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  1. dewwood

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Good advice already, leave the camper at CG. There are also several low overpasses that a fifth wheel will not fit not sure about a TT it would depend on it's height. Further toward the north end there is about 100 miles you can tow on and is not bad.
  2. dewwood

    Has anyone swapped out furniture for Lambbright?

    We replaced our sofa and recliner with their products two years ago and could not be happier. It is quality furniture and will no doubt last longer than we will. If you are able to go to their store to pick it up they will remove your old and install the new. Their furniture is also available...
  3. dewwood

    Water in Fuel Light ('06 F250 6.0L)

    Re: Water in Fuel Light Maybe I missed it but did you change your fuel filter? Anytime you get water in your fuel you should change the filter maybe more than once if needed.
  4. dewwood

    flatbed, is it a possibility

    I towed with a flatbed some years back and had no problem. Check to make sure the bed is a standard width and length, to position your fifth wheel correctly over the axle you will need clearance of the bed corners when turning.
  5. dewwood

    Dang Squirrels!

    Wrapping the trunk will work if there are not any other trees around. The squirrels will leap from tree to tree in the branches. We have some pesky red squirrels that can get out of range so fast they are hard to keep a reasonable population.
  6. dewwood

    Melted Dometic AC covers

    Is it possible that the cover for the rv is somehow applifying the effects of the sun causing the melting of the ac cover?
  7. dewwood

    Things to do at glacier

    If you have not checked out Polebridge, it makes for an interesting day trip. There is a general store/bakery and a little log cabin restaurant.
  8. dewwood

    Tire Hardware

    I have found roadside assistance to be a very good investment. Some vehicle insurance provides it mine does. There are also several companies that offer it AAA and Good Sam are two but there are many others.
  9. dewwood

    2015 Duramax dually

    I had a similar problem with my 2013 a couple of years ago. We stopped at a huge dealer in Rock Springs, WY and they were very helpful. They reset the code and told me to continue on our journey to Oregon. The tech suggested buying a code reader ($40 -$50) so I could reset the code myself...
  10. dewwood

    No keys???!!!!

    I agree with the previous post. I would look into RVLOCKS, they offer keyed and keyless entry door locks as well as compartment handles and locks. I think they were offering a discount during the virtual rally just completed and may still honor it. I have the keyless as well as keyed entry...
  11. dewwood

    Replacement Furniture

    I agree with the Lambright furniture as being some of the best we have had. We replaced our couch and chair last year and they are the nicest and most comfortable we have. We looked at several others and nothing compared to theirs. They do have a six week or so wait unless you choose...
  12. dewwood

    def tank

    I can normally get 5 gallons in when that warning comes on.
  13. dewwood

    Outdoor Griddles

    I have the Blackstone 36" I use at home and love it. It is portable but would be a beast to take down and store and put back up. I have the Royal Gourmet 3 burner unit that I use in the camper and it is great for taking along on the road. It is two pieces, the griddle top which lifts off and...
  14. dewwood

    Heartland's Goshen Rally 2019: Follow-up !!

    Looks like they do it up right. That fair is one of the biggest around, St Joe county Michigan is another large one just north of the state line. I was in Topeka yesterday to pick up some furniture from Lambrights should have stopped by, but pulling the fifth wheel maybe not. Thanks for...
  15. dewwood

    It's Time to Test the Emergency Breakaway Switch on Your Trailer

    I think the last time I checked mine was when pulling into a parking lot off of a busy highway and the cord caught on something in the bed. Yep, they worked just fine as I set halfway off the highway sticking out into traffic. I did not know I could still climb over the side of the truck bed...
  16. dewwood

    2019 - Goshen Rally - MORryde Rally Special

    Yes, they will check your IS, I don't think you even need an appointment but would check to be sure. They just come out into the parking lot and check it over, if work is needed they will schedule it.
  17. dewwood

    3 Month Trips

    We travel for usually less than two months at a time and this is what has worked for us. We live in a rural area so no close neighbors and no family close by so we have a neighbor from about a mile away stop daily to pick up our mail, feed our cats(outdoor cats) and generally keep an eye on...
  18. dewwood

    Landmark Louisville Modifications

    Looks like you are enjoying your new Landmark before you even get to take it out to a campground.
  19. dewwood

    New Landmark Owner

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new Landmark! Looking forward to seeing it at the Rally.
  20. dewwood

    Prospective Buyer Landmark Newport

    Sounds like a soon to be Landmark owner. Congrats!
  21. dewwood

    Cook Stove Recomendations

    I also have a griddle which I love. We use it at home as well as on the road. It is aRoyal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill GriddleIt is light weight enough to easily handle and it is table top so no worries about the legs folding up. We looked at several and decided on this...
  22. dewwood

