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  1. jerryjay11

    What is this hose? Leaking…

    I noticed that your gray ducting isn't connected to the heater, and it is a bit longer than needed there. If it were me, I'd cut it down which may help in air flow.
  2. jerryjay11

    Warm water, not hot, propane or electric

    It very well could be your thermostat. You could try popping off your relief valve (Caution-use gloves) into a container and check the temps there. If you find not hot enough, then a thermostat is the issue. Either the high limit or operating thermostat. But be careful as I stated, wear gloves...
  3. jerryjay11

    12v power issue - new battery

    Okay on the pull. The power issue could be that switch itself.
  4. jerryjay11

    12v power issue - new battery

    I'm confused??? If you pull the battery disconnect switch, wouldn't that kill battery power?
  5. jerryjay11

    30 or 50 amp?

    Be aware! Sounds like you haven't seen this camper in person, so my advice is not committing until you do. Grab a checklist from the internet before looking at it. I'd be very cautious buying an RV from someone who knows nothing about RV''s. My first question, "Has it been maintained properly?"...
  6. jerryjay11

    GFI Problems in Bathroom

    If you are using a residential refrigerator the defrost heater can cause the same issue. Doesn't mean anything wrong with heater. It's just that a defrost heater is nothing more than a short to ground. Try unplugging refrigerator and resetting the ground fault.
  7. jerryjay11

    Busted Fresh water tank

    I'd begin with Heartland. Get a part number if possible. Research that part number. Or do a Google search for an RV freshwater tank. I did a quick search and found many tanks. Just need to look for your gallon compacity and check dimensions.
  8. jerryjay11

    Roof cleaner and protector

    There are 3 materials used for RV roofing...TPO, EPDM, PVC. Determine which you have to make your decision. Dicor has good videos to help you to make this determination. But I have used Dawn dish detergent which I've read from many articles of its recommendation.
  9. jerryjay11

    Mice and places they got into

    You will never completely seal off all possible entry points for those little critters. Those little ones can enter in some very small places and even if it finds a point that isn't large enough, they will crew their way through. A few years back we had mice enter our previous camper. I tried...
  10. jerryjay11

    Taking heating unit out of RV

    So, I finally figured out you have the Sundance Ultra Lite model. That return vent (under the stove) is where you'll have to remove the furnace. This is pretty much typical removal. My last two campers were the same. I pulled mine a couple times with 1 knew knee and the other needing replacement...
  11. jerryjay11

    Taking heating unit out of RV

    Not knowing the year, is there a grill inside where the heater is? I'm looking at a pic of a 265S and see a black grill under the stove. This is where you have to remove your furnace.
  12. jerryjay11

    Water hookup

    Don't trust Heartland's labeling skills. My Black water and Gray water drains were labeled in reverse. Wasn't I surprised!?
  13. jerryjay11

    slide awning

    Here is a start. You can always check other site by google.
  14. jerryjay11

    Roofing material

    There are many articles and videos on this. Try searching "EPDM or TPO " Or go to scroll down to the "Determine Whether an RV Roof Has an EPDM or TPO RV."
  15. jerryjay11

    Name this part (because I sure as **** can't)

    Good for you. Hope you stay cancer free.
  16. jerryjay11

    Name this part (because I sure as **** can't)

    A battery powered catheter used following prostate surgery? :unsure:
  17. jerryjay11

    Water Heater Not Working?

    A point to be aware of is if you turn your electric heater on without water in the tank you will burn out the heater element immediately. As for the LP side if you don't heat the clicking of the igniter then it could be electrical or control problem there. If you hear the clicking of the...
  18. jerryjay11

    Show Heartland RVs Love on Google

    Boy! Heartland stepped in it this time. As for me all my troubles were with the selling dealer with people who didn't know what they were talking about or just right out lied to me so they wouldn't have to make any repairs or adjustments. I didn't fall for it and got them to comply. As for...
  19. jerryjay11

    Water weeping from hot water tank pressure valve.

    Sudsman Yes, it works there. Once you hook up to city water all your water lines are at city pressure. A check valve is built into the pump to prevent backflow to the freshwater tank. So, everything after the pump is affected by city pressure. You can place the expansion tank just after the pump...
  20. jerryjay11

    Water weeping from hot water tank pressure valve.

