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  1. jmgratz

    Converter Location HELP PLEASE !

    The fridge control panel works on 12 volt
  2. jmgratz


    I have the TST 507 and it has never worked worth a flip. I only get two sensors to work on a regular basis and the others only work sporadically. I have changed batteries moved the sensors and still have issues. I have even replaced the receiver. I am totally disappointed in this product..
  3. jmgratz


    Crock pot rules. You can put potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and frozen chicken breasts or pork chops, or steak covered with cream of celery soup. Start in the morning and let it cook all day on low and by 430-500pm you have a delicious meal. Spaghetti is another good option.
  4. jmgratz

    Question about landmark sewer & grey waterer pipes under rig

    Never had a problem with our 2012 Landmark San Antonio
  5. jmgratz

    We Lost Our Son

    You certainly have our heartfelt sympathy, Prayers for your son. He is at peace.:angel:
  6. jmgratz

    AC Intermittent - Corroded cable connector

    It is located under the cover on the roof air. Take the cover off and you will see a bunch of wire lying there and there is a wire that looks like a phone wire (data cable) and it runs from the control box to a small cream colored splice connector. The other end of the connector has the data...
  7. jmgratz

    AC Intermittent - Corroded cable connector

    I have been fighting an intermittent bedroom AC for almost a year. When it worked it would freeze you out nut then it would quit working and only the fan would run and run and run without the compressor coming on. Changed out the control board and it did not change. I broke the thermostat...
  8. jmgratz

    4200 plus F350 DRW LB total length

    Texas the legal length is 65 feet
  9. jmgratz

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Had to change out the faucet set on the sink in the bedroom. It was leaking due to a split in the pipe inside of it. Got the new one at Lowes. Looks great and fit perfect.
  10. jmgratz

    Refrigerator DEAD

    Do you have power from the pedestal on both legs of the 50amp?
  11. jmgratz

    ATF: Bighorn - Hard Freeze Damage

    Exactly why we don't have an icemaker in our fridge. We have a stand-alone icemaker we keep in the basement - - - Updated - - - You might try Lone Star RV on the North Freeway (I45) or Ron Hoover in LaMarque or Katy. Both are Heartland Dealers and would probably have the part you need.
  12. jmgratz

    Male or Female Computer?

    Could it be a S for She, H for he and IT for it? S H IT :)
  13. jmgratz

    Fresh tank drain

    I wrapped it with pipe insulation tape. Been in 17 degrees without any issues
  14. jmgratz

    Seals Around Slideouts

    Be sure to clear the backside of the slides that contact the D seals. They become sticky and can damage the D seal. We had to replace ours and then coated the seals with 303 Areospace. Got the D seal from PPL in Houston.
  15. jmgratz

    New owner with question

    Agree with leaving the black tank closed until flushing. I believe you should leave the galley (kitchen) tank closed until it needs to be flushed because food debris will get into the galley tank and can 'stick' in the tank if it is left open. So by allowing it to fill that helps flush out the...
  16. jmgratz

    Cancer -- DARN

    I feel you pain. I am currently going through Chemo for the 3rd time. I have been fighting Esophageal Cancer for 7 years. I have had over 30 Lymph nodes removed, most of my stomach and esophagus removed, my left vocal cord nerve removed an implant in my left vocal cord and it continues...
  17. jmgratz

    Penguin science

    hahahahahahahahahahaha roflmao
  18. jmgratz

    Tow Vehicle- MODS

    Interested in how you get the cap on and if it stays on. I bought the crossfire but have not installed it yet due to the modification that has to be made. I am also curious if the Crossfire affects the balance of the wheel/tire causing vibration.
  19. jmgratz

    Taking a truck survey!

    We love our Ford F350 dually 6.7 L diesel. But ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different answers. I have always looked at the tow ratings to figure out what to buy. Not only is pulling power important but stopping power is also important. At 18000 you will be close to the max of...
  20. jmgratz

    Air conditioner TSB screw up - AC identification

    You would think the dealer could tell you what AC unit you have. Also if you take the cover off the AC unit on the roof there is a plate inside with the product information.
  21. jmgratz

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Found a torn D seal on the side of the slideout. After checking all but 2 of the D seals were torn. Some worse than others. I was able to order some D Seal from PPL and replaced all of the torn seals. Also on the inside of the out 'lip' of the slideout I saw where there was rubber debris...
  22. jmgratz

    Low bridge in Coloma, CA. Can we do it?

