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    Thanks and Goodbye

    We went to the RV show in Pomona, California, just to look. After three trips we bought a 2011 Fleetwood Southwind 32VS. I called it Mongo as we were driving it home. However, my CEO/Navigator said it could not be called that because it is not a diesel. So now we have to come up with another...
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    Thanks and Goodbye

    The CEO/Navigator and I have traded in the Big Horn and Mongo for a motorhome. We had some great trips and many great memories in that rig. We are sad to see it go. I am going to miss this forum more than the Big Horn. I spent a lot of hours on here, learned a whole lot and got great advice...
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    New TV

    We have been over Monarch Pass two, three, maybe four times in both directions and have never had a problem with our rig. I shouldn't say that because when we were westbound up the pass last month the passenger of a vehicle passing us made an opening motion at us with his hands. We quickly...
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    AM & FM radio reception

    We have a Zenith in our 2007 Big Horn that is a combination AM/FM radio, CD and DVD player. It has the long coated wire antenna and gets very good radio reception. Ours is held in place inside the cabinet by a velcro strip. It can be easily removed to check the back and insure the antenna is...
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    Truck Tire Blowout History

    In the last two or three months I recall watching a very informative video produced by a tire manufacturer, I think, which described how an rv driver should react to a tire blowout. I thought I learned about the video on this forum, but I did a Google search and could not find the post. That...
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    Bedroom Closet Latches

    I don't know what year Big Horn you have, but when you mention plastic closet latches it brings back memories. I had the latches replaced at least twice before heeding advice from a sage member of this forum. Unfortunately, I don't remember who that was. I just could not believe that velcro...
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    Bighorns and Sliding Hitches

    I have been towing my Big Horn with a short bed Chrevolet and no sliding hitch for nearly four years without any problems.
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    Loveland, CO @ RiverView RV

    We went through Loveland today on our way to Spruce Lake RV Park in Estes Park, CO. All kinds of activities going on here too. This beautiful mountain town was just packed with people today.
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    first trip first night

    We spent the night in Rawlins, Wyoming, a few days ago. Beautiful country.
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    Fresh Water Capacity - to the Fullest!

    One of our favorite camping spots has electricity, but no water or sewer. We fill with fresh water just before we arrive and insure both grey tanks and the black tank are empty. We have no idea how much water we take on, we just fill until it starts coming out the intake port. We can go five...
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    Loose Storage Bin Door Bracket

    Thanks for your suggestions, I really appreciate the information. I got the jack-nuts and, with the help of a shade tree carpenter buddy, we got to work. The jack-nuts pulled out as the screw was tightened. We tried several times, but no luck. My buddy forced several broken wooden match...
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    Loose Storage Bin Door Bracket

    A couple months ago the screws that fasten the pneumatic strut to the port side storage bin door came loose. I bought some slightly larger screws to refasten the bracket and had not used the door since. When I opened it today at least half of the screws had pulled loose. I think the inside of...
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    Draining fresh water tank

    My Big Horn is a different year and different model than yours, but perhaps similarly set up. There are two valves in the universal docking center. A diagram decal next to the valves show their off position and drain position. Move the valves to the drain position, turn on the water pump...
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    Swagman Hitch mount bike rack and bumper adapter

    I don't know why you haven't gotten a reply from a factory representative or a Big Country owner so I will jump in. My Big Horn does not have a bumper and is very similar to the Big Country. I'm guessing you don't have one either. If you will do a search on this site you will find that there...
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    Water Tank Drain on '11 3055RL

    I have a 2007 Big Horn 3055RL. Yours is a lot newer than mine, so they probably are not set up the same. So, keeping that in mind: there are two valves in the docking center with a diagram showing how they should be positioned for draining the water tank. Put the valves in that position and...
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    towing a ATV behind the Bighorn

    If you really want to take an ATV or the like why not get a toy hauler?
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    NYC campgrounds

    When we visited New York City we stayed at the Liberty Marina and RV Park. It is just a large gravel parking lot with water and electric hookups next to a marina in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is the location that is good. If you get up early you can walk a very short distance to a commuter...
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    The trip from ****

    Sorry to read about your tire problems. Hope things get better soon. It was interesting to read about the person who put things back together for you. It seems to read that this was a good samaritan who really helped you out. Or am I misreading and this was someone whom you had to pay. I...
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    What are your Favorite Camping Sites in Little Rock, Nashville, Indianapolis?

