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  1. Lou_and_Bette

    Solved: Mystery Switch

    Is there an outside electric receptacle box near one of the awning legs? A similar one on my rig controls the “Awning outlet”
  2. Lou_and_Bette

    Level Up system sensor location

    Great job! Welcome to the “where’s my sensor” club
  3. Lou_and_Bette

    Level Up system sensor location

    use an impact driver to remove to hex head nails. Anything else will probably just snap them off. Location looks correct and platform is on the top edge of the cross member so you won’t be able to feel it.
  4. Lou_and_Bette

    Level Up system sensor location

    Look for a screw head centerline near axels, sensor should be located above this area. Screw head attaches coroplast to cross member and sensor is located on a platform on this cross member. Mine fell off and I had to reset it. I released some screws on the side and used a broom handle to...
  5. Lou_and_Bette

    A/c issue with freezing coils

    Look for a dangling wire with a spade shape “connector“. This is the freeze sensor that prevents the unit from freezing up and should be in the fins of the cooling mechanism. Mine are accessible from inside my 2015 BH, you may have to get on the roof and remove the a/c’s cover. Look in the...
  6. Lou_and_Bette

    Skylight Won't Stay Closed

    Any leaves, dirt, etc. in the window seal groves, fooling pressure sensor?
  7. Lou_and_Bette

    Exterior electric

    On our 2015 Bighorn, 3570 RS, the outlet that doesn’t work for you is called the Awning Receptacle and there is a switch in the main panel that controls it. Our switch is located in the top row of switches and is the first one from the left side.
  8. Lou_and_Bette

    Slide Out Won't Extend

    Just another thought on battery loosing charge while battery cutoff is off, the emergency breakaway engaged for some reason? That circuit is 100% active and not affected by the cutoff switch. Someone walking by may have pulled the cable.
  9. Lou_and_Bette

    Water heater circuit snapped

    Did you take the Wire Nuts loose n the junction box. Had a problem with one of my 120v circuits that I couldn’t seem to find a problem. As a ”last” resort, I was going to test each wire separately, so I removed the Wire Nuts and found one of the wires was not twisted into the bundle with the...
  10. Lou_and_Bette

    2013 Big Country Slides

    Check the cogs on your slide mechanisms. The noise might be a symptom of teeth broken or missing from the cogs. I had this problem several years ago
  11. Lou_and_Bette

    Two questions - Slide out not sealing, and power to slide out

    Have you looked behind the top of the slide in the open position? Mine appears to have a gap but there is a D-seal completely sealing the interior of the rig to the outside environment.
  12. Lou_and_Bette

    M231 Emergency Window

    The “black window latch” is referring to the bracket holding the red handle in place. Disengage the red handle, straighten the handle rod until it is 90* to window, push outward and engage notch in red handle in edge of window to hold it open if just getting ventilation. Push all the way out...
  13. Lou_and_Bette

    TMPS Readings

    My system recommends setting the alarm levels for 20% above 110# = 22 for total of 132; 10% below 110# = 11 for 99 (mine won’t allow 99 so I set at 98#
  14. Lou_and_Bette

    Need a new roof?

    Please keep us informed regarding your searching, I have the same issue and was trying to decide how to fix. Have looked at Henry’s, have a NIL who did his roof, but didn’t have the “stickiness,” and he likes the outcome. I also looked at a product called “Crazy Seal.” Following
  15. Lou_and_Bette

    Level Up Hydraulic Jack Leak

    Mine leaked at the connector and had the same symptoms you describe. Just had new hose made with correct connectors, make sure where the actual leakage is coming from.
  16. Lou_and_Bette

    A/C on generator

    I strongly recommend the Easy Start capacitors. I have one on both of my A/C’s, 13.5k and 15k, and I have been able to run both on 3500 Predator gen.
  17. Lou_and_Bette

    PLEASE help.. black water tank smell.. long story..

    Is water remaining in your toilet bowl? Initially, if we left the rig parked for an extended period of time, when we returned the water that I left in the bowl would be evaporated and the seal would dry out letting smells in and the seal would become stiff and not hold water in the bowl until I...
  18. Lou_and_Bette

    extreme odor inside trailer shortly after running water down a drain...

