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    45 Gal RDS Aux Fuel Tank

    For Sale Used 45 Gal RDS Aux Fuel Tank Can meet between I10 New Orleans to Destin, Fl , or around Destin to North Georgia . $350 Ref:
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    Free Left basement door still in box

    My basement door delaminated and I never got around changing it before I traded my rig. Still in the box. 2013 Key largo or similar rig. Can meet somewhere in south east.
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    Disc Brakes

    Nice, this will be my next addition. I have been lucky the last 200000 miles. My best friend not so lucky with his new Ford 900 miles on it with a simple fender bender $36000 repair bill, yes three zeros . The bolts broke on his Reese hitch and bent the aluminum bed and front end parts.
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    Wifi for phones and Roku TV

    You will need your on data plan. Here a link with good resources.
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    2019 3/4 ton duramax srw w/ air bags towing Torque TQ371

    I think your max payload weight is at your tires. Bags will not help. I ride level and smooth with my Duramax without bags. 18000 Landmark. Correct me if I wrong
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    4115 Washer/Dryer Location

    You may want to check out the Miele T1and W1 stackable ventless. With the heat pump design they dry faster and quieter than our splendid vent type. They are 110 plug and Play, but very pricey. We currently use the splendid and Miele and happy with both.
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    Dometic AC not running with E7 Message Code Solved !

    Dometic AC E7 code solved. I took my rig out of storage for 3 months and got to the RV park and the Center AC would not come on with a E7 Code…. After trouble shooting, I found the Thermostat connector at the AC unit came loose. “Telephone Cable Connector” Reconnected it and run like a charm...
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    Central Valley California to Orlando Florida 12/21

    We have traveled California/ Florida too many time to count and taken every route. Each trip was wonderful and special to my wife and myself. I would lean toward I5 to I10 to I75 in the winter months if I had a tight schedule. Come by the Florida Panhandle and see the Sugar Sand Beaches. Mike
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    Washer-Dryer Prep But No Dryer Vent

    We have the Miele ventless heat pump type dryer in our condo and the splendid vent type in our RV. They both work great. The Miele have good reviews and plug and play with 110 plug My wife likes them both. We have been Rving with compact dryers 15 years and would buy the Miele for the rv if I...
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    Dump Valves Sticking bad

    we use about 1/2 cup.. This seams to work well. Without it , it's very hard.
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    Dump Valves Sticking bad

    We put calgon in our tank after every flush, without it my wife can't pull the valve open, with it it's easy. One day I will change the valve, but for now this works.
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    Things to do at glacier

    If you like touring I suggest Gypsy tours phone app. We done many of them and love touring with them. However, we haven't done this one. Here a link . The link will show you the guided tour route.
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    Auburn and Montgomery AL

    I can't recommend what to do in the area, But we have stopeed at Montgomery South RV Park just for a layover for the night many times. Mainly because it's easy in and easy out and not located inside the city.
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    Best route

    Off subject here, but wouId like to suggest Yellowstone gypsy tour phone app for touring the part. We found it to be wonderful. I've been to the park many times.,but discover many new things I didn't know existed with the app for 7 bucks. Enjoy.
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    Power to the pump will not shut off

    Looks like this
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    GFCI on inverter keeps tripping

    I had the same problem. I replaced the GFCI with a regular plug in socket and, it has been working wonderful since. Jim had the same problem and had a thread on the on the procedure.
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    Furnace not working after the repair shop installed it back into Rig.

    Looks like to me the wires where incorrectly installed. The Awning and Heater both 20 amps with same color wires. It can happen. The tech said yes he should have checked all the fusses.
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    Furnace not working after the repair shop installed it back into Rig.