    One word: Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. Beautiful park with excellent camping facilities.
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    3185 closed slides block access to rear lounge

    Access to the bathroom, refrigerator and dining table with the slides in was an important consideration when we were shopping for a fifth wheel. My CEO/Navigator likes to stop at a road side rest for lunch when we are on the road. We can do that easily with our Big Horn 3055RL. We have the...
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    The Day the Music Died

    Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
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    Where do you usually get fuel when traveling?

    Flying J has always been my favorite. I use their RV Real Value Member card, but it only gets me 1 cent off per gallon. I have used all kinds of diesel in my truck and have never had a problem caused by fuel.
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    positioning jack under a Big Horn 3185RL

    Don't even think about changing a tire. Just make sure you have Good Sam, AAA or some other good emergency roadside service and let them do the work.
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    Campgrounds Near Santa Barbara and Carpinteria

    The name of it is Ocean Mesa Campground at El Capitan. I could not find it using usual searches but did find it on a rv parks review site. It is on a bluff or mesa above and across the 101 freeway from El Capitan State Park. Pricey at $90 per night in April according to one review. We...
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    Campgrounds Near Santa Barbara and Carpinteria

    Refugio and El Capitan State Parks are both on the ocean and just north, actually west, of Santa Barbara, California. No hookups, but very nice. There is a nice, fairly new RV park located across the freeway from El Capitan and has all the conveniences. Cachuma Lake County park is just over...
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    shawnee forest in june

    Where is Shawnee National Forest? Is it someplace in Wisconsin? I guess that only because you show that as your location. To often posters will rave about some campground but not indicate in what state, or province, it is located.
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    Newbie propane question

    Now I am confused, which is not unusual. One poster seems to be saying that when the propane tank being used runs out you must manually turn the tab to the other tank. I always thought that was the way it worked. Another poster says the regulator will automatically switch from the empty tank...
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    Serious Chucking from 5th Wheel

    Re: Serious Chocking from 5th Wheel The CEO/Navigator and I have the same complaint and it has been discussed numerous times on this forum. When we are on a smooth road the rig rides and pulls great. But when the road is a little rough and when you come to seams at bridges and the like the...
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    Bumper Storage of sewer hose

    I use a large clear plastic bin with a snap on lid to store my sewer hoses, connectors, black tank flush hose and other fittings as well as the black tank additive. I rinse everything out frequently.
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    Emergency Road Service....What If Any Are You Using?

    We have used AAA for many years and have always been happy with their service.
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    Camping World

    I too had a rather bad experience with Camping World, but not the one in Oregon. I got on their web site and emailed them my complaint and was satisfied with their response. I would encourage you to let the big bosses know what is going on.
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    Recliner How To Tie Down

    We have never tied down our recliners and have never had any problem from not doing so. We place them back to back and put the end table in the space between the backs. The thick sock that stays on the reclining lever against the wall keeps the back wall from getting damaged. I think the sock...
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    Chevy vs Dodge

    If you decide on the Chevrolet you should wait for the 2011 models. The 2500 and 3500HD models are supposed to have a much larger fuel tank, an engine brake, and a built in electric brake controller. At least that is the information that came from this site not long ago. I would think they...
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    My refrigerator doesn't exist

    I am pretty sure I got mine at Camping World.
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    RV Parks Near New York City?

    In October, 2008, we stayed at the Liberty Marina and RV Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was just a large gravel parking lot with water and electrical hookups, but its location was nearly perfect. It was just a short walk to a ferry which left early each weekday morning and crossed the...
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    5ver hitch

    The main complaint we have about towing a fifth wheel is that the ride is terrible. I think that if we had the proper hitch, and I have not idea which one that might be, and other equipment the ride would be greatly improved. Do thorough research and, if necessary, spend enough money to get...
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    Living Rm Slide Awning

    When we bought our Big Horn we made a lower offer to the dealer's asking price. The dealer declined but offered to install slide toppers and a hitch and we accepted. Thus it was the dealer's responsibility for any slide topper problems and not Heartlands. Could this be the case with you?
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    Washington to Missula mt

    Get a Mountain Directory which is published by R&R Publishing, Inc., 1-800-594-5999. It is written for truckers and RV drivers and gives locations and descriptions of mountain passes and steep grades. There is one for the east and one for the west. We plan our route then consult the Mountain...
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    Northern California Coast

    Sounds like you are very close to the Redwoods National Park on the coast just north of Eureka. That is a very beautiful area, don't miss the elk.