    FWIW, I had a “smell” problem with our current BH and I made it go away by closing the gaps around the vent tubes where they terminate on the roof. I took the vent caps off and there was a significant space between the pipe and the roofing wood. Stuffed plastic shopping bags in to fill the...
  19. Lou_and_Bette

    WTB... heartland style, Sendel wheel rims, 8 lug...

    Tredit tire was the original supplier of the OEM wheels.
  20. Lou_and_Bette

    Xpedition Battery Warranty Process

    Ian, the batteries are installed by the dealership. Heartland does not ship the units with batteries. So, you might contact your salesman/dealer for possible assistance. Lou
  21. Lou_and_Bette

    Roof vents in 2015 cyclone 3110

    Google “RV vent opener” and you will find products from several different places and a YouTube video to make your own.
  22. Lou_and_Bette

    Awning arm replacement

    I had to replace mine and I called the company that made our awning. They had an “open box” one because they set up a new one for displays at RV shows and can’t sell them as new. I suggest finding out which brand you have and contact them.
  23. Lou_and_Bette

    Jensen AWM970 stuck CD solution

    Had the same problem with an older model PlayStation and the fix was the same. However, much easier to access the area.
  24. Lou_and_Bette

    EasyStart Discussion Thread

    I put one on both our A/C’s and, like you, am impressed with their performance
  25. Lou_and_Bette

    Broken Main Slide

    As Dave mentioned, check the cogs for broken/missing teeth. Sounds like the same problem we had and, if so, the fix is not real technical. If it is your slide gears, and if I did this right, here is a link to my fix...
  26. Lou_and_Bette

    Help pointing non-portable Dish network antenna

    Thanks Jim and Eddie. I check out my plan and either start the maintenance plan or submit the order
  27. Lou_and_Bette

    The forum is back online!

    I also posted just before and mine went completely away...I think yours did also. I would like to know about this "way", would you repost please
  28. Lou_and_Bette

    Help pointing non-portable Dish network antenna

    Thanks for the info guy's. I will keep you all updated when the move happens
  29. Lou_and_Bette

    Help pointing non-portable Dish network antenna

    We are back in our wintering spot in South Mississippi. I have this site set up like a sticks and bricks house as far as the Satellite set up goes. I have the standard, non-portable, satellite antenna mounted on a post and this has worked well for us in the past. This year, however, I can not...
  30. Lou_and_Bette

    Toilet stinks

    Ours usually doesn't stink but, when the tank is nearing being full, we get a pretty foul smell. If we put off dumping, for one reason or another, we will then get the "burp." This phenomena occurs when the tank is nearing the completely full state. When you depress the flush pedal, a good...
  31. Lou_and_Bette

    Tank vent covers

    I did the same to all my vent pipes
  32. Lou_and_Bette

    Tank vent covers

    When we get that "little extreme" smell after flushing, it usually signals getting real close to dumping time. If we don't dump soon after starting to get the strong smell, then we get the proverbial "burp" when flushing and definitely time to dump.
  33. Lou_and_Bette

    TST monitor tire readings

    I have 12 sensors and, like you, some do lag in reporting. This lag seems to be random amongst the 12 as which one will lag this time
  34. Lou_and_Bette

    Sheared screws on bedroom slide

    Happened to us right after we left dealership, but we sheared all 6 screws. I have very similar flat head piercing screws and drilled very small pilot holes just above broken screws, inserted new screws and all has been good for last 6 years.
  35. Lou_and_Bette

    Tank vent covers

    I installed them and they seem to work well
  36. Lou_and_Bette

    Permanent address

    At on-line registration time, it asks, "are you in the state?" If the answer is "no," it will advise you to have the inspection done "within 5 days of returning to the state."
  37. Lou_and_Bette

    Dang Squirrels!

    Had a “Southern” pest control man, tell a neighbor that he would stop her squirrel problem and quoted a price. He then captured and/or killed several squirrels. He then nailed these bodies on the non-visible side of several perimeter trees. No more squirrel problem.
  38. Lou_and_Bette

    Access door in storage area?

    On our RW, our whole house vacuum cleaner motor was there and this gave access to it.
  39. Lou_and_Bette

    Sewer smell when dumping

    You can check the Studor valve by placing a plastic bag over it and sealing tightly...if smell goes away, problem solved. I had another problem with smells only when dumping, and I have seen others who had the same problem, and the source was a significant gap between the vent pipe and the...