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  1. Mizmary

    Cyclone 4005 Washer Dryer

    How does the bathroom door open with a washer dryer there?! That seems a silly spot... Sad too. This is about the only floor plan I'd be willing to trade my 4100 in for. The kitchen is spot on. Outdoor kitchen. This is a dream come true- if the washer dryer will actually fit there. But that...
  2. Mizmary

    Experiences with Heartland Dealers in CA

    We bought from La Mesa RV in San Diego, and have had average service from their service department. Their parts department, though (RV Parts World) has been wonderful to us. We've been in there quite a bit. We use a mobile RV service guy to come do any work on the camper, though. He has...
  3. Mizmary

    Stuck in Moab, Utah

    Haven't been to Canyonlands, but we have done arches. Utah is absolutely gorgeous - especially after a thunderstorm, at sunset. We are heading to Zion for some camping soon. :) Not bringing the RV though.
  4. Mizmary

    Prayers for a Heartland family member

    Praying. :(
  5. Mizmary

    Back Of Campground, Here's How I Brought New Life To Weak WiFi For < $100

    Good to know things have improved in the past few years. Recently we ditched our satellite TV in favor of the Binge-On option T-mobile has, and use either the T-mobile phone for a hotspot, or the campground internet hooked up through a pepwave. I like that I can switch the input source. It...
  6. Mizmary

    Sleep Number Bed

    Buyer beware... I would buy it from camping world if I were you! I have heard wonderful things about them, and we even bought one, but we never received it. We purchased it, and it didn't show up in time for the 2 week delivery, 2 months later we had to cancel our order because we were paying...
  7. Mizmary

    Can you oil the awning?

    We used stuff meant for bicycles on the squeaky parts... They don't shake and rattle anymore.. They only roll. ;P
  8. Mizmary

    Replacing day/night shades with roller shades

    Pretty much anything is better than the day/night shades! We bought some faux wood 2" blinds from Home Depot and put them up and they are just as nice. Until it comes time to dust them! ;)
  9. Mizmary

    2014 Cyclone came with Eureka Yellow Jacket central vac - does not work

    Mine is fickle. I ONLY use the port outside in the storage area for vacuuming my car - and I use the dustpan thing. You have to "kick" it straight up (the whole thing, not just the door for the hose) to get it to activate. It took me a while to figure out how exactly to do that part. And I...
  10. Mizmary

    Views From Your Campsite

    Photos from the campground we "visited" most recently. I think these are from February, not from our most recent trip in July. But, the view didn't change. We <3 this campground... It's a military campground on the Silver Strand south of Coronado, CA
  11. Mizmary

    Updated LR stuff in 2013 Cyclone 4100

    More Photos... Bathroom Faucet replacements, as well.
  12. Mizmary

    Removing Furniture

    This one is almost as good. It shows more of the curtains/blinds than the furniture placement. I'll have to clean and take another one. :)
  13. Mizmary

    Removing Furniture

    I created a new thread, in Decorating Den - But the picture isn't the greatest. I'm trying to find the picture I took when we first did it - you know, when it was clean because I didn't have school papers to be graded stacked sky high! I'll take another picture with better light soon!
  14. Mizmary

    Updated LR stuff in 2013 Cyclone 4100

    My hubby was deployed in 2015, and he couldn't tell me NO! We replaced the day/night shades before he left with the 2" faux wood blinds, which do a better job of keeping light out - and are easier to open and close. I got some fabric from Hobby lobby to replace the ugly valance (sorry if you...
  15. Mizmary

    Problems with 3M sticky hooks on walls

    We had that scotchguard stuff sprayed in ours. MOST 3M hooks (after 4 years) now stick to the walls, but I had to spray with windex and scrub the area with a scratcher first. I cannot get those nifty plastic spice containers to stick with any kind of reliability to the inside of my cabinets no...
  16. Mizmary

    Removing Furniture

    It sounds crazy, but another place to look for replacement furniture is Big Lots. I ripped out ALL of the furniture in my slide (I know - not the same plan), trashed it, and put residential furniture in. I have my "mommy" recliner and he has a chair and a half recliner. And a gate-leaf table...
  17. Mizmary

    What brand to replace convection oven

    Has anyone replaced a regular microwave in their rig with a convection oven? We are getting ready to go to a campground where electricity is free, and propane is harder to get. Not to mention, I've pretty much (after 4 years of living in the thing) given up on getting my brownies to come out...
  18. Mizmary

    Replacing Kitchen Faucet

    Awesome! I've been off the forum for quite some time. Hubby being deployed to another country, homeschooling, and the like.. At any rate, last year I replaced both the kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. It was worth every penny. :) Glad yours is working out for you too! Here's a picture of...
  19. Mizmary

    On our way to Campland by the bay

    You should try the KOA in Chula Vista sometime too!! Tons of fun activities for the kids! ;D
  20. Mizmary

    Our popping is back (6 pt level up)

    There is movement - What is happening is that the liquid is contracting in the cold and expanding in the heat. I have marked my legs with a sharpie and an arrow and during large temperature swing days - the larger the swing, the worse the popping, the more the legs go up and down. The...
  21. Mizmary

    Don't Forget!!

