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  1. Roller4tan

    lost half shore power

    Check the main breaker connections in the trailer and the trailer end of the power cord. Possible burnt or open wire. Unplugged of course.
  2. Roller4tan

    2018 Heartland Big Horn Traveler 39MB - AC Unit Issues

    Capacitor may be bad... fan terminal needs looking at. I agree motor could be bad, I had that happen last year.
  3. Roller4tan

    Bedroom slide leaks when it rains

    On the slideout's outside side panels. there may be a strip of caulked metal the full depth of the slide. Water runs down the side and hits that and creeps back into the trailer. I added a bead of caulk angled up where that metal passes through the rubber gasket, stopping the water from coming...
  4. Roller4tan

    Fan running backwards.

    After many years of AC use, I have learned that the cheapo filter does very little to stop dust, etc. from collecting on the condenser. Some of it can be vacuumed from below, but its best to take the cover off on the roof, separate the foam covers and clean from there. That'll help the airflow.
  5. Roller4tan

    2019 Heartland Mallard M335 120vac electrical issue

    The outlet itself may have a bad connection in it. The clamp type connections are notorious for vibrating loose. Make sure to kill the trailer power before removing the outlet,
  6. Roller4tan

    Will putting leveling ramps on back tires only cause damage?

    I me if the front is higher than the back and you can lower the front, why not lower the front??? I'm still lost.
  7. Roller4tan

    Battery not powering when boondocking

    There is a 12v breaker near you battery that has a small reset button on the side. There are pictures in the tool section of this forum. There may be 2 or more in a row.
  8. Roller4tan

    tray drain line frozen

    Drain line plugged or kinked???
  9. Roller4tan

    Milestone 386bh vacuum breaker

    It's possible your flush port is mismarked. Also, are you using a water pressure regulator?
  10. Roller4tan

    New cord reel-switch just clicks when released

    My next guess would be something inside the switch may have shorted or broke when your original cord reel failed. I would try a new switch. even though you state you have power though it. It may be failing under load. Even try to bypass the switch to see if the reel turns.
  11. Roller4tan

    New cord reel-switch just clicks when released

    Perhaps the wiring from switch to motor wasn't correctly hooked up. My cord reel is a manual pull out with power coil up. Some I've heard are power out and in. Was your replacement reel an exact match to your old?
  12. Roller4tan

    LCI Lippert on a 2018 Bighorn 32RS, Low voltage error reading check here for info on dc breakers
  13. Roller4tan

    LCI Lippert on a 2018 Bighorn 32RS, Low voltage error reading

    Check the 12v mini breaker going to the battery from the converter. Do the jacks work when plugged into shore power?
  14. Roller4tan

    Looking for a extended warranty ?

    Take the cost of the warranty and put it in a savings account or whatever. Pay yourself and not the scammers.
  15. Roller4tan

    Water spitting when pulling from fresh water tank

    Air is getting into the system. Check your water lines before the pump.
  16. Roller4tan

    Drain plug problem

    If there is a relief valve, does it function?
  17. Roller4tan

    Inline p trap Try here...
  18. Roller4tan

    Need help

    Drilling holes in your front cap and running wires can be a daunting task, but if you're handy give Heartland a call... have your vin number ready. The number is under the resources tab or search the forums.
  19. Roller4tan

    6 point level jacks won't hold memory

    Then it's possible one or both of your sensors have come loose. Depending on you rig the front maybe near the center of the battery compartment and the rear centered behind the rear axle or in between them above the coroplast..
  20. Roller4tan

    6 point level jacks won't hold memory

    After levelling, do you do a manual calibration? I don't remember the procedure offhand but it should be in the TOOLS section of this forum. This should get it to remember your level.
  21. Roller4tan

    3370 RL Low Voltage at Brakes

    Some go thru the axle tubes from one side to the other. They rub inside and chafe off the insulation and go to ground. Or the connections are corroded. You need to trace the wiring.
  22. Roller4tan

    Growing gap on left front 2017 Bighorn 3875 FB what can I do to have this repaired?the strap on the lower side of the primary frame is pulling away

    That's what i had to do. Only separated while hooked to truck, so add them when disconnected.
  23. Roller4tan

    2010 Edge M22 Moisture issues

    The gap shouldn't be there. Before filling it you should investigate why it's there, (loose screws, water intrusion) .
  24. Roller4tan

    Mallard front plastic panel sign

    Or you could go to your local home center and purchase a sheet of paneling for bathroom walls with the pattern or color of your choice and cut it to fit the frame. Most are 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch thick.
  25. Roller4tan

    No power to the thermostat

    DC power runs to the ac / furnace control. Thermostat wiring is then run from there to mounted tstat. So if it works at the ac then you have an open in the wiring to the tstat, more than likely a result of your furry intruder.
  26. Roller4tan

    Help! First Time RV Owner w/ Issues!

    Call Heartland RVs, LLC - Customer Service - 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030..... have your vin ready.
  27. Roller4tan

    Black tank flush

    Another issue may be the sprays are plugged by TP and other semisolids in the tank. Whatever it is, dries out and gets hard. One time I added another back flow preventer to the outside shower and ran the hot water into the tank flush port. Took a while but it finally broke through.
  28. Roller4tan

    Water line layout for our 2009 Heartland North Country 32 BHDD

    If there is enough water in the tank and your bypass valves are in the correct position, the pump should run up to pressure. Open a faucet with it running to get all the air out of the system. If it continues to run after the tap is off then there may be a leak. As it is an older RV check at the...
  29. Roller4tan

    Surge Protection

    The hardwired unit is all you need.
  30. Roller4tan

    Bighorn landing gear problem

    Due to the age of the unit, the grease may be contaminated with dirt and condensation. Injecting new grease could help. The last fifer I had with motorized landing gear had zerk fittings on top of the leg mechanisms.
  31. Roller4tan

    Black Water tank fully drains only when driving

    The vent stack for that tank may have fell further into the tank, not allowing air flow into the tank while dumping. If you take the cap off the top end of the pipe should be at roof level. If you flush your toilet while dumping and more liquid dumps, then the stack is plugged.
  32. Roller4tan

    Converter 2009 Bighorn 3670rl

    Looks like this,,,
  33. Roller4tan

    Wheel cutout does not match the wheels.

    My guess is the fender skirt is for the wrong trailer.
  34. Roller4tan

    Wheel cutout does not match the wheels.

    One or both of the spring shackles may have flipped
  35. Roller4tan


    When I bought my first travel trailer, the dealer set me up with a sway bar and weight distribution bars and how to set themup. New to rvers need to make sure they are aware of the need to set up there rigs correctly. I currently have a fifth wheel which is much easier to set up and tow, but...
  36. Roller4tan

    Propane Flow Problem

    Disconnect both ends of the crossover hose and blow out the hose with compressed air.
  37. Roller4tan


    Yes it's on the remote
  38. Roller4tan

    Oil Leak

    Many people state that trying to remove the bolts from the coroplast covering causes the bolt heads to break off. I would follow the cylinder shaft to the approximate end and cut a three sided flap opening to the rear of the trailer large enough to look in and do some work if needed. After...