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  1. Pulltab

    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    I have the 42 and it is wonderful to shoot and very concealable. 42 and 43 are almost identical except for caliber. I think the 42 is a smidge smaller.
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    Pictures of my Pin box for sale (SOLD)

    21,000 capacity. pm or email at $350 or best offer plus shipping
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    Progressive Industries 50 amp EMS SOLD

    I am selling my Progressive Industries 50 amp EMS with remote Display Hardwired. New $432 sell for $220 plus $15 shipping. PM me or email at I am selling because I no longer need a 50 amp as my RV has been sold.
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    2007 Bighorn 2925 Rear Kitchen for sale

    We are selling our well taken care of Bighorn. Bought new in 2007, kept inside out of weather since new with exception of traveling. 2925RK 31' Suspension upgraded to Trail Air air ride, pin box Trail Air pin. Precision Temp Tankless water heater Will come with 2 Solar Panels 75watt each...
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    Catastrophic Failure in our brand new Heartland, check yours to be safe

    We bought a wireless remote control water shut off valve. Now every time we leave we just push the button. Its purely habit after 2 years of doing so. Seems like we paid a little over a $150 for it. here is a link. It has...
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    The Ultimate Self Defense Weapon for the RV and Home

    That is an awesome shotgun!
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    Personal Protection ammo

    John, it probably does look that way but the real issue is when you are being attacked by an assailant that you MUST stop them as quickly as possible. Otherwise you might as well throw pebbles at them. The secondary consideration is you don't want the bullet to pass thru the person possibly...
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Thats a great point Jay, the guy who works for me that has one loves it! His wife shoots it more than he does. LOL
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    A shotgun is an excellent choice for inside protection. Orientation of the firearm in close quarters could be a little more difficult in a rushed situation but safer for your neighbors. You can also buy fragmentation rounds for a handgun, Magsafe sells rounds that are pre-fragmentated. It has a...
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Well first, I doubt many criminals are perusing this forum planning on who to rip off, second the information posted would have to be correct and then would have to be a bit more specific. Outside of that, criminals do NOT normally pick on armed people, that only increases their workmans comp...
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    Reloading Workbench in Cyclone

    Awesome setup! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Above the reasons given by Rock, you have no option what so ever to a surprise encounter. If they do not know you have a weapon the better your chances are. Once they see you have a weapon you immediately become of interest to them. Granted a visible firearm could possibly deter an incident it...
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    I have in my stable an XD9 subcompact. Great shooting weapon. Nice choice!
  14. Pulltab

    IPOD/IPhone APS

    I have the Passport america, allstays Camp & RV and Rv Parks apps. Plus the Murphyusa app for fuel location.
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    A guy who works for me bought a Judge and loves it. Says it doesn't kick bad at all with either the .45 colt or the .410 shells
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    What accessories do you carry with your weapon

    Most people would call us nuts but being prepared is never a bad thing. Perfect example is people who leave home without their cell phone and 5 minutes later realize they either need it or fear they will need it. I always carry a mag light, knife, cell phone and usually a spare mag depending on...
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Any clue to who the guy was? Yes a properly accessorizied AR is a fine attention getter! Glad it was no more serious than late sleeping.
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    Do you train regular?

    Thanks Jim, it was interesting, on entering the door there was a target that was spring loaded and delayed by a second or two. The interesting part was there were only 6 out of 12 people that even noticed they got slugged by a bad guy, some just noticed something hit their arm and looked at it...
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    Do you train regular?

    Here is a video from the latest scenario I set up for our group. Notice I was wearing the appropriate Tshirt :) The setup was your house has been taken over by thugs and unwanteds, you enter the house not knowing where anyone was, your family and your dog are inside along with some neighbors...
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    My new purchase

    The ammo you want to purchase is Self Defense ammo, it is designed for maximum expansion and at the same time restricting exiting the body. Full metal jacket ammo is NOT a good idea for carrying daily.
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    Well, whopity &*(())%^ DO! Finally got started!!

