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    Flex Armor (sprayed on) Roof

    Looks great! I am curious about the cooling difference as well, please let us know.
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    Retract Slids and Get water Inside

    It is possible for water to accumulate on the top of slides and be pushed off by the wiper seal when retracted. I would recommend covers for your slides. Without covers, you should inspect the top of the slides before you retract them... all it takes is one small stick and it tear your wiper seal.
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    Aqua-Magic Style II Leaking Down the Front of the Base

    I'm assuming that this only happens when there is water in the bowl... If that is the case, there may be some striking paper, or other sewer related products, hung up on the seal.
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    Keystone to Cyclone 4270

    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
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    Shower door seals

    The redneck inside of me says "duck" tape. For a more aesthetically pleasing look, a small bead of silicone in the channel where the seal goes should work.
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    2020 Torque 371, Some of the Mods I did the week we got our new shiny rig home

    Looks good. The sewer holder is next on my list.
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    Awning lights Check this thread out.
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    Roof reseal

    I haven't had to undertake that task yet. There are several here that have and should be along shortly to offer advice.
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    Roof reseal

    When you say reseal, are you wanting to do the whole roof or just around the fixtures?
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    Landmark awning LED strip lights

    When we bought our rig, the awning fabric had been replaced and the lights damaged in the process. I also found the two wires you are talking about coming out of the side. I ordered a self-stick LED strip from eBay and mounted it on the actual trailer about 4 inches below the awning. They have...
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    Travel Tool Kit

    Dave does make me think of another point... When communicating, remember that "go" and "whoa" sound very similar. Especially if you had to work late and the wifey decided to "get in the cooler" on the way.
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    How do you lean a ladder against the roof? I don't know about everyone else, but we always have wet towels laying around to use as a buffer.
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    Travel Tool Kit

    If your rig has manual stabilizers, go buy the adapter for your drill. If you don't have a TPMS, you'll need an infrared thermometer to check tire/bearing temps. I also carry a torpedo level to aid in the setting up process. The DW says that is we ever get to go camping this year, she wants to...
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    New Owners

    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
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    Best Bank to Refi our RV Loan

    I am also for the credit union idea. The dealer we bought from recommended a credit union when we bought our trailer and we ended up re-financing our tow vehicle with them. They also financed the house we just bought and the I have never stepped foot in a branch.
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    New Buyer

    We have a Torque Toyhauler TT and love it. The best advise I can give is to figure out what you want and pick a floor plan that works. A thorough PDI is important, no matter the brand/model you decide. One of the members here has created one that is very thorough...
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    Exterior Water hose Connection?

    x2 on what JohnDar said. I use a "y" and the campground connection and one of those no tangle hoses.
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    Upgraded lower bunk!

    Nice mod and looks good!
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    New owner of a Heartland 2020 Mallard 260 as April 29th, 2020

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Mallard.
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    Frame and Suspension paint

    It's been over a year now and it still looks good. I bought a case (12 cans) and put it on thick. My thinking was that even if I had to do it again in a year or two, I wouldn't be out much.
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    Love our New-to-Us North Trail 22RBK

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the North Trail.
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    Frame and Suspension paint

    I used Project Source (Lowe's "house brand") to do mine and it turned out well. It's less than a dollar can. Go ahead and buy the handle that attaches to the spray can if you don't have one already... It'll save you some time.
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    Back Splash and other things

    Looks great!
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    New Florida member.

    Congrats and welcome from South GA!
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    Stabilizer pad option instead of “snap-pads” (low cost!)

    Paint them black and they will look like they came from the factory! What did you use the socket for while drilling?
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    Re: heat ducts

    Re: heat ducts Congrats and welcome to the forum! I am not familiar with your model, but there is a wealth of knowledge here and people willing to help. After a few more posts, you will be able to post pictures... may be helpful to post a pic of where you found the water at.
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    Haul Gauge....anyone tried it?

    Me too... And I have still not heard back from them after filling out their contact form on the website.
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    2014 Silverado 37QB fiberglass cracks

    There are a few threads on here concerning fiberglass repair... you can do a search in the top right corner and look at some of the fixes other members have done. I would try to figure out the cause before the fix. If you are not going to do a DIY repair, I would look for an independent RV...
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    Pioneer BH270 New Owner

    Congrats and welcome to the forum! What part of GA are you from?
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    Haul Gauge....anyone tried it?

    I filled out the contact form on their website, with a link to this thread. I will let y'all know if I hear from them.
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    Intro Hello

    Congrats on the rig and welcome from South GA!
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    Haul Gauge....anyone tried it?

    Interesting... I hadn't heard of it until now. Guy on the video said they sent him two for T/E... what y'all suppose the odds are that they will send someone on the forum one?
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    Gatlinburg, TN

    I was just asking for future reference. We have been a few times in the spring and stayed in a cabin at Wears Valley. We prefer Gatlinburg over Pigeon Forge because of the reasons you mentioned. Every time we have been, there have way more people in the Pigeon Forge area. I am trying to talk the...
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    Gatlinburg, TN

    Just curious... Why didn't you like Gatlinburg ?
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    Greetings from Texas

    Congrats and welcome from South GA.
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    2018 Mallard M26 Question

    Welcome to the forum! I agree with the above statement on the PDI... No matter how good it looks, check everything.
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    Greetings from Texas

    Congrats on your rig and welcome to the forum!
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    New Torque T333 Owner

    Congrats on your Torque and welcome to the forum! We looked at almost each model you mentioned above before we bought our Torque. I don't think you will be disappointed. As mentioned above, a thorough PDI is essential before you "sign on the dotted line." We used the one that is linked above...