    If you measure 13 2 and the underpass is 13 6 you will only have 4 inches to play with. If you hit a bump that could raise you up by 4 inches. I want at least 6 inches to play with. My biggest question is How accurate are the signs anyway?
  23. jmgratz

    Good Sam Campgrounds can be a little greedy at times

    Just like the Coushatta Casino (Kinder, LA) Red Shoes RV Resort. Summertime is $65 a night and winter is $25 a night. There is a waterpark at the casino in the summer. Also whenever there is a concert the rates (even in the winter) go up to $65-$75 a night. Guess it is the old story of...
  24. jmgratz

    Ohio Turnpike cheats 5'ers

    Good luck with the call
  25. jmgratz

    Bighorn NAME (Traveler)

    Re: Bighorn. NAME I guess I look at the Bighorn issue like GM and Ford marked some of their vehicles. Example, the Ford Crown Victoria was not much more than a stripped down Mercury or the Chevy Impala was a Stripped down Cadillac. The biggest difference is both vehicles like in the Ford...
  26. jmgratz

    The Maiden Voyage

    Our chairs fell apart too when the coach was new. Heartland shipped us replacements and they too fell apart. They are barely glued where they should be screwed together. We tried to glue and screw them back together and even tried putting L brackets to no avail. The chairs are junk.
  27. jmgratz

    Black marks on roof

    I have tried everything and the small black marks persist too. To me it looks more like tree sap stains that have been heated into the roof by the sun. Probably will never come off. So I just go with it.
  28. jmgratz

    Full Body Paint vs Decals

    Our previous Landmark had decals. After 5 years they were cracked and pealing. Our current Landmark is full body paint. Still looks new after 3 years. Both sit in the weather 24/7/365. Both were waxed. Decals deteriorate over time.
  29. jmgratz

    Is it legal to have pets in the TT while moving?

    Laws vary from state to state regarding humans and animals riding in trailers and/or 5th wheels. Check with the individual state you are traveling in.
  30. jmgratz

    Strange Tire Wear

    Also once you inflate the tires it might help to even out the wear to rotate them, front to back, back to front, not side to side. I bet if you got your rig weighed you would be surprised how much weight is on the tires.
  31. jmgratz

    tire pressure question

    The reason why you want to inflate your tires using the inflation on the side of the tire is you do not know how much weight each tire is carrying and you should presume you are carrying max weight. Also keep in mind if you travel with any water in your holding tanks the weight of the water...
  32. jmgratz

    GoodSam Credit card blues

    I don't understand how you don't fit into normal RV Fuel Islands. We have an F350 dually pulling our 43 foot Landmark and have never had an issue fitting into or getting out of the RV Pump at Pilot/Flying J. I like using the RV pumps because with our loyality card we get the fuel discount...
  33. jmgratz

    Diesel Engine Additives (or how to become a chemist in your spare time)

    As far as DEF goes our 2012 F350 once gave me a less than half reading and within 5 miles went into the 'limp' mode due to DEF being too low. Luckily I was about 1/4 mile from a convenience store that sold DEF. Stopped put in some DEF and then got back on the road. Moral: Just because you...
  34. jmgratz

    Winegard Rayzar

    Our Razor has failed twice also. Wineguard did ship us replacements without issues.
  35. jmgratz

    Dometic Tech Service Bulletin

    Take the cover off the AC unit (be sure power is off) and look at the metal cover covering the Evaporator coil. Mine did not have all of the screws in it and was letting hot air mix with the cooled air. Be sure the metal cover is making a good seal. I screwed mind down and sealed the edges of...
  36. jmgratz

    Crown Molding Falling Off

    Re: Jim McCord It is just stapled on. Easy to reattach
  37. jmgratz

    Discussion thread for RV SnapPads

    Re: SnapPads We love ours. And the company is great too. We lost one, not sure where but believe it was at a steep Buckies entrance, and they sent me another one without charge. Great product, great company.
  38. jmgratz

    My bald head?

    Just the constant rubbing of sitting down and getting up will do it over time. A good leather treatment helps. Ford dealers sell King Ranch leather treatment for the leather seats in the King Ranch trucks. Best I have found to protect leather.
  39. jmgratz

    Phone jacks in road warrior 395 rw

    Do what we do at home. We have the router plugged into the wall in the office. The router is wireless so we can connect to the router anywhere around the house. And we use wireless telephones.
  40. jmgratz

    Dual Whisper Dometic A/c on Bighorn

    Here are three things that helps ours alot. #1 - Use a swim noodle and you can block off the supply duct between the bathroom and livingroom. #2 - Use a swim noodle and block off the duct just past the last duct nearest to the rear cap and front cap. You see the duct extends into the rear and...