    My Furnace would not light and I did't have time to mess with it, so I called a mobile tech. They removed it. Repaired it in the shop and it ran great. They installed it in the rig and it would not run. They stayed to dark trying to find out what's going on and will back in the morning. Well" I...
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    Washer & dryer choices

    7 years with the same Splendide stackable washer and dryer using them 350 days a year and don't forget bouncing down the highway . We have not a single day of trouble and very happy with ours. Now side by side in our Oshkosh. Mike
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    Inverter Issues popping GFCI-Found Possible Cause

    I also bypassed the GFCI and had no others problems.
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    Power to the pump will not shut off

    Hi, I got my relay from Heartland under warranty but I could have order it directly from Kib at my exspence. So far mine is still working since unsticking it with a small screw driver after cracking the back of the relay. I do plan to change it soon. Kib 1-800-250-7051
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    Salt lake to Landers Wyoming

    Thanks for the info, We took the 191/28 route and it was wonderful roads. We stopped in Heber, Ut at Mountain View RV Resort, what a beautiful place this was. Thanks, Mike
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    Salt lake to Landers Wyoming

    We are spending the summer in Landers Wyoming and headed there next week. What would be the best towing route to take? I'm not familiar with the area and will appreciate any advice. Thank you Mike
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    Power to the pump will not shut off

    Thanks Dan, I would have never fould it without your help. It was the relay. I had to crack the top of it and break the contactors apart but its working now. I also look every where for the fuse to be shocked all of them behid the wall. See the attached pictures. Hope this helps someone in the...
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    Power to the pump will not shut off

    Power to my Shurflo water pump will not shut off My Shurflo water pump 12 volt power will not shut off. I tried the panel switch and there is no light but the UDC switch light stays on no matter what you do. . I can disconnect the wire at the switches and the pump still runs. I took the...
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    Bighorn Bedroom slide problem

    I changed my cables by removing the top piece of plywood from the bed. I don't think you will have a problem doing it.
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    E4 code on Heatpump

    It was mounted inside the AC unit underneath the control box. the wire was connected to the circuit board and the sensor was screwed into the casing.
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    E4 code on Heatpump

    I had an e-4 code on my heat pump the last few months. I replace the temperature sensor and it's working fine now, no code. I thought I would post this in case somebody else had this problem down the road.
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    SOLVED - Inverter GFI Issue

    My Inverter GVI is still popping after 30 minutes. It's been like this since new and I just now have the time to troubleshoot it. I just bypassed all the wiring and switch with a 12 gage cord from the Inverter directly to the Refrigerator and it's still popping 20 or 30 minutes after I plugged...
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    Questions for Oshkosh owners??

    Yes, the right cabinet was a coat closet and had no shelves.The left had just a few. It's 7 inches. I added shelves that fits are needs. Attached is picture of a good place to put your dog bowls,there is plenty of room especially if you took the shelve off. Maybe someone with pets will respond.
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    Questions for Oshkosh owners??

    Hi again, I also added the shelving to the side cabinets for more specific items. If I had a pet I would keep it's food here.
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    Questions for Oshkosh owners??

    Hi, we are happy with the slide storage. We added a shelve for our towels. See picture. Mike
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    SOLVED - Inverter GFI Issue

    Re: Inverter GFI Issue Is there any updates here. Jim did you get your inverter to stop popping the GFI? I'm going to try to get mine to stop popping. Thanks
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    E4 Code on Heat Pump

    I,m getting a E4 code on my Heat Pump and it's not working. AC and Fan Is working correctly. Has any one else had this problem? What was the Fix? Thanks Mike
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    Shasta Mountain, Northern California

    We did a day trip drive up the mountain untill we reached a stop in the road with 6 foot of snow. I agree it's a beautiful picture and bring back some wonderful memories.
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    Georgia Class E License?

    Yes, I took the test last year and was the first person to take it at the Rome, Ga DMV. They had to figure it out alone with me. I'm not a trucker so all the information was new to me, but glade I study it because it very helpful towing. I read the CDL manual and took all the free tests on...
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    SOLVED - Inverter GFI Issue

    Re: Inverter GFI Issue We have the same problem since new. Please post what you find. Thanks
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    Issues With New Landmark

    I'm having the same problem with my entry door. Please keep us up dated on the fix.
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    Furnace not lighting

    My 2013 landmark had a leak in the Left propane tank hose last winter causing my furnace not to light. The stove and on right tank all worked normal. I used some soapy water and found the leak.
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    Residential fridge upgrade?

    We very happy with the new Insignia in our landmark. We been Florida all summer and everything stays cold and we have tons of space. The dual freezer works wonderful.