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    Why no discussion

    It has been reported on Josh the RV nerd and RV Miles that the Landmark line has been discontinued. I don’t live here on this forum nearly as much as I used to, but I find no mention of whether these are true or being misrepresente. Why do I ask, because I’m a Landmark owner and I know once a...
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    Tire blowouts

    Have you ever weighed the trailer and weighed it side to side? if no one has mentioned you can’t go by the weights listed on the rig itself.
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    Grade 8 is for high torque applications, but doesn‘t hold up well to shock or sudden impacts. That is why grade 5 is better in shock or impact applications as they are more malleable. Yes they will deform, but they won’t necessarily shear as easy.
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    Unless Locktite changed, the red was designed and developed for permanent applications. Yes, you can break the adhesion but it usually takes heat.
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    Based on the picture it wasn’t sheared bolts as there would be parts still in threaded part of the axle flange. While it isn’t normal to utilize locktit, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the blue product. Keep in mind that hardened bolts (grade 8) have a higher degree of shearing then a grade...
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    External propane valve

    Have you checked to see if your trailer is on the recall list. It seems a number of trailers with external LP hookups are going to be recalled. Check on
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    Water heater anode rod

    I have used both. Once I get to our destination I/or the wife turn on both and leave them on. As far as cleaning the electrical part, it’s only @ $15 so while I do the anode around twice a year I will do the electric once a year. I also make sure I rinse the tank until I no longer get any build...
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    MCD Shades up or down for travling

    We have traveled with both shades down but within the side bars so it minimizes their movements. We tried up but noticed the temp in the coach was much higher after a travel day.
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    New owner of a used Cyclone

    Don’t go on published specs. You MUST weigh the unit and truck to find the ACTUAL numbers. Make sure when you weigh the trailer and truck are loaded as you would normally travel.
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    Chips falling onto bed...

    If you have an opportunity to take a factory tour you will see why all the debris. They build and do nothing more then clear the big objects out of their way as they continue to install items. It’s too bad that they don’t clean as they go, but after taking a tour the factory floor is nothing...
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    Friction hinges and door coming apart

    Not real sure what my dealer did when my rig was new, but the hinges were super stiff and I found it a real PIA to close the door. My dealer did something to “loosen” up the hinges so now you can push the door closed from mid point. I installed a door latch to hold the door open which I prefer.
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    Project LM 365

    Ok, I’ll ask. What did you move onto if I may be so bold?
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    Sailun Tire Recall

    It’s a lot cheaper then a .......
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    Towing RV with a Ford Ranger

    I would not recommend towing in overdrive. If you noticed especially in hilly areas the transmission more then likely was “hunting and pecking” (downshifting and upshifting) trying to find an acceptable rpm for the engine/transmission. This causes excessive wear. Also, keep in mind there is more...
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    washer and dryer

    Not sure what you mean? There is no filter that I’m aware of on a splendide washer. (We have had one for 4 years). As for water filters I use as I stated earlier 3 in-line filters. All three in canisters which I prefer as I can see what the filters actually look like and can adjust my...
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    Load duel vs. single

    Dual air pressures are for tires that are mated to the same wheel position. They are automatically reduced in carrying capacity by 10%, compared to a single wheel position. Don’t over think a relatively easy application.
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    Landmark Condition After 3 Years of Full Timing

    I do have a water conditioner hooked up to my rig virtually 95% of the time. That may make difference in the ability to clean the track. I’m not saying it was it a breeze cleaning with the brushes, but it wasn’t all that bad either. I find cleaning the bottom of the shower is harder then the tracks.
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    Another Tire Inflation Posting

    I see potentially a few things, it appears from the pictures there is some cupping on the tread. Also, I have seen some of that edge wear result from incorrect torquing of the wheel bearings. I’m not saying it is a wheel bearing issue, but it’s something to eliminate. When they checked the...
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    Landmark Condition After 3 Years of Full Timing

    I agree that the tracks are difficult to clean, but I found that foam paint brushes work well. I cut the tip off one for the bottom and sides, but use one with the sharper tip for the corners. So far they have worked well.
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    Chips falling onto bed...

