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    Why the concern for 3rd A/C?

    Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something within the rv electrical system that I was contrary to standard electrical systems.
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    Why the concern for 3rd A/C?

    So, I am going to add a 3rd 15K BTU A/C to my Big Country to handle the 105-115 heat we see during the summer. I am actually quite knowledgeable with respect to electricity. Why do so many people and rv shops say you can’t run all 3 at once? Maybe I M missing something? 50 amp service is two...
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    AC inside temp wrong

    I know this is an old thread, but adding this for future readers. I have seen this 5 times with mine and other peoples. EVERY time we found that after taking the foam top off of the outside unit, inside the plenum the wiring bundle was sitting in water. Sometimes this was condensation and...
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    2017 Big Country with Big Problems

    Well, we have had our 010 RD for just over a year now. We had only one problem. The 4 way water valve cartridge went bad. Heartland overnited it to us fo a 5 min fix. Make that two... the ac was reading 32 degrees inside and would not cool. Connector got wet. Dried it out and has worked...
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    AC noise

    I would use an inspection mirror or bore scope to look in the intake dust for something obvious. If nothing obvious, I would open up the rooftop unit. I think it is 4 screws to remove lid, then pull the styrofoam straight up and it will reveal the plenum. Guaranteed you will see something in...
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    New 2017 Big Country 4010RD. Happy with the RV

    Fitzilla in texas. i think the cartridge was around 26 bucks. Heartland sent me the first one.
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    2017 Big Country 4010RD - Internal Speaker System?

    We have a 2017 4010 RD. Sound bar is only internal. Outside speakers aren't worth 2 cents. Bought some $35 dollar boat speakers and replaced them. Sounds great. Mostly we use some wireless speakers that look like a lantern for outside and connect them Bluetooth to phone or iPad so we can...
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    Picked up our new BC 3560 SS

    Ha! Our bedroom door required me to relocate striker plate so it would latch. Wasn't even close. Saw your mention of the condensation near vents. Ours does that in the bedroom on initial cool down of the coach and sometimes when we are going in and out of rv a lot. Basically it is normal if...
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    New 2017 Big Country 4010RD. Happy with the RV

    Had our first problem requiring assistance. The actual FIRST problem was after a hard rain and the front a/c quit working. The thermostat was giving an indoor temp of 32 was like 80 in there. Researched and then opened it up on top of rv. Sure enough, water was in there and a...
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    Notes from first Camp out with 3650RL

    For the level up system....I have heard of several of the systems having solenoid and lines mixed up from the factory. That could be your problem if it channels two pressure lines into each other. Especially with the description of the wrong legs retracting. I don't believe the model would be...
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    2017 Big Country

    My 2017 BC 4010 has an induction cooktop as well as the convection oven, so it must not be a correct sheet you have.
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    New 2017 Big Country 4010RD. Happy with the RV

    Sorry to hear about the fireplace. I could not tell you how to mount it. Ok, I forgot one thing, when I drove it home from the lot, the kitchen table window shade had come out of the ceiling. 4 screws, a stud finder, and a drill driver fixed it for good. Will be taking it on a 1400 mile trip...
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    New 2017 Big Country 4010RD. Happy with the RV

    Forums are mostly filled with problems. Thought I would talk about no Problems. Had this thing for about two months and 3 outings. Fixing to hit the road for a month... At any rate, bought at explore USA in Fort Worth. PDI seemed good. Spent 3 hours with rep going over trailer. Only thing...
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    iRV34 User Guide

    The user guide on this thing is useless. Anyone have a good write up or video on all the features. I am trying to adjust the equalizer. I don't see anywhere in the manual where it talks about it except on the display. Much like Microsoft office products, I am sure it has a lot of capability...