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    Ram 3500 Brakes Squeak under light pressure

    I have not had any issues on my 2017 Ram. I had many issues with after market pads on my 2006. If I used dealer stock pads, then I would have zero issues. If I used after market pads, I would get noises and dust. I know that it sounds like BS but that was my experience with my 2006. I have a...
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    Need educating on 6 volt batteries

    Just like anything else, you get what you pay for. I have 4 6 volt crowns and will never be without them. I have never had any acid mess nor any other type of issue. I use a Magnum inverter/charger (ME2512) and I love the combination that I have in place. I boondock 90% of the time so I have...
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    I can only imagine what the managers have to do in a days time and that they have lot of responsibilities to attend to. But if the best we can do is to speak to them around the display coaches, can it be put on to the agenda as scheduled times? Been to 3 Goshen events. 2011 was our first outing...
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    As this group and the national Rally grows is it at all possible for the Brand Managers to meet with the owners of their product lines to discuss specific plans or ideas with the current owners. I understand that this is done on one day during the rally after the factory tours. I think this...
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    looks a lot better under the sun's rays for sure but those pesky flies were the worst I've ever encountered and they were worse without the rain.
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    we made the 6.5 hour ride home this afternoon. It is a shame that more of you could not extend your stay as the weather for the last 3 days were perfect. Low 80s, low humidity, with a nice breeze all day. We **** there had the entire campground to ourselves. I would also like to do a shout out...
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    6V batteries

    The more important question is how are you charging these new batteries and how do you plan on using them? I hope that you are not relying on the stock converter to recharge these.
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    Lisa will be attending the cooking seminar if there is still room.
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    Onan 5500 issues running reading codes and parts

    Knock on wood I have not had any problems since I began using sea foam per Porthole's advice and we boondock 5 trips to every one where we can plug in. The old part number for the whole carb was Onan 146-0774/new number is 541-0765. I had the info saved on my phone. not cheap at all. But I did...
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    Lisa wants to bring coleslaw to the potluck.
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    rear stabilizer jacks

    My motor failed during the last trip last fall while in the down position. I removed the motor after determining that I had voltage to the switch and at the motor with the switch activated. I cranked them up manually. I made a homemade key that fits into the area where the motor shaft connects...
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    ATF: Road Warrior - newest RW design

    While looking at the Heartland website at floor plans I saw the new RW 387 floor plan. As an owner of a 2011 RW 305, I am always looking at new floor plans for possible upgrade. I am especially interested in a dual axel toy hauler with the smaller garages with only 2 slides( both of which should...
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    converter with inverter

    look at getting and installing a Trimetric 2030 monitor before you spend any money on other stuff. This device can and will show how much power you are using when you utilize different electrical devices. This will help you determine the amount of battery power needed and what size inverter you...
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    you can put us in for the Friday night cruise. Martinsville was just OK. Lower 40s the entire week with wind and rainy days until Saturday afternoon when the snow hit. 6 inches by Sunday morning and most of that was melted by 2 P.M. Dealing with that wet red clay for a week drives the wife insane.
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    2 for the Wednesday cruise and Thursday casino shuttle please. Is the cruise done rain or shine?
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    first outing of the year - a mixed story

    When we bought our current Road Warrior, the wife made me leave the red clay fields behind. We stay in the old Winn-Dixie parking lot, Now it is a tractor supply store and some medical offices. We got a spot along the outside of the parking lot so that the trailer sits on pavement and the door...
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    first outing of the year - a mixed story

    in the lot that we stay in, it would be half filled up by now normally. As of this morning only 3 units are here. My son called me last night and informed me that we got about a foot of snow back home and that all trailers were denied access to the PA turnpike. I'm guessing that the track will...
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    first outing of the year - a mixed story

    As always, we are in Martinsville, VA for the race. Not been a good trip so far. We had an air bag failure within the Trailer Saver BD-3 hitch sometime during our trip. Then we woke up to 2-3 inches of snow with more forecasted along with cold temperatures all week long. Still better then...
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    Portable Generator Fuel

    i use a 5 gallon metal gas can made from Eagle. So much better then those cheap plastic jugs. Plus the Eagles poor smoother than the plastic ones. In the bed of the truck.
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    Awesome deal for Shell Rotella D.E.F.

    This is the price in the current sales ad. The price I posted about was for the Shell brand which was not advertised but rather just a clearance sale
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    Awesome deal for Shell Rotella D.E.F.

