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    Slide out lubrication...

    yes. just answered in your other post also.
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    slide out

    Slides should work without shore power. Should be 12v.
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    No Big Country's at Hershey RV Show

    I wasn't impressed with the selection of Heartland models at the show.
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    Potable water port vent.

    On my 2017 Elkridge E261- there is a vent hole that doesnt seem to do anything and the tank actually vents out the 2 overflows if needed. 1 on each side of the tank.
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    Lost 12v power

    If I remember right, when you are plugged in to house current, the battery light will show full. Disconnect from house and test battery.
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    Heartland Power Panels

    Looking at other interior pics online of similar rigs, it looks like where a solar controller? may have been and was replaced with the breaker panel. That might be why it looks so neatly installed. ???
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    Cable hookups

    try one of these.
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    Insurance cost what do you pay.

    I wasnt mentioning WDK450- it was MichelleMcDanierl I was mentioning- Just joined last month and posting about local insurance. I know WDK450 has been on here a lot with good info. Sorry for confusion.
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    Insurance cost what do you pay.

    Sounds like a sales pitch to me- 3 year old thread and new member posting about it.
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    Installed Morryde rubber pin box

    I swapped my 1621 for a Morryde- It doesn't eliminate everything but greatly reduces the chucking. 2017 Elkridge Xtreme lite
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    At home in driveway dump station

    One thing to remember, the dump outlets are not in the same place on every RV. Some rear, some front etc. - Just plan for that in your construction if necessary. Of course all are reachable with a longer hose.
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    Water heater switches

    Water heater has 3 switches- 2 inside and 1 outside. On Shore power - To run on electric only- Both the outside switch and the inside 120v switch need to be on. With that, no propane is used. (Make sure water heater is full of water before turning on both switches) If no shore power hooked...
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    Remote for slide out

    I have a 2017 E261 extreme light and it doesnt have any remotes for the slides. Just the switches on the wall. I know not the same model.
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    BOSS bv6654b

    As stated above, red button for OTA antenna, Bottom socket is for 12V in case you have a portable Tv that takes 12v. The red,white.yellow cables can hook up to your TV (usually) and supply the sound thru your stereo system of the rv. At least mine does.
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    Wire routing for 2018 Hartland elkridge extream light

    Have you opened up the back wall of the basement storage area?. I have a 2017 Extreme Lite and the wires behind that are a maze of wires everywhere but you can see where they go from and to .
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    External Propane connection?

    You are responding to a post that is 10 years old.
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    Water heater on a brand new 2022 heartland mallard idm27

    Do a google search on "Rv water heater bypass" and it will come up with several articles and videos and explain it pretty well. If that doesnt help, feel free to ask any more questions. Somebody will have an answer. And Welcome to new ownership.
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    Water heater on a brand new 2022 heartland mallard idm27

    make sure the water heater "bypass" system is turned off. You use the bypass for winterizing.
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    Water pressure in sink/ shower not strong anymore after I opened blue and red valves underneath.

    Opening those 2 valves are just like opening 2 faucets. The more open, the less pressure. Leave those closed until you nned to winterize .
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    Maine Campground Recommendations

    We have stayed at ForestRidge Campground twice before in Ellsworth, ME. Nice area and not too far from Acadia NP . Nice quiet campground.
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    Electric dump valves

    I use them on my Elkridge Xtreme Lite. . They work great. No need to reach under to pull valve handles.
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    Unknown switch

    I dont have that model but on my Step light, it is way underneath the actuall folding steps. You can hardly see it unless you are bending way over and look behind the outside steps.
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    Puck Light Problems

    The lens actually pops off- just snaps in place. I used a small knife to pry it off. It turns a little in base but not actual twist-loc.
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    Puck Light Problems

    On my lights like that the white lens has a twist-loc action then the lens comes off to get to the screws.
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    Please recommend a electric bbq grill

    I have a Charbroil a little bigger than the one decribed above but I only paid $5 for it at a garage sale. It works great.
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    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Here is a good site for info-
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    Wobbly Dining Table Fixes?

    "still wobbly and often comes loose and tosses everything"- are you leaving it up when traveling or taking it down? I always take mine apart when traveling down highway.
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    Slide will not retract - RESOLVED

    His problem turned out to be a loose wire- he updated his original post.
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    RV parks in Canada

    Last I knew border is still closed to travelers.
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    Advice on purchasing used travel trailer.

    Also look at the tires, I would probably think serious about replacing them if you are going to tow it over the road . Sitting for several years they most likeley could be starting to dry rot . Just check them out very carefully.
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Loaded up the 5th wheel and off for the 1st trip with the "new to us" Elkridge xtreme lite 5er. Just a short 4 day adventure.
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    New to RV’ing

    Yes, manual awning. Setup looks ok to me.
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    New to RV’ing

    If it is just the lens broken you can get them at any auto parts store. Probably the whole light assembly also.
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    2017 Elkridge E261 coax connection

    Thank you- I never thought about a coax line tester. Thanks again.
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    2017 Elkridge E261 coax connection

    Just purchased 2017 Elkridge xtreme lite E261- I see 2 coax connectors in the side bay compartment. Neither are labeled- does anyone know if there is a difference in them or both for cable from campground? Thanks for any info. Ed
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    New owner E261

    Just saying hello. Recently purchased used 2017 Elkridge Xtreme lite E261. Brought home from dealer and parked it until spring time in NY. Cant wait to use it. Upgraded from a Keystone Hobbi toyhauler that I purchased new in 2007. Ed