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    Fuel additive for thrucks that sits for mouths.

    I have a 2008 Chevy Duramax 1 ton duelly that sits for months in the good enclosed workshop. It may be driven 1 or 2 times a month for about 15 miles when not towing which is not very offen. One tank of fuel may last me 4-5 mouths. I do add Seafoam sometimes but is there some else I should be...
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    Slides tearing up vinyl on Cyclone 4100 king

    My slide cut the floor on my kitchen side slide. The dealer filled the cut with a repair stuff and now I put a sheet of very thin plastic down before I retact the slide. Cb
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    Entry Steps Going From 3 to 4 Steps

    My Road warrior came with a 3 step and I always had to put a little box on the ground to get to the first step. I live with a few disabilities so my dealer installed a 4 step. I have no problems with it. Cb
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    Bull Shoals/White River near Flippin, Arkansas (no kidding, that's the name of the town)

    I live 5 miles away in Mountan Home if you ever return or anybody has questions about the area. A few years ago Field and Stream names the area one of the Top Ten fishing areas. 2 lakes and 2 rivers are the reason, Cb
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    Rw 390

    As I will not be using the "upper bed" area as a bed I had the dealer remove the mattress and put it on one of the beds in the garage, then I purchased a bunch of 5 gallon tubs and store items in them up there. I installed a extra peice of wood along the front rail to stop the tuds from crasing...
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    Garage door opening height?

    You might try removing the lower bunk ? Cb
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    awning for slide out

    I have covers on all three of my slideouts, the covers stops rain water from puddling on top of the slideout. It also stops leaves and sticks from catching on the rubber seal around the top of slideout. Cb
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    Chevy---mirror indicator light

    I broke a mirrow comming out of my gargage 2008 model. I got a aftermarket replacement on Ebay ( cheap). No problems with installation. Cb
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    rear patio

    Sportsman guide sell a rear door screen for $150.00 Cb
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    patio rail

    It is really nice to off the ground with the back deck. Only wish I had back stairs but I am not going to try and carry them. I tried a step ladder but the back door works just fine. Cb
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    Parking a 1 ton duelly in Las vegas ?

    Where are you parking a 1 ton when visiting Vegas ? Do they fit in hotel garages ? thank you for any info. Cb
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    location of washer/dryer

    I have a Road Warrior with the washer the the garage. Cb
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    patio rail

    I do not have the rail kit but I had my dealer install the cables to give me a rear deck. Cb
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    Can Shower Stall be Changed

    My Road Warrior came with a crack shower in a center bathroom and my dealer was able to replace it. Cb
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    Maybe getting a RW 415 but have some questions.

    I have a 385 RW that I carry a 650cc motorcycle and a 850cc ATV. I pull with a 2008 Chevy 1 ton duellie which works fine. If I needed a new thuck and I don't care about brands but only what works for me and the cost. Price 1 ton Dodge, Chevy and then ford with the options you want. I have...
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    Patio Add On Road Warrior 305 2011

    My dealer added the cables and I didn't want the railings. About $300 installed Cb
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    Full hookups question

    I have read that after draining the waste water tank drop a bag of ice cubs down the toilet before leaving and the ice cubs will scrub the bottom of your tank while driving ? cb
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    Party deck for the 321?

    cable and hardware Cb
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    I bought the cart, 28BRS Caliber Edition. Time to buy the horse and need advice.

    I must first say that I do not have kids or a dog. I do read that over time many families traveling with kids start looking at 5th wheel toy haulers for the extra beds in the garage so the kids can have their own space. Toy haulers are a lot heavier and if you ever decide to go for one you will...
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    Party deck for the 321?

    I'm not sure what a "non-reinforced" door is but you could but a small plate or large washers on the outside bolt holes to stop the bolts from pulling through. I will try to get some photos today. You may have to shorten the cable due to being a smaller door or move the door brackets higher up...
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    Party deck for the 321?

    My dealer just ordered the cables and brackets and instlled them. Cb
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    Electric Fireplace/Heater

    I have one of those in my TV room at home and put it in the trailer when I travel. I love it at night when I just have a reading light on in the trailer and turn up the flame light. Cb
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    Slide problems

    I am not the person who made the post but my kitchen slide scarpes the floor after being almost closed. We realized it was because the slide has a 4 door frig. and when the slide gets half way closed the slide 's weight (frig) pushes the slide down into the floor. The dealer tried to install a...
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    Finding GOOD campgrounds while traveling ?????

    While traveling how do YOU find GOOD/Clean/SAFE campgrounds ?? Thank you for any info . Cb
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    Options? Suggestions welcomed

    I would look into 4 step stairs for the main door. I have knee problems and have to put a little box under the first step to get to the first step on a 3 step. Cb
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    Campsite Security

    This has got me to thinking about a on/off swith in the front compartment to turn off the front jacksor just unplug the front jack motor. Maybe install a bike lock in the front jack to stop the jack from retacting. Nobodys going to try and drag of a trailer with the front jacks down.... well...
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    Hitch question

    I have a Chey 4 door 3500 heavy duty which has a very high bed. The B&W has bolt adjustments to raise the hight of the hitch plate. before you purchase have the dealer adjust the hitch to the hightest setting and test your trailer. I love my hitch, being a disabled person the hitch is 2 parts...
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    tow vehicle for Cyclone 3950

    I have a 2008 3500 diesel Chevy 4 door dullie with a banks exhaust and computer mod. The computer mod. is set up for towing. I pull a Road Warrior 3850. Cb
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    Road Warrior verses Cyclone

    What is the difference between the two models ? thank you Cb
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    Car in toy hauler garage ?

    I just purchsed a Road Warrior 3850 and am wondering if anyone has gotten a car or jeep into there trailer ? thank you Cb
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    Garage D ring tie-downs

    Hi, I have a Road Warrior 385 and I have seen those at my local farm and feed store. Is there something wrong with yours or do you just want more ? When I asked my dealer about more D-rings he said that they are bolted to the frame and not just the floor......where your bolted to the frame ? I...
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    Toyhauler loading large motorcycle

    I just purchased a Road Warrior 385 , I have a Yamaha Venture motorcycle that I was unable to get into my older top hauler. I want to know how you folks are getting large motorcycle into your units ? I have been riding for 40 years but I am not sure if I can drive into the garage and stop...
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    Welcome New Members - Arkansas Chapter

    Re: New member from Arkansas Thank you for all your replys. I plan on campimg the local area during the summer and find warmer places during the winter, Florida or Arizona. Cb
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    Welcome New Members - Arkansas Chapter

    Howdy, Chuck here. I just purchased a 2011 Road Warrior toy hauler 385rw. Something to carry my stuff in ( Yamaha Venture and Kaw. Versys motorcycles). I am in Mountain Home, arkansas. I plan on getting to Tempe, Az to see some baseball spring traning and then go to Bullhead , Az to find a...