    We have been full timing almost 4 years and @ 30,000 miles - we still get stuff out of our vents. It has slowed down appreciably, but we still get some every time we move.
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    Another Tire Inflation Posting

    While yes I did sell tires, that was not my primary purpose in my 35+ yrs in the tire industry. Please tell me how many times you have been in a tire plant or for that matter how many different plants. I have had significant exposure to the construction of a tire, regardless of its purpose. My...
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    Another Tire Inflation Posting

    Trailer are NOT designed much different then passenger and or light truck tires. What really sets them apart is the tread depth and the compounds utilized in the tread, along with a more robust bead bundle. Some trailer tires may have a stiffer wedge installed near the bead area that would give...
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    Another Tire Inflation Posting

    Best to weigh your unit as you would normally have packed when you travel. Unless you hit a rally where they can do individual wheel positions (the best you could do) weighing the axles independently at least provides you with what the axle is carrying. Both axles should be relatively close so...
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    Main tv in new landmark newport.

    While mine is a 2018 Oshkosh, none of the 3 TV’s were “smart” TV’s. They were all Insignia to start with. Luckily for us, the main TV went out within the first 3-4 months. Heartland gave me a credit and I replaced it with, at that time, the to of the line Samsung. However, I also needed a...
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    Dry Camping With A Residential Refrigerator

    4 6v x 235 x 50% = 470 amp hrs. But I have the victron set @ 420 usable for a fudge factor of 50-55% range.
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    Looking to purchase.....

    Look at the window and sidewall as your circle indicates its by a window. Not familiar with the unit but does it have a pass through that you can see the floor from underneath? Typically soft spots are an indication of water intrusion. You might be money ahead having a RV inspector take a real...
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    Dry Camping With A Residential Refrigerator

    I’ve never come close to running the fridge that long. I’m just going off what the Victron gauge is saying I have left for power. The fridge for the most part pulls between 5-6 ah. I was amazed at the low power it consumes. The most I have run the trailer without hookups is approximately 9 hrs...
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    Dry Camping With A Residential Refrigerator

    I’m guessing the savings would be insignificant compared to the loss of the contents. I added 4 6v batteries that according to my Victron monitor gives @ 70 hrs of running my residential fridge.
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    Any recommendations on a truck

    With you trailer weight approaching 10,000 lbs while there are 1/2 ton pickups “capable” on paper I myself would go with a 3/4 ton. Larger brakes and a suspension better suited for that weight. As an insight, I have a brother that tows a trailer very similar to your weight. He uses a Ram 1500...
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    Deteriorating Water Flow- Exhausted Troubleshooting

    I’m assuming your hook up is EXACTLY the same between the two parks. Nothing added or removed. How was the pressure to the other faucets and toilet between parks? In that the flow comes trough the water pump for both city and tank, if it’s like my Oshkosh I can unscrew the connections on both...
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    Frame problems

    Some more clarity may help in getting responses. When I think of camber I relate that to tires, the top of the tire either out or in. Is that what you are talking about?
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    Holding Tanks Panel

    As others will tell you, the tank monitors work when brand new for probably 5 minutes (or less). The sensors get coated, especially the black tank, and you can’t depend on them for any accuracy. Best method for the black tank is wait for the “burp”. You’ll figure it out once it happens. As for...
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    Pioneer Tire Blow please

    Huh? Goodyear did move their production of Marathon trailer tires to China a number of years ago, however when they introduced the Endurance trailer tires they are built in the USA. As for problems with “blowouts” first place to check is trailer weight. Sounds simple, but until you know the...
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    Having "Issues" getting internet service to work in 2020 Bighorn 32 GK.

    So my question is, is Spectrum hard wired or internet based service? And I’m assuming you don’t spend much time out west especially in mountainous areas then?
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    Load Rating

    You are replacing tires on a Ford F-450 correct? I have never seen or heard of 20” wheels on a 450. OE they are 19.5”. The only other size I have seen people do is move to a 22.5” wheel/tire (which I wouldn’t recommend, but keep in mind I’m a staunch supporter of keeping the vehicle as it was...
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    Load Rating

    If the tires are sold for highway use in the US they must comply with our standards. It doesn’t matter where they are sourced from. Most major manufacturers now source certain lines/sizes from specific locations worldwide.
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    I concur! (Although I may question if its that long)
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    Load Rating

    According to the TRA (tire and rim association) the size and LR are the same for the size between manufacturers in the US. In other words, a LT235/75R16 LRE carrying capacity is the same for every manufacturer. Many times a slight change in size i.e. 265/75 to 265/70 is overlooked and due to the...
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    Load Rating

    Load ratings on tires are extremely important. To maintain your trucks carrying capacity, any replacement tire(s) must be equal or greater then the original tires that came from the factory. It doesn’t matter what speed you are traveling (as long as you don’t exceed the recommended speed rating...