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    3370 RL Low Voltage at Brakes

    If we decide to keep this one for awhile, I will look at that
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    3370 RL Low Voltage at Brakes

    Thank you all. I am slowly working through this. Very tedious job. LOL
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    3370 RL Low Voltage at Brakes

    Hello all. I don't seem to be getting anywhere near the braking power that I should be. I am getting 6.3 volts when the brake is depressed and the brake controller is at 100%. I am getting a strong 12.7 volts at the junction box at the front of the trailer. I am curious about how the wires get...
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    Water in Fuel Light ('06 F250 6.0L)

    I put a half a litre of Methyl Hydrate in on two separate fills. Cleared it right up. It's known for getting rid of water in fuels. It's inexpensive too!
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    Canada travel

    The bugs in Northern BC are fine from mid August on. Nights start to cool a bit
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    North to Alaska

    Up the Cassiar Highway is a great way to go. Very little traffic and some beautiful camping. I don't know what you're looking for in the trip, but Skagway is way out of the way and is a tourist trap and major letdown. Anchorage was very busy and was just like any major city. Top of the World...
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    Solar install

    It looks like you took your time and did a nice job! :)