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    Door Switch-What is it called?

    Thank you so much. I will order and have another project on my "to dod" list.
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    Door Switch-What is it called?

    We had a Heartland several years ago and loved the "welcome home" light when we opened the door. We would like to add it to our MH but have no idea what it is called to even find it.. Does anyone know its name???
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    2011 Big Horn 3670/2001 Intl. 4700 Stalick Conversion

    TRAILER WILL BE GOING TO DEALER ON 5/15............... Both items are located in Williamsburg, VA 2011 Big Horn 3670 RL: This floor plan is no longer made but one of the most popular floor plans. Terrific amount of storage. We are long timers and always have empty cabinets. Kitchen is...
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    Turf-type Patio Rug vs Traditional Patio Rug

    We are looking for something for Phoenix when we stay there. The problem seems to be small rocks vs. sand. Sand may be a problem but the rocks aggravate us more. WE are thinking the grass stuff from Home Depot. Any comments?
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    Damaged Camper and Landing Gear-- Repaired--

    Re: Damaged Camper and Landing Gear You do know about the site That should give you a starting point.
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    slide & jacks hydraulic problem

    A known problem on our 2010 BH was the breaker needed to be 80 amp. Why they didn't install an 80amp when even Lipert said it needed an 80 amp is beyond me. Since putting in the 80 amp all has been well.
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    Samsung residential fridge

    I have read there is a red button that you need to push in and hold for 5 sec. or so. The ice maker should start producing ice. Did you call Samsung?
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    Damaged Camper and Landing Gear-- Repaired--

    Re: Damaged Camper and Landing Gear How can the insurance company say that to you. These companies solicit our business and should support us. They are specialty companies for Rvers. We have had two claims through 2 companies: Foremost and Allied, both had our backs.
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    Damaged Camper and Landing Gear-- Repaired--

    Re: Damaged Camper and Landing Gear What bother me about this dealer is that didn't admit he did anything wrong until you pointed it out to him. As soon as it happened there should have been a call to you, not you pointing it out to him. I would get a lawyer, good inspector and the insurance...
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    Pull Test, Tug Test or No Test?

    We don't do any test. We hitch up, check that the jaws are closed and the handle locked, we then put a Master lock through the handle and pull away. We have followed this procedure for 15 years and never a problem.
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    Wheel Chock - Looking for recommendation

    We built our own from 4x4 but there are heavy duty ones out there. They are used mostly for trucks. They look like this but I am not sure if this is them. Try a truck stop...
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    Mail forwarding

    We use the Escapees service and travel about 4-5 months a year. When not traveling we have them forward every 2 weeks anything that has accumulated(they throw out junk mail) to our home. If there is nothing to forward we get an email. We like it as we have full control of when and where mail...
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    Best Way to Buy?

    When you look at the floor plan make sure you can get to the bathroom and refriig with the slides in. Also, there are deep discounters in the RV world, you should be able to get a 25% discount from MSRP easily. You may need to travel. Also, if you feel you will need to go back to the dealer for...
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    Basement Access Door

    I like the sliding door but we can't do that one, our vacuum is in the way. Oh well, them's the breaks.....................
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    Basement Access Door

    That solution sounds great but I don't think we can do the hinge in ours. We have the bedroom heat vent coming through the access door and can't drop it flat. Gives me some thinking to do.
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    Basement Access Door

    That is what we did also. It just is a pest to get everything aligned with the pins. Hoping for a better solution.
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    Basement Access Door

    I know I have seen threads regarding the basement access door mods but I can't find them. How have you modified the access door to the water pump, furnace etc. in the basement to take to door off and gain access. Any help would be appreciated.
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    A new tool (toy) to find air leaks around windows and doors

    Sounds good, thinking of getting one for my DH(birthday coming up) but we may own something similar. He uses a thermal checker for our tires and hubs, is that the same thing? Thanks, DW
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    Laundry - whose job is it?

    The cost varies so much by park. Where we are now it is $1.50/wash and .75/dry. Besides giving us a down day to rest and we wanted the extra space and weight for other for additional storage.
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    Torn - HELP!

