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  1. mrcomer

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IN, Florence - 08/15/2024 to 08/18/2024

    We will be coming in on Thursday the 15th. We have site #107
  2. mrcomer

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OH, Dundee - 08/01/2024 to 08/04/2024

    What happened to all the other responses on here?
  3. mrcomer

    New Roof

    Dave, Is that rolled on or sprayed on? Will you have to have it inspected periodically to keep the warranty?
  4. mrcomer

    Heartland RV Customer Service

    I agree with donr827 especially for the year that your Bighorn was built. Unfortunately Covid hurt the manufacturers in regards to employees and vendors. I was very cautious when we purchased our 2021 Bighorn. We too had some issues but Heartland was very good to work with, our dealer not so...
  5. mrcomer

    Quality of traveler

    We recently purchased (Sept of 2022) a 2021 Bighorn 3120RK with full body paint. We had some issues but Heartland has been super to work with and have fixed everything. Very happy with our new rig.
  6. mrcomer

    Do You Think this is an internal or external box problem

    Totally looks internal to me. I agree with you that the fastener probably was not tightened (or stripped) properly.
  7. mrcomer

    RV Covers

    Covers cause more problems than they solve.
  8. mrcomer

    Musty odor in bathroom

    You might want to go on the roof and check your vent pipe and make sure it is not cut too low (just below the roof line) or this could be your smelly problem.
  9. mrcomer

    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    The dealership we purchased our 2021 Bighorn from, Campers Inn of Troy Ohio has always had some Bighorns and Bighorn Travelers in stock. They also carry the Sundance travel trailers and Torque toy haulers. But I do agree with the others, there really aren't as many dealers carrying Heartland...
  10. mrcomer

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OH, Perrysville - 08/10/2023 to 08/13/2023

    Cindy, Would you like us to bring shredded chicken or sour cream for taco night? Or both
  11. mrcomer

    Considering New Bighorn 3215RL

    We purchased a new 2021 Bighorn 3120RK last September. I was a bit apprehensive given the time period of the build and the problems with personnel and product shortages. BTW, this is our third Heartland product. We have had some warranty issues but Heartland has been fantastic working with us...
  12. mrcomer

    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    Where is all the pre-rally chatter? Some of us cannot get there until Sunday so I need some updates. What's goin' on there?
  13. mrcomer

    AC breaker pops after extended period

    You might want to check the torque on the screws on your circuit breakers. You may find that some of the screws are loose and wires a arcing.
  14. mrcomer

    Burned front door.

    Wow, that sucks. Maybe consider having it painted. I have always said that furnaces and water heaters should never be located on the door side of an RV. This could have been a really bad situation. I hope Heartland sees this and tries to help you out on this.
  15. mrcomer

    2021 Bighorn 3120RK Mod

    So we added a dresser in the closet where the washer and dryer would have gone. Anchored to the floor and the back wall. I need to get some straps to keep the drawers closed during transport. I also added a couple of straps to help keep the lower door open when needed.
  16. mrcomer

    Im bringing some stuff to the rally

    If anybody is interested I will bring a Curt RotoFlex Kingpin. I took it off our 2021 Bighorn. It fits the Lippert 1621HD. I will give you a great deal, just message me or text to 9374093665 I am also bringing a 24" flat screen TV, Mopeka LP Halos and an RVLOck V4...
  17. mrcomer

    Replacement air mattress for sleeper sofa
  18. mrcomer

    Replacement air mattress for sleeper sofa
  19. mrcomer

    Replacement air mattress for sleeper sofa

    The manufacturer was Flair Industries but they have gone out of business from what I have learned. You might check with some of the RV surplus places in Indiana.
  20. mrcomer

    2019 Trail Runner Fresh Water Tank Drain Will Not Drain

    Are you sure that it isn't an "overflow" tube?
  21. mrcomer

    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    Amber Alber at for more information!
  22. mrcomer

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OH, Perrysville - 08/10/2023 to 08/13/2023

    We have reservations for 8/10-8/13 Site #706 Looking forward to seeing everyone. Mark & Linda
  23. mrcomer

    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    In the past we would have known this information and much more. Today, even though they taut "transparency" they won't even answer a simple question like yours.
  24. mrcomer

    Warranty and dealing with Heartland

    To date, we have had a great experience with Heartland warranty. Our problem is all with the dealer we purchased it from. We are currently going on 4 months that they have had our rig and it is still not complete. I've talked with the sales manager and the service manager and expressed my...
  25. mrcomer

    How to remove living room TV in 2016 LM 365 Madison

    You're gonna have to reach out to Heartland (customer service) and ask them what the secret is on this one.
  26. mrcomer

    How to remove living room TV in 2016 LM 365 Madison

    Try looking at the bottom on the TV, between the TV and the countertop to see if you have any screws on the back wall. Mine has (2), one on each end (left and right). Apparently I would have to remove those two screws, using an extended screw driver bit, and oncew those are removed I should be...
  27. mrcomer

    Landmark 365 bedroom mirror frame

    We have learned that even with 70% off at Michaels, their price is higher than the local mom and pops frame service. Try looking a little harder for a local framing company if you want to save some cash. Good luck,
  28. mrcomer

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TN, Crossville - 04/21/2023 to 04/23/2023

    Anyone is welcome to any of the rallies. No real membership required these days. What to expect: warm welcomes from others, food, food and some more food. Maybe some Fireball around the campfire. Any help you might need from fellow owners. We have a great group of people here in the Heartland...
  29. mrcomer

    New Heartland Owner and New to 5th Wheel

    Welcome to the forum.
  30. mrcomer

    Dometic RM1350 water dispenser turns on by itself

    Personally if this happened to me, even replacing the switch, I could never feel comfortable that it would not fail again. This is the first time I have heard of this specific problem. It is also why every time we leave the camper we turn off the water at the spigot. We had another owner, on...
  31. mrcomer

    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    Who do I contact to possibly vend in the Heartland Marketplace? We've done this the last couple of National Rallies.
  32. mrcomer

    National Rally Does anyone have any idea when registration for the National Rally will open ?

    In the past we would get updates and things came together. By now we would know what entertainment would be there, dinners and pot lucks etc. It will be interesting how this one turns out. Linda and I have vended in the Heartland Marketplace the last few National Rallies. We haven't been asked...
  33. mrcomer

    Potential new owner!

    We are on our 3rd Heartland product. We started out with a 2006 Bighorn 3500RL, traded it in for a 2009 Landmark Augusta and recently we upgrade again to a 2021 Heartland 3120RK with full body paint. To be honest, we were actually looking at other manufacturers but this one was a left over model...
  34. mrcomer

    Installed Morryde rubber pin box

    I've had the MorRyde pinbox on our last (2) rigs and it was great. I just purchased one for our new rig and will be installing it this spring.
  35. mrcomer

    Portable air compressors

    I recently purchased Viair 450P - 45044 Automatic Stealth Black Portable Compressor Kit I have not had a chance to use it yet but I hear they are very good units.