    Yesterday, while working on my sons Buick, I had a reason to stop into my local Auto Zone parts store. After checking out and while walking to the door, I noticed a clearance tag on a shelf holding boxes of 2.5 gallons of Shell Rotella DEF. Normally marked at $16.97 there were being cleared out...
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    Creating Generator load in winter time

    I take my batteries out of the unit for winterization and store them in my garage on a tender. So I have to use jumpers to start my generator. I then use the space heater and microwave for load on the unit. It is also a good idea to use a treatment in the gas tank to be on the safe side.
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    Diesel Transfer Tank

    I purchased a used toolbox/tank combo and installed it myself. I added an electronic valve and small pump through the auxiliary switches in my 17 Ram 3500 Dually. It also fits under the tri-fold stock cover. I have been looking for a new cover because with the stock one, you have to undo it from...
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    Things I Like About Rallies and Things I Don't

    That first Rally was way back in 2011 and we were parked along the practice horse riding ring. It was not only our first club event but also our first ever RV rally. So we were totally green to the idea. It was also our first trip in the brand new Road Warrior so we were still learning our own...
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    Things I Like About Rallies and Things I Don't

    My first rally was a National Rally and I walked away from that feeling the same way you did. I believe that I was the only one there with kids and we really did feel out of place. But then I made comments on this forum about it. Maybe because of my speaking up, at the National Rally they now...
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    Things I Like About Rallies and Things I Don't

    Offering my 2 cents, I believe that State and Regional rallies should devote as much monies as a possible to lowering the rates charged for the campgrounds where the event is being held. By doing this each attendee will be getting the same exact benefit, from the club, regardless of what each...
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: DE, Millsboro - 5/16/2018 to 5/20/2018

    You can participate as much or as little as yo want. So you could just go to the campground at a reduced rate and do things on your own agenda. Our you could participate 100% of the time and be involved in every little event as they happen. Totally up to you. We normally dry camp and do not...
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    Direct TV or Dish

    I have been with Dish Network almost from their start up in my sticks and brick home. We have 2 receivers for our home service controlling 4 TVs. We use our trailer about 10 times a year. I take the receiver from our master bedroom with us on trips and we hook it up to a Winegard Carry-out...
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    What Options Would You Want on a Ram 3500?

    I have a 2017 Ram bought in February. I have the 4x4 crew cab Aisin 4.10 gears. Mine is the Laramie edition so I got most of the options added in under that package. I will never again own a truck without the 4.10 gearing. You are right to think about future trailers and the need to be able to...
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    McGeorges in VA no-more

    McGeorge's lot was just under 9 acres and for a time they were the largest independent RV dealer in the land. They were passed in size by another dealer in the last few years and were the 2nd largest when bought out. They did have a ton of Heartland products on site that we saw against the back...
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    McGeorges in VA no-more

    We arrived today at our camping spot for the Richmond race weekend only to discover a broken screen door handle. SO after setting up it was off to McGeorge's RV center only to find out that it is now a camping world store. I asked the parts counter what happened and was told that the owner...
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    Do I buy a new RAM 2500 or not.

    I second the opinion of looking at the 3500. They are not all that much more than an equally equipped 2500 and you have so much more room for cargo or future upgrades. You might even be able to find more of a selection in trucks because most dealers that have heavy duty trucks order more 3500s...
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    DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk purchase & storage

    Might sound like a strange question but... There is a Speedway near me that sells DEF at the pumps for around 2.69 a gallon. At least I believe that is what it was the last time I was in that area. Anyway, they sell it much cheaper than the 2.5 gallon jugs you can buy in stores usually on sale...
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    Free Camping in Pennsylvania Wilds

    Gennys are good and there are quiet hours of 10 PM - 8AM. Locals told me that the campground received a major overhaul and upgrade years ago and they are amazed that it sits empty most of the time. Mid September through end of October is the hard time to get a spot but even then most folks would...
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    Can we use detergent in our BIGHORN tanks?

    Most likely written by someone who has stock or other interest in the company that makes the tanks. I have been using the god method of tank holding since the trailer was new and have had no issues what so ever.
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    Free Camping in Pennsylvania Wilds

    The Hicks Run Campground is exactly 1 hour north of I-80 exit Exit 101 for PA 555. We are heading back up in October 10th for a 3 day stay. Hoping to see the leaves changing and hear the Elk bulging. during that visit.
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    Free Camping in Pennsylvania Wilds

    Just returned from my first camping trip in Elk County. We found a free camp ground on PA State Forest Land called Hicks Run. Clean as can be, only 15 sites in total, no hook ups but it is free to PA residents. It sits about 4 miles back on a gravel road of of PA 555 about 20 minutes to the Elk...
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    Butchs fifth wheel lock info

    Thanks. It really does look like a very simple design and concept.
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    Butchs fifth wheel lock info

    Any one have a picture of this in use? I am not familiar with the device nor its operation.
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    Dangerous Electrical Issue - Cyclone 5th Wheel RV

    Thanks for the post. Another issue that I will have to look at next time I have the underbelly opened up. I saw that you have a 2 axle Cyclone but was wondering which model and year yours is?