleep at night when I use it.
  33. ucwinters

    US Gov't Shutdown Impacts RVers at Federal Parks

    Mike, that is the side that we always camp on (usually on Deer Field Loop w/ full hookups). Years ago we were over on the other side (in an A-Liner) and had constant noise from the highway. Looking forward to the cold front coming through tomorrow and hopefully no burn-ban so we can have a...
  34. ucwinters

    US Gov't Shutdown Impacts RVers at Federal Parks

    Had reservations for Cranes Mill Park at Canyon Lake this weekend - called this morning and fellow said that the park was closed. Called the 800 phone # for my refund - lady said that I would be contacted by them on the day that I was supposed to show up to tell me that my reservation had been...
  35. ucwinters

    Towing behind a fifth wheel

    I have a Curt bolt-on hitch on my rear bumper - pull a Burgman 650 cc scooter that weighs 600 # on a Kendon trailer behind my trailer w/o any problems. Friend's father-in-law has the same hitch on his SOB 5th wheel that he's using to pull a bass boat w/o any problem...
  36. ucwinters

    Edge vs North Trail question

    Had a North Trail 21 FBS. We were looking at it and the Edge. Wife like the kitchen drawers better on the North Trail and solid (Formica?) countertops as opposed to the plastic ones on the Edge. The a/c on the North Trail did a great job of cooling the trailer and we had plenty of room in the...
  37. ucwinters

    Fix for excessive wear on bottom wiper of SEA NEO ANGLE Shower Enclosure

    Dave, Thanks for the phone # and extension - took several calls today before I could get a live person on the phone (even when dialing for their operator, got voice mail) but the fellow that finally answered said that he'd send out two of the seals that go at the bottom of the door for free.
  38. ucwinters

    New Elkridge owners

    Our 2 recliners are in the rear of the Elkridge - we just turn them back to back with a blanket between them to keep from rubbing on each other when travelling and they've never moved around (have never noticed any d-rings on the floor for securing the recliners).
  39. ucwinters

    Davis Mountain State Park - Ft Davis, TX

    We were there 2 yrs ago for Labor Day. This was after the Rock House fire (that I think originated over by Marfa) - there was still a lot of burned brush during our visit in and around the park. Enjoyed going into Ft. Davis to what we called "the drugstore" across from the Limpia Hotel for a...
  40. ucwinters

    ITEM FOUND: Looking for Pin Box Cover

    Re: Looking for Pin Box Cover Have one that I took off of my Elkridge. You can have it for $10 + shipping if that's OK w/ you. Ed W.