    Rare Review Bighorn after 1 year

    Glad to hear you are still enjoying your Bighorn. Sounds like you are into your camping season already. We went around the north side of Lake Superior last fall, what a beautiful drive.
  23. dewwood

    Bighorn MSRP

    I have wondered if those wanting the disc brakes and IS suspension could somehow order their unit with less expensive axles etc if they are planning on just taking the unit immediately to MorRyde and having them cut off.
  24. dewwood

    Chaco Canyon - Gallo Campground Accessibilty

    I would not recommend towing a fiver on the road to Chaco Canyon. We visited there a few years ago and the road back from the highway to the canyon is just a dirt road and very very rough. I keep 80 lbs air in my truck tires and driving 5 to 10 mph we were bouncing sideways on the road. I...
  25. dewwood

    Feedback wanted on new Pinbox and Hitch selections

    I have a comment on the lock bars to be used with the Andersen hitch. In the link provided the lock bars were for the Trail-air roto-flex pin not the flex-air pin box. On another note, I have the B&W with the companion with a Trail-air Tri-glide(no longer available, the flex-air is the...
  26. dewwood


    Since you have the propane model and it is not an urgent matter, I would suggest using it for awhile to see how you like it. Using it should answer some of your questions and give you a better understanding of its benefits and drawbacks. You will always be able to convert if you should decide...
  27. dewwood

    Disc Brakes

    At Morryde you make an appointment then you can stay there, they have hookups, or you can drop it off then pick it up. I live about 65 miles away so I stayed there the night before, had to be there early, then went home the next night and returned the next day. They do good work.
  28. dewwood

    DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk purchase & storage

    I buy mine at farm stores and it costs from $6.99 to $7.99 for 2.5 gal jugs. For that price I would not be willing to store it in larger quantities. If you have a TSC or Rural King or some other farm store in your area check it out.
  29. dewwood

    Salesmen ??

    Re: Salesmen suck I understand the frustration. I am not the most informed person but usually have a pretty good idea what I am looking for when shopping. It is extremely frustrating to have a salesperson that has no grasp of the products they are selling, it is like they are infringing on...
  30. dewwood

    Why we "bookdock"

    Great video. Where is that area? We have a son living in Corvallis and he goes to the Cascades hiking. We manage to get out there about once a year, sometimes with the camper and sometimes by plane.
  31. dewwood

    Black water tanks. Flushing and cleaning questions and comments

    Like Mattman, I have wondered about using the black tank flush at full hookup sites. I do use a separate hose as well as sanitizing the spigot at the site. I think he has the option of dumping into his septic at home as I do, that is a big plus. I will put 5 to 10 gallons of water back into...
  32. dewwood

    What to do about Unresponsive RV dealers?

    I think I know which dealer you are referring to and they are an extremely busy dealer. I am not making excuses for them just letting you know their situation. If you have reservations you might consider picking the unit up at the dealer which would save some time. I realize your schedule may...
  33. dewwood

    What generator to buy?

    I have been thinking about replacing my current generator with this one I like the ability to use propane and not have to haul gas around with me. It is an inverter type and has pretty reasonable decibel rating.
  34. dewwood

    Entrance door frosted glass

    I replaced just the glass in mine with a grey tinted safety glass I ordered from a local glass shop. It matched the tint on the rest of the windows and we like being able to see out that window. Don't ask why it was necessary to replace the window.
  35. dewwood

    Protects mat and B&W Sliding Hitch

    I think the mat would keep the holes for the pin that holds the hitch in place from lining up thus not allowing the pin to snap into proper position.
  36. dewwood

    Using the RV Generator to power your home

    This is not an approved method but it works well. I made up a short cord with a plug on one end that plugs into the generator and a plug that fits my welder plug (50A 240) on the other. In a power outage i flip the main breaker to isolate from the incoming power and feed back through the panel...
  37. dewwood

    Northern Cross Country Trip

    We have traveled US 2 from Machinac Bridge to North Cascades NP in Washington, it is a beautiful drive and not a lot of traffic. From West Glacier to the North Cascades is one of the most beautiful drives we have been on. I should say that US 2 turns south to Spokane but we went north to...
  38. dewwood

    2011 BC 3510RL --- Two questions about brakes

    I have a 2011 Bighorn and it did not come with disc brakes. I have installed them and they are well worth it. You can see the discs by just looking from the outside through the spokes of the wheel, they are very evident.
  39. dewwood

    Bragging Board for Hunters

    Very Nice!
  40. dewwood

    Project LM 365

    Thanks Jerrod, that is very useful information for anyone when trying to diagnose a wiring problem.