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    Posting photos on the H.O.G

    We've just had a great rally with the BC Chapter of Heartland Owners at Merritt, BC and I have a few photos to post on the Gallery. I did this 2 years ago but at my age my memory fails me at times so I need help. Could someone give me some instructions on how to upload these photos on the H.O...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: BC, Merritt - 9/10/2010 to 9/13/2010

    Well it's been almost a week since our rally in Merritt and I still think about it. We had a great time visiting with friends from the last 2 rallies as well as meeting up with new friends we just met. We always enjoy getting on other people's rigs to see how they have changed things to make...
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    BC Chapter fall Rally

    Carol and I certainly had a great time at the rally. It was really nice to meet some great people with a common interest and make some new friends. Rand picked a wonderful place where we could walk, enjoy the scenery, have a campfire and still have a little privacy if you needed it. We're...
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    BC Chapter fall Rally

    I was just wondering whether it would be a good idea to bring along a generator as it might get a little cold at night that time of year. I imagine the elevation is somewhere between 3,000 & 4,000 ft ASL. Any thoughts?
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    BC Chapter fall Rally

    Coldspring sounds great! We'll be there. I'm not sure whether we'll be early or not cause we have a family outing planned for around that time at the Douglas Lake Ranch. It should be either the week before or right after but during the week, not the weekend. If the water is good at the dump...
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    King sized bed

    Thanks for your help, but I managed to find the thread you mentioned while searching through the sight. I'm a little new to this and didn't think of doing the search. I was thinking of changing it to a Queen sized bed, but maybe we'll try some of these ideas first, including leaving the vanity...
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    King sized bed

    We're new owners of a Bighorn 3055RL and are about to take our "maiden voyage" in the trailer. One thing that has us a little preturbed is the way the king sized bed fits so tight in the slide. How do you make up the bed? It doesn't look like there's room for the sheets and blankets between...
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    Lets get the BC Chapter going

    Hi Rand, My name is Harry Toews and my wife, Carol, and I just picked up our brand new 2009 Bighorn 3055RL about a week ago from Kelowna Truck and RV in Westbank, BC. We love it and are dying to take it out and do some camping! It'll be a big change for us stepping up from a 1995 Travelaire...
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    underbelly tape

    I am a brand new Bighorn 3055RL owner, haven't even slept in it yet, hope to get out in it real soon. I'm wondering what you're taping under the rig? Are you trying to seal the edges to keep the dust out? This is a big change for us, our old rig didn't even have any cover underneath just the...