    We had the pole checked - and it was fine. The problem was that plug wasn't sealing all the way when it plugged in, allowing water to get in. I replaced both ends, obviously, but this is what it looked like plugged in. Just double check your power connections - especially if it's going to...
  22. Mizmary

    Don't Forget!!

    Don't forget to check your connections often! Tonight I was outside dumping tanks in the damp drizzle and fog and noticed that the pigtail wasn't completely plugged in to the surge protector... I touched it a bit to see what was happening - and I heard a sizzle and saw a small amount of smoke...
  23. Mizmary

    Toolbox with fuel cell question

    We have one of these: It fits in a regular box, with the fifth wheel hitch, and a cover can go over the top. This is our second one and we like it. It is NOT gravity fed though. :D
  24. Mizmary

    I forgot to say ,about my blown tire

    Only 2014?! [emoji53]
  25. Mizmary

    What did you do to your camper today?

    I use the glue traps and check them regularly, they seem to work the best for the tiny field mice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk We have used peppermint oil in the past.. Soak some cotton balls in it - and the mice stay away. It seemed to work?
  26. Mizmary

    Movie - The Interview

    I had/have no desire to see the movie - it looked to me to be one of the same movies - geared toward the young - nothing worth seeing at all. I was very concerned that this was going to be the beginning of world war III for a while - and I was mortified for the history books to say that such a...
  27. Mizmary

    Carpet smells in living area

    I know you have fixed the problem - but for anyone else: I had some water intrusion (rain, plus slide seals not seated correctly) which led to a funky carpet smell. After carpet dried, I sprinkled with TONS of baking soda, left for 24 hours, vacuumed completely. Then, I cleaned carpet using a...
  28. Mizmary

    electrical plugs in the living room and kitchen dont work

    We actually had a loose connection in our 50AMP cord that caused this same problem. (Not the RV - the actual power cord.) We have generator prep- we checked the pole and it was good - then we ran the generator and had power everywhere. So, after tearing apart the underneath checking the...
  29. Mizmary

    Condensation Problem

    We run a dehumidifier. We have wintered in our RV several winters - in Monterey, it was cold, damp and there was so much condensation that our mattress eventually molded out. After we all got sick (we didn't know our mattress was moldy until we got sick), we decided it wasn't worth the risk...
  30. Mizmary

    Cyclone 4200 ideas

    I think a lot of these ideas work for all cyclones- shelves and light switches in the bedroom. We don't use our loft for anything other than storage- so we installed a residential ac vent fan/light combo in the bathroom - and then vented it up through the loft and out of the camper similar to...
  31. Mizmary

    Newbie to forum looking for owner input.

    As far as quality - weve been living in our Cyclone for 18 months - with two kids and nothing crazy has broken... The only issues we have had have been user error and things have held up pretty well, except the furniture. But you will have a better brand (they switched the year after mine, I...
  32. Mizmary

    Wanting to install stabilizer on Fifth wheel

    We have JT on our Cyclone 4100 King and they work really well. :)
  33. Mizmary

    Happy Veteran's Day 2014

    The hubby is active duty - and we appreciate the acknowledgements. But, it always makes us a bit uncomfortable when people thank us. We don't really know what to say. It's just what he does. It's his job. I spend many Friday nights in Downtown San Diego feeding the homeless vets that no one...
  34. Mizmary

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Fixed my kitchen sink (lack of) water pressure. And probably broke the hose. Or at the very least removed a water saver from it - along with a ton of tiny calcium deposits that had clogged the junk up. Yeah for water pressure! My dishes will be clean again! :cool:
  35. Mizmary

    What is this? And do I need to worry?

    I have been noticing DRASTICALLY reduced water pressure at the kitchen sink. I dismantled our entire water intake system (pressure regulator, filter, hose, etc.) outside and checked for anything there, assuming it was a problem for the entire camper. I found nothing and assumed that there was...
  36. Mizmary

    Looking for advice on full-time living in a 5th wheel with three kids.

    They will be a bit older when you get back and head into the camper. So, that will be a bit easier. You may still want to invest in a good babygate for the front door to keep the toddler from "toddling" out through the screen. Get one that screws into the door frame. It will be sad to drill...
  37. Mizmary

    Full-timing forum discussion (2015)

    Re: Full-timing Forum? Does anyone want it? I'm for it! I feel like we are strange full-timers, though, in that we never move the camper anymore! ;) But we have been in a camper for extended periods several times since 2006, with babies and small kids. :D
  38. Mizmary

    Looking for advice on full-time living in a 5th wheel with three kids.

    Hi! We are a military family that fulltime with 2 kids in southern california in our Cyclone. (The same one Tony, aka TwoToes was talking about) How old are your kids? We have owned a fifth wheel for the better part of eight years, and have been weekend users, part-timers, and full-timers. :)...
  39. Mizmary

    "The Myth of the 1/2 Ton Towable 5th Wheel" - Trailer Life Magazine

    It always amazes me. Hubby captured this in Winchester VA on Saturday. It just looks wrong.
  40. Mizmary

    What did you do to your camper today?

    I need to do that to my kitchen drawer again... I am thinking I need to figure out a better way to reinforce or hold the bottom up better. I do know that I have too much in that drawer - but I can't really move or get rid of my pots and pans... It's going on the "to do" list for next...