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    Dealing with Camping World - Lessons Learned

    i just sick the wife on them and they regret ever selling to us hahaha
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    cap front paint

    so i asked for cap front paint code and they sent me recipe for mixing a gallon of paint for what i would assume is a sprayer anyone have any idea what paint would closely match a 2021 mallard m32 front cap it's like metallic black
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    should have looked!

    where would i find the part ?
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    M32 Bunkhouse - Reconfiguration?

    the outdoor kitchen is behind it
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    should have looked!

    hey all first post here ! love my 2021 Mallard M32 however my rear bunkhouse cushions , the ones that open up and lay flat under the bunk on the bunkhouse slide out , and all ripped up on the bottom .. i've reached out to Heartland and they said these are no longer available so i'd have to...