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  1. Piperflyer

    Problems with running fridge off the inverter

    Had problems with my Residential Fridge working on both inverter power & shore power. Inverter & transfer switch were working fine. The fridge would be working and then turn itself off and back on after a few minutes. Come to find out the surge protector I was using went bad and was causing the...
  2. Piperflyer

    Dimming interior lights

    If it might happen again look for loose connections where your wires go into the back of your 120v &12v fuse panels. I have found loose connections & even connections that have come apart. Over road travel can jostle a lot of connections and fittings on an RV.
  3. Piperflyer

    Transfer switch

    I had trouble with mine not working on ether. The Transfer Switch and Inverter checked out fine. Rather than get under the RV and open it up to trace for a loose or broken circuit from the Transfer Switch I opted to run a new circuit from my Transfer Switch to the Frig. Works fine on both 12v &...
  4. Piperflyer

    What are these

    I just don't see what good they do. I by-passed them and connected directly to the transfer switch when I ran a new plug to the frig
  5. Piperflyer

    Residential fridge not running off inverter

    No power coming to the receptacle. Breaker is also not tripped. Every time I have to fix something that goes wrong with this Heartland, I realize what a piece of **** this thing is. Would never buy another, Their workmanship is just plain terrible.
  6. Piperflyer

    Residential fridge not running off inverter

    Question: my inverter and transfer switch both check out as working fine. The problem is my frig receptacle has no power either on battery or shore power now. With the way Heartland wired my rig it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack for the wire powering the frig receptacle. Could...
  7. Piperflyer

    Will putting leveling ramps on back tires only cause damage?

    No but the one showing on the right is getting close
  8. Piperflyer

    Will putting leveling ramps on back tires only cause damage?

    One thing when jacking the wheels off the ground you have to make sure your shackles don't fall & reverse, dropping your axles from their required traveling position. Picture Left Dropped, Picture Right Normal
  9. Piperflyer


    I don't think I would want to be staying in my Bighorn at 100* for to long without a third air conditioner running.
  10. Piperflyer

    Start and Stopping Hydrolic Slide

    Need to increase your breaker rating Bussman 80 Amp Breaker
  11. Piperflyer

    Lippert hydraulic jacks keep tripping resettable breaker

    Bussman 80 Amp Breaker replace your 30 amp with this and the problem will go away
  12. Piperflyer

    Does anyone know what this is?

    Some sort of water shut off that more than likely supplies water to your refrigerator I'd say
  13. Piperflyer

    Is this normal?

    Typical of Heartland. Instead of using a saw to make a nice cut-out, they use a hammer and just knock a hole in a wall. Their workmanship and quality control is really a joke. You better be handy and able to use tools if you purchase any RV
  14. Piperflyer

    Soft, Sticky, Gooey Roof

    Was a new decor roof put on after removing the old roof and then the flex armor added. Had to be costly if that was the case
  15. Piperflyer

    Soft, Sticky, Gooey Roof

    Was Flex Armor able to be put over your existing bad roof? How is your roof holding up now with the Flex Armor
  16. Piperflyer

    Flex Armor roof cost

    Just got an estimate for my Bighorn for $7862. That is figured at $25 a sq ft..
  17. Piperflyer

    D-seals Creeping

    While we're on the seal subject, can you tell me the easiest way to get the new D seals started and back on the track that holds them. I have a couple that need replacing.
  18. Piperflyer

    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    Look at a previous post of mine to see what to do
  19. Piperflyer

    What are these

    What do these do with the electrical system? Are they some sort of breaker
  20. Piperflyer

    Dicor Roof

    Dicor offered to give me the material to install a new roof, but would not pay any of the labor charges stating my RV was 8 years old. If they have a 10 or 12 year warranty it must be limited to what it covers.
  21. Piperflyer

    Salt Lake City

    Ditto on Pony Express. Was able to stayed hooked up to my 42' 5th wheel and nice level concrete sites, but close
  22. Piperflyer

    Dicor Roof

    They would send free material for a new roof to be put on, but it is up to you to pay the installer
  23. Piperflyer

    Dicor Roof

    Alejandra Rousculp Aftermarket Customer Service Dicor Products, a Division of AIRXCEL 2965 LaVanture Place Elkhart, IN 46514 574-264-2699 This is who I was in contact when my roof did the same thing from Dicor
  24. Piperflyer

    Fender Skirts

    RV Fender Skirts For Sale - Heartland Big Horn - Elk Mountain
  25. Piperflyer

    Water pump prices

    Paid $80 for mine on Amazon from Recpro
  26. Piperflyer


    Look for an unmarked switch around your breaker and fuse box, that is where mine is located
  27. Piperflyer

    Pouring concrete for RV extension on driveway--rebar or mesh?

    Because of the weight of a Class A I wouldn't pour any thing less than a 4500 lb mix with at least 6" of concrete if it were me. Fibermesh would be my choice of an ad mixture to the concrete with either mesh or rebar.
  28. Piperflyer

    Residential fridge not running off inverter

    The remote switch can light up and show that the inverter is on, but actually the GFI plug on the inverter itself needs to be reset.
  29. Piperflyer

    Landing legs & 6 pt level support rig w/o tires

    Did you jack the axles and support with jack stands to remove the tires or jack and support the RV frame with the stands?
  30. Piperflyer

    Suggestions needed for frozen fresh water tank

    Would only cut the coroplast as a last resort
  31. Piperflyer

    Portable air compressors

    Thats the one to buy for sure
  32. Piperflyer

    Portable air compressors

    Dewalt has a battery operated compressor that will inflate to 160 lbs. I got one and love it
  33. Piperflyer

    Dicor EPDM Rubber Roofing Coating System

    I needed to send them my RV Information, my Contact Information and Pictures of the Roof. They did not send a check because my roof is older than 6 yrs. My materials shipment is on file until I am able to locate a repair facility to install it. Once I find a place, I just have Dicor ship to me.
  34. Piperflyer

    Dicor EPDM Rubber Roofing Coating System

    Dicor has just agreed to send me the new membrane and installation kit at no charge for my EPDM Rubber Membrane Roof on my RV. My question? Is this something I can do myself as I don't know how the kit is installed or do I need a repair shop to replace it? If I need a repair shop, has anyone had...
  35. Piperflyer

    Soft, Sticky, Gooey Roof

    Can anyone supply me with the contact information to go about seeing what Dicor can do for me? Thank You
  36. Piperflyer

    Soft, Sticky, Gooey Roof

    My Bighorn is a 2016 model and is past warranty. Will Dicor honor pasrt warranty work on the same problem with my roof?
  37. Piperflyer

    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    I bought 3 rollers from Heartland in 2017 for my Bighorn
  38. Piperflyer

    2013 Big Horn 3260 slide roller issue

    Contact Heartland with your Vin# and they will get a new roller & bracket to you