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    Blowing 15 amp DC Fuse

    I have a hardwire 12-volt rear camera and a set of 12-volt ultrasonic mouse deterrent devices on one of the extra 12 volt fuses on the fuse panel. I have run a coax cable from the rear of the trailer to the kingpin and use a quick connect coax connecter to connect the video feed to the truck...
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    5th Wheel Over the Cab Kayak, Canoe Carrier

    Selling a custom over the cab kayak/canoe carrier. Well constructed lightweight rack made of aluminum. I carried a 70lb twin kayak on the rack for many years. Price $200. Feel free to text me @ (727) 492-9558 for additional information.
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    Key Largo Inside Slide Seal

    I took a look at it this weekend and the outside slide seal is fine. This appears to be some type of inside seal on the interior directly behind the toe kick on the slide. I could see the seal from the outside by pulling down the outside seal, but there was only 1/2 space so I could determine...
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    Key Largo Inside Slide Seal

    The inside seal on the main slide has detached. Any suggestion on how to fix this?
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    Faded front cap and dull finish

    I did my my whole trailer about 9 months ago and it still looks great. I agree you need to invest some time in the prep work, but the results are fanstastic.
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    Garage Slideout for an Outside Stove/Barbecue

    I added a garage slide out for an outside stove and barbecue. Had a local metal fabrication shop manufacture an aluminum shelf so I could mount the stove and grill. Bought a set of 60" drawer slides which hold up to 500 lbs. Bought the stove at Harbor Freight and the grill at Costco. Removed the...
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    Location of Bighorn Waste Water Values

    I took a look again and can only see two value handles in the compartment that is to the right of the UCD. I have attached pics of the compartmetn from left to right. You can see the values in the last picture. Any suggestions? There are three pipes coming down from the underside of the trailer...
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    Location of Bighorn Waste Water Values

    Yes, I meant the valve handles. The small compartment is just left of the UCD. I have only seen two valve handles on the right side of the compartment. I'll take another look to see if there is one on the left hand side of this compartment.
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    Location of Bighorn Waste Water Values

    I bought a 2006 Bighorn 3655RD and I have read there are three waste tanks with associated values. I have only found two values in a small compartment just in front of the refrigerator slide. Can someone tell where all the values are located and what order front to back they are for.
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    Looking for RV Parks FL/Golf Coast

    If you are going to the Tampa Bay area check out Fort Desoto in Pinellas county. One of the best parks in Florida, right on the gulf. Only issue is there is no sewer on the site, only a dump station.