    Correctly stated. "One other thing. The air chamber at the top of the water heater tank, recommended by Suburban, only works until you turn on a hot water faucet. As soon as the hot water is used the air is forced out of the tank. You’d have to create the air chamber again every time you use hot...
  21. jerryjay11

    Water weeping from hot water tank pressure valve.

    You can google directions, but they are normally installed on the cold-water supply and works for the whole water system, water pump or city supply.
  22. jerryjay11

    Roadside assist

    Yup! "Been There-Done that " Progressive is my collision insurance though I don't have towing on the policy just because I was left in the lurch when my MH lost brakes while towing a boat. No service in the area and I would have had to put out several hundred dollars to a non-affiliated local...
  23. jerryjay11

    Unconnected Wire in underbelly

    I would check to see if any power at the crimp connectors (probably no). But if there is, with a bunch of work and time, pull fuses from the electrical panel until voltage drops. Two people would make it easier or crimp a couple long wires with a light so you can view it from the electrical...
  24. jerryjay11

    Roadside assist

    My AAA Roadside Assistance policy is expiring soon. Looking for inputs on Roamly Roadside Assistance. Has anyone had experience, good or bad? Is it worth it?
  25. jerryjay11

    Water weeping from hot water tank pressure valve.

    You could also add a water accumulator that will allow for water expansion and prevent water surge (bang). It can also extend the life of the water pump by preventing it short cycling. P.S. the accumulator above is also known as an expansion tank.
  26. jerryjay11

    Does this slide look right?

    You should also consider if the floor inside feels like you are leaning. Also, when extending the slide, you should observe the top of the slide stops just before the bottom does. At least that's how mine works.
  27. jerryjay11

    2022 North Trail Bedroom TV mount

    This may or not help. On our 2018 RL250 I pressed on the wall panel and was able to find the studs behind due to the panel flexing. I then mounted a backed board from stud to stud to mount our TVs in the bedroom and living areas. They have been there since.
  28. jerryjay11

    2021 Mallard M260 - rain drip piece ?

    Didn't use any. They are mounted behind the main gutter which holds them in place with one screw.
  29. jerryjay11

    2021 Mallard M260 - rain drip piece ?

    Sounds like you are referring to the aftermarket drain spouts. They come in white and black. I got mine from Does this help?
  30. jerryjay11

    Heartland Sundance 283RB outdoor speakers

    Another place to look is Cabela's and BASS Pro Shops. Speakers have to be weatherproof, and I replace mine from BPS several years back and still going strong.
  31. jerryjay11

    Free Overnight Stays

    You may want to check out BASS Pro Shops and Cabela's on your way. They are right off RT95.
  32. jerryjay11

    2015 Landmark 365 Newport (Front Bath)

    o_O You folks realize this original post is 10 years old and even the latest post is still 9 years old?
  33. jerryjay11

    Baffled by my inverter

    I would note that the fridge (propane/electric) is the usual 12-volt DC (battery power) on the electric side so the inverter wouldn't be involved with it anyway. As LBR stated the breaker bx should provide the answer.
  34. jerryjay11

    Need build sheet

    What cookie said. Same number I've used in the past. Always got through to a humane with help I needed.
  35. jerryjay11

    How to change LED color on exterior lights (2018 Pioneer RL250)?

    Note: You do have to turn the awning light switch on before you can use the remote.
  36. jerryjay11

    How to change LED color on exterior lights (2018 Pioneer RL250)?

    First question...Does the remote turn lights on and off? Don't have the under trailer or speaker lights, but the awning lights has a receiver sensor on the front portion of the awning tube. It protrudes about a quarter inch out of the tube through a grommet. If that sensor isn't protruding out...
  37. jerryjay11

    Trailer Purchase - What to look out for

    And don't expect the person doing the walk around to know everything about RVs or how everything works.
  38. jerryjay11

    Roof vent cover replacement, can you ID what kind will fit the hinge?

    Just out of curiosity...What's the purpose of those rocks on your roof?
  39. jerryjay11

    SSA Direct Deposit Scam Change on My Account Today

    Lots of these going around. I get several a day in my SPAM. I look at the return email address and it doesn't reflect a legitimate address. Just a bunch of numbers or letters which don't reflect the so-called business it is supposed to represent. Such as my account to XXXXX is about to expire or...