    Very interesting about the pex, I don't think I have ever had a pex fitting leak. Perhaps their tool was out of adjustment. Shame you paid to have it all replaced, would have been an interesting experiment to have just recrimped the rings. I put pex in an apartment house we bought when I...
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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/15/2011 to 6/19/2011

    Re: EVENT: Heartland International Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/15/2011 to 6/19/2011 We will be there :)
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    Tank Valve Question???

    Kathy, when we had the issue I went to the hardware store and purchase a snake. It was a pretty long one that you could hook the drill to and snake it down it. I would get one of those, turn on your flusher and open the valve and one of you run it while the other goes out to check out the...
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    Any Ar15 Addicts?

    LOL, no problem Jim I think we were just confused over how it happened. Thanks for the explanation.
  25. Pulltab

    My new purchase

    Excellent choice Ray, the XD is a fine weapon and will serve you well. I have the subcompact model and enjoy shooting it. :)
  26. Pulltab

    Any Ar15 Addicts?

    WOW! That is weird! Jim and you shine some light on that?
  27. Pulltab

    Do you train regular?

    I don't know about other states but in Ohio you have to be a resident to qualify. I would check into a Florida license. You may be able to use anyones course to qualify for theirs and it covers about 30 states plus. I have a Florida license but it was easy for me to get as I have a current...
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    Do you train regular?

    Chic got it right, it is no game and you hope it never comes to it but I would rather sit in a prison than know my wife or family had been killed by a lunatic and I did not have the ability to protect them. Carrying a firearm is serious business and not to be taken lightly, if you are not...
  29. Pulltab

    Do you train regular?

    Here is a video of one of the shooters at our last club shoot using rifle and transitioning to pistol.
  30. Pulltab

    jumpy motor on landing gear

    It should not be that loose. There is usually a little play but an inch is far to much. If you can access it I would get on it before it becomes a necessity and parts requirement.
  31. Pulltab

    Concealed carry permits

    Chic, here is a link to Cheaper than dirts Range finder
  32. Pulltab

    Concealed carry permits

    Good for you! It is nice to see you take you own personal safety serious. Welcome to the board also!
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    Thor Industries buys controlling interest in Heartland RVs, LLC

    Re: Thor thread deleted Good Post Brian! Thanks for keeping us up to speed!
  34. Pulltab

    Hydraulic Breaker???

    Looks like you need about a #4 gage wire for 70 amps.
  35. Pulltab

    Front of 183 bowing after long haul

    Does anyone know if this modification is being incorporated into the newest models?
  36. Pulltab

    Thor Industries buys controlling interest in Heartland RVs, LLC

    SO! The sun came up, the sky is still above us and life goes on. I think everything will be fine. I don't think Thor will pour any vinegar into the pudding. This is an excellent opportunity to see Heartland grow, best to be ON the bus than walking :) See everyone at the next rally!
  37. Pulltab

    Thor Industries buys controlling interest in Heartland RVs, LLC

    Here is our best hope, Thor has money and got there by making wise investments. Let's hope they stick to purchasing wisely and not putting their fingers into a well organized and working machine. If the intent to own and profit and let heartland to function on their own then we should be ok. I...
  38. Pulltab

    Personal Protection ammo

    So how do you guys feel about it? Do you think it does all they say or would proper placement do the job? I use Critical Defense by Hornady. Good thing about defense ammo is designed to expand on impact and prevent passing thru possibly injuring an innocent. I carry 9mm 124gr. Whats yours? :)
  39. Pulltab

    If traveling through Ohio this year with your RV.

    Well I have not heard of this, but they do make a lot of arrests on I75 and I70 but generally from people doing stupid things and tipping their hands. As you should know, they can not pull you over for no reason. I75 is a hot trail for transport of drugs from the south heading north. Now if your...