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  1. jnbhobe

    Tires filled with something?

    Sounds like someone put Slime in the tires { is it green ) and hoped it would seal a tire if it got a nail in it. As for the brakes that looks like someone tried to pack the bearings with the Zerk fitting on the axel. ( a no no )
  2. jnbhobe

    Second GFCI in my 2011 Heartland Big Country 5th wheel?

    I haven't seen where anyone has taken a meter to the GFI to see where there IS electric !!!! Maybe the GFI is not passing electric thru itself.
  3. jnbhobe

    front switch not working

    Are the fuses on the converter good ?? It should be charging 13.7 to 14.2 Volts. When plugged in.
  4. jnbhobe

    Balancing our trailer tires

    I always balance all of my tires !!
  5. jnbhobe

    Should I remove AC for roof cover

    Pull it off, only 4 bolts and a couple of plugs. I pull mine off every year so my rig will fit thru the storage building door. And by the way I have never replaced the seal in 15 years.
  6. jnbhobe

    Tire changing ramp - feedback

    Get a good jack and blocking
  7. jnbhobe

    How to determine correct Leaf Spring Replacement?

    Take one off and take it to a spring shop they will get you the right ones. And replace all 4 springs, you will end up with a lot better quality springs.
  8. jnbhobe

    Fresh Water Tank Hauling full or empty

    I always travel with a full tank of water
  9. jnbhobe

    How much grease

    Always hand pack your bearings !!!
  10. jnbhobe

    2017 North Trail 21 FBS Jack points

    Always jack on the frame.
  11. jnbhobe

    toilet riser kit

    I did it years ago.
  12. jnbhobe

    Toilet Replacement

    I put a 320 in years ago. Love it .
  13. jnbhobe

    toilet riser kit

    I put one years ago worked good, then I switched to a 320 that is nice !!!!
  14. jnbhobe

    Converter 2009 Bighorn 3670rl

    It's plugged in behind the basement wall under the steps and has 3 30 amp fuses on it. The reset for 12v is on a breaker by the hydralic pump.
  15. jnbhobe

    Bedroom AC

    Are you sure the thermostat isn't for a fantastic fan??
  16. jnbhobe

    Fresh water not filling completely

    You have a dip in your fill line and your vent, tie them both uo above the tank inlet.
  17. jnbhobe

    Project LM 365

    My New F-350 had 17K in damage from that storm and I wes right beside you. I also had 3.5 K damage to the 5th wheel.
  18. jnbhobe

    Blown Fuse & "General" Circuit Breaker

    That fan is keeping your converter board cool.
  19. jnbhobe

    Blown Fuse & "General" Circuit Breaker

    Drawing 9 amps for the converter because your battery is low
  20. jnbhobe

    Greