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  1. PhotoPete

    Hello - New Hearland Edge M21 Owner

    I added shelves in the cabinets by the bed and in the bathroom
  2. PhotoPete

    Loose Screws

    can you post a picture?
  3. PhotoPete

    trying to get something to Texas from Michigan

    My kid flys back to texas on saturday from michigan. Wrap that thing up, he can carry it on. ;)
  4. PhotoPete

    Loose Screws

    I would try to fix that. I don't like stuff that's loose or may fall off.
  5. PhotoPete

    Ford 6.7 - Biodeisel/MPG

    I ran a couple tanks of bio last summer, while towing. Seemed to me I lost a little in the mpg department. It did not appear to provide the same energy the regular diesel did. I no longer use it, if I can avoide it and I go out of my way to avoide it.
  6. PhotoPete

    SOLVED: No AC power at Water Heater AC Element

    Re: no AC at Element Might this pdf help? apparently there is a reset button on the hi limit t stat, did you try that?
  7. PhotoPete

    Big trip tomorrow, Big Problem???

    I too am thinking that it's not a sagging issue but a ventilation issue.
  8. PhotoPete


    You should have great weather. I wish I could break away to go up there myself. Pete
  9. PhotoPete

    What Happened? (needed faucet ended up with new RV)

    Re: What Hppened? I hate it when that happens!!
  10. PhotoPete

    ATF: Edge - A/C

    Awayne, this is a common issue with the domestic penguin AC units what were installed in the Edge TT. Personally I would pull the cover off the top of the unit and check the fan to be sure there are no obvious signs of unbalance. Someone in another thread mentioned mud daubers, I would look for...
  11. PhotoPete

    Defrosting the Fridge

    :D thats how i would do it.
  12. PhotoPete

    Filling DEF Tank

    You may have to look back 10 to 11 years to find a diesel without erg. i think they were required as of 2002.
  13. PhotoPete

    Why not balance trailer tires???

    I went to a discount tire in Michigan, they had no problem doing a balance for me. Pete
  14. PhotoPete

    Filling DEF Tank

    I was initially concerned about the def thing and overall performance as well. After many thousands of miles towing, i can say i have no problem with it. The emissions are clean, the power is good. For those that say they will never buy new, i suggest you keep an eye on the emission trends in...
  15. PhotoPete

    Filling DEF Tank

    I have a Chevy, I have had to add around 15 gallons of he stuff over the last year. About all i can say is that the relief air vent sucks. every time i fill it i get big air pockets that burp up liquid now and again. I am always careful to wash everything down real well. Pete
  16. PhotoPete

    Driving the perimeter of the lower 48

    I continue to think and plan. My wife is warming to the idea. Pete
  17. PhotoPete

    Why not balance trailer tires???

    So did I, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  18. PhotoPete

    What antisway hitches are you using

    I have a reese Duo Cam and I love it. It keeps the tv and trailer in perfect alignment and I get zero sway, even passing or being passed by big rigs. P
  19. PhotoPete

    TST lost connection with wheel while on the road.

    Was it sitting next to the cell phone on the way out? or only part of the way back?
  20. PhotoPete

    Duramax/Allison Transmission Question

    I believe the primary intent of the mode is to change shift patterns to accommodate the extra weight you are pulling. This would be seen most graphically in the start / stop nature of city and rural driving. It would also be seen in that zone of highway driving where the transmission wants to...
  21. PhotoPete

    Panel to maintain fridge

    Generally i plug my rig in at home to keep things charged up and running. If i were to entertain a solar panel to trickle charge the battery, i might temporarily attach it to the lpg tank cover. I would not hard attach it to the roof. I might consider mounting it on top of the ac plastic shroud...
  22. PhotoPete

    The RV World of 1937

    My Grandfather on my mothers side was one of those early campers. he wound up in an very early airstream.
  23. PhotoPete

    Heartland Owners Forum - GOING MOBILE!

    Re: my first post Jim, why would you want us to call you Hogan?;)
  24. PhotoPete

    Penguin vs Penguin II

    I don't have a remote thermostat for the ac, only for the heater. I am interested in the findings on the penguin 2, if its a quieter unit and functions well, I might just change mine out. Pete
  25. PhotoPete

    Penguin AC unit extremely loud on Edge M22

    have you checked that all the other components of the ac system are mounted securely? while its vibrating, start pressing on things to see if you can change the vibration pitch or volume. You may be able to locate the offending part and deal with it.
  26. PhotoPete

    Penguin vs Penguin II

    I'm telling ya, our fan stays on and the compressor just comes on and goes off as needed. I'd bet the bank on it.
  27. PhotoPete

    Generator Advice for a MPG183

    I went with Honda. They both work very well and i have never had any problems with them.
  28. PhotoPete

    Level Options

    this is a good point, however i have found that setting the level on the floor seems to be good enough for everything else. the refer will function just fine at that level of accuracy, and eggs don't seem to slide to one side either.
  29. PhotoPete

    Issues with adding weight distribution and sway control hitch

    its fairly straight forward. first park the tv on a level surface and take a measurement to some spot on the front and rear bumper of the truck. note that for future reference. Connect the trailer and tv again on a level area, and load up the way you will for travel. both the tv and the tailer...
  30. PhotoPete

    Directv HD (Edge M21)

    I run a cable through the slide out opening.
  31. PhotoPete

    Issues with adding weight distribution and sway control hitch

    This will continue to be an issue as you tow from location to location. you never know the terrain you will be setting up on. I would get the chains replaced and have it made long enough to have a few hanging after hook up. Did they show you how to level the tv and trailer with the system?
  32. PhotoPete

    Issues with adding weight distribution and sway control hitch

    This is a good point. I don't like those either. You should change that. P
  33. PhotoPete

    Generator Advice for a MPG183

    Tony & Debbie, I too went down this road years ago. I have both a 2000 and a 3000. The 3000 will run they ac and other stuff just fine. The problem we found was that many of the places we would camp was too quiet for a generator. We wound up never taking it with us because we could never use it...
  34. PhotoPete

    Level Options

    ZNK, i simply use a 2' straight level. I place it on the floor first side to side, then once thats level, than front to back. I have never liked the look of stuck on bubbles. I toss the level in the storage bin and get busy with the beer.:rolleyes:
  35. PhotoPete

    Issues with adding weight distribution and sway control hitch

    ZNK, about the only issue your likely to have is that when you move to another trailer, you will need to get a few new parts to connect your system with. I had one welded on years ago, never had a problem with it. I can't speak to the warranty issues though. Knowing how companies will back out...
  36. PhotoPete

    Penguin vs Penguin II

    Ok, so after the last two posts, I had to really think about it. I don't believe my unit turns off the fan when the compressor turns off after the set point is met. I think the fan runs to circulate air constantly. I am quite sure of it. Naturally I would run out and double check, but its still...
  37. PhotoPete

    Shorter LandMark?

    I am already interested!!
  38. PhotoPete

    Heartland Owners Forum - GOING MOBILE!

    Cool. Using it for this post. Find it in the app store under HRV OWNERS
  39. PhotoPete

    Couple in Bed!

    ;) that put a smile on my face.
  40. PhotoPete

    Braking and Diesel Trucks

    Im with Porthole on this. I'll add that I have a Chevy with Exhaust Brakes and I absolutely love them for towing!!