    On item with Heartland that I like is that you don't need to go back to your dealer for anything. If you have a problem, call Heartland and they will approve an independent repair person. Makes life so much simpler.
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    Laundry - whose job is it?

    On the road we share the laundry, cleaning etc. This is normally one day a week and we consider it our "at home" day. We feel one day a week needs to be a down day. We do the laundry first thing in the morning, takes about 2 hours and we are done for the week.
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    What do you consider a high price for a site.

    We average less than $20/day and fuss when the price gets to $30-$40. We rarely use COE CGs so everything is pretty much commercial. We like basic CGs, don't need all the fluff and are able to entertain ourselves. We have noticed that prices have crept up in the last year or 2.
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    Torn - HELP!

    Between the Heartland Forum and the Escapees Forum you have a wealth of "earned" information. Floorplan is very important. If you are buying new, look at the floor plan and walk through it in your mind. Several scenarios, setup, take down, lunch(can you access the refrig and bath?), watching tv...
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    No heat

    Make sure you don't put them into the same circuit.
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    Heartland Construction Quality?

    Happy that you weren't injured in the accident. You will find a lot of complaints about Heartland on the website, generally people who are happy don't post. We picked up ours in March, 2010. Have never been back to the dealer, never a problem. We are on the road 4 months each year and tow it...
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    Washing the RV upon delivery to the dealer

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    Hot Water Hot on water pump, warm on shore water

    Best place to buy hoses and anything regarding water for the RV is the He is very knowledgeable and answers all your questions. We love his hoses and they can be made in any length.
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    Questions on Towmax Tires and price 4200

    I would check with Heartland for the cost of an upgrade to G614. That dealer pricing seems high.
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    Cellular "Hot Spot" is poor inside of RV

    Re: Hot Spot Poor inside of trlr I think it was a tower problem. There are hardly anyone in the park where we are located, I think I counted 6 of us in an area that could hold 100+. Whatever it was it is no solved at least for now.
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    Cellular "Hot Spot" is poor inside of RV

    Re: Hot Spot Poor inside of trlr I don't know what changed, we haven't moved but all of a sudden it is working fine, both in and out of the trailer. Thanks everyone.
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    Cellular "Hot Spot" is poor inside of RV

    Re: Hot Spot Poor inside of trlr I'll check out if I can have an antennae, sounds like the easiest solution. I just read where someone switched the ST phone from Att to Verizon, apparently ST will open the CDMA side of the phone and you need to but a new sim. Will check into that also.
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    Cellular "Hot Spot" is poor inside of RV

    Re: Hot Spot Poor inside of trlr One phone is Ok, one is 1 bar. I bought the Straight Talk Hot Spot, I think it is ATT.
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    Cellular "Hot Spot" is poor inside of RV

    Re: Hot Spot Poor insitde of trlr I've moved it all over the trailer and nothing improves.
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    Cellular "Hot Spot" is poor inside of RV

    Why would my Hot Spot be poor inside of trailer. Is it an Aluminium frame? Once I go outside it is 5 bars.
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    Getting around/through Houston, Texas

    We have found that Sunday morning is a pretty good time, just stay in the middle lane as the right lane tends to disappear as an exit lane. Avoid the Tollway, it is weird. Some has toll booths but the NE section doesn't and you MUST have a tag. There are other roads in Houston like this and it...
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    Traveling in cold weather

    As soon as DW gets into the trailer she turns on the furnace. By the time the slides are out and we are set up we are warm. We just keep our coats on for the time it takes to set up.
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    Testing plumbing on a new rig

    Wor, they are pricey. We just use the basic water alarm that is third of the price, deep in near the water pump.
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    How to arrange service when full-timing

    Many repair places have a place to plug in, if not, you can ask them if you can plug in and live in the trailer. We have found most very accommodating.
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    Pulling 5th wheel from Alberta to Phoenix - any passes to watch for in Jan

    At you can buy a Western Mountain Directory book which has been very useful over the years. There is an Eastern version also.