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    Missed sales opportunity

    Thats not what I was told, either by my local service center or Heartland. My local service centers don't have any relationship with Heartland, so they want me to pay them directly and I haven't heard any info from Heartland that they would re-imburse me for service work. Also, my trailer is out...
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    rear bumper bike rack

    Does anyone know if it is possible/practical to retrofit a 2008 BHS with the new bumper/bike rack as in this photo? If so, how much for the rack and what would be involved with doing it? Thanks, Paul
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    Missed sales opportunity

    I just wanted to let Heartland know that recently I had someone follow me home and ask me about my trailer. They live on Long Island and I told them I love the trailer, but if you need service you have to tow your trailer over 3 hours to the nearest Heartland dealer. I was not in a good mood...
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    My North Trail

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    Vinyl floor lifting with air bubble

    Yeah, they know about it, but don't know why it happens or what to do, if anything, to stop it. We've tried with vents/windows open, closed and it still happens.
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    I can't get the ball loose from the hitch - ideas?

    Yes, me too, I find that I usually need to go back a hair.
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    I can't get the ball loose from the hitch - ideas?

    Not magic, but I had the same problem. I do two things; first I grease the top of the ball before hitching, works great. Secondly, I lower the trailer as much as possible first, then unlock the ball, then raise the hitch, this helps to loosen the ball lock underneath and allows the hitch to come...
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    Linoleum flooring

    I am not so sure that is the case. We have traveled with the roof vents opened and side windows opened and the floor still bubbles. I believe any vacuum would be off-set by the open windows. I am not sure if it happened with all windows and vents closed, so before I come to any conclusions I...
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    28BHS factory issues

    John, We installed a swivel aerator, not a sprayer, on our sink and it works great. No drilling, just unscrew the original aerator and screw on the new one. They are available at Wal-Mart for a few dollars. It's not perfect, but better than replacing the hole sink and moving it. (Picture...
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    Linoleum flooring

    I have had the same thing happen. The factory tells us it is not from air getting underneath the floor, because it is sealed up from the underside. One thought on the other forum is that it could be due to pressure differentials while driving. I'm not sure I by that yet. As long as it is...
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    Help with black water tank, new to forum and owning a travel trailer!!

    You know this could also be partly the reason the black tank doesn't empty fully. If the vent is clogged then there will be a vacuum effect in the tank and it will hold some liquid and also slow down the flow of a full tank.
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    sat. hookup

    Correction, it doesn't work with Satellite, because the cable goes into the antenae booster first. Check in the North trail forum for the post by Jer in which he added a connector plate and routed the outside cable to this new plate directly bypassing the antenae.
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    sat. hookup

    Because it is split and satellite doesn't work off of splits. There are posts on how to fix that, try doing a search. One method is to run a line outside and in through a window using a flat cable section you can get from camping world. Another fix is to run a new line direct for the satellite.
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    looking to buy a 28 bhs

    We own the 28BHS and love it. It is a good size for our family of four, but not too big for the SUV. I tow with a Chrysler Aspen and would say anything longer for me would be trouble. We are very pleased with the quality of the trailer and the storage capacity. We have had only a few minor...
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    when they shipping new orders

    Jerry, Good luck with your order, I am sure you will find the quality of a North Trail to be excellent. I'm curious, how far is the connecticut dealer from you? I assume you would take the ferry. My dealer is in Coxsakie NY which is about 3 hours from us. If you do take the ferry you'll have to...
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    RVQ Connection

    I suggest using galvanized gas piping or paint the black steel piping, mine are steel and are rusting already.
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    Bathroom Fan

    I have a 28BHS and there is a second switch for the fan directly next to the light switch. Paul
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    31 BHD Photos

    I'm impressed. I have a 28BHS and tow with a Chrysler Aspen. If I had known that it would handle the length, I would've gone with your model. Great pics, and good luck. Paul
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    New York State Inspection

    I just picked up my North Trail travel trailer last week. My dealer gave me the registration and an inspection certificate. Do I put the inspection in a window or can I keep it in the tow vehicle? Also, does the trailer have to get inspected every year? Paul
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    New York Rally

    I would be interested. I'm on Long Island, so somewhere near the catskills might be a central location. Paul
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    Newbie with a 2009 21FBS - Anyone else?

    Yes Boat n Rv in Coxsackie, NY. We were going to have them transfer to the Hamburg location and go to Hershey Park, but Hershey Park isn't open yet. So far it is good, they seem like a professional company. Did you have any accessories or modifications done by the dealer? I'm thinking of...
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    Newbie with a 2009 21FBS - Anyone else?

    Jerry, There is a Heartland dealer in upstate NY, Coxsackie NY, about 3 hours from Long Island, a little closer, not much lol, than Indiana. We will be picking up our 28BHS from that dealer in April. I am going to contact Heartland and see if they would try to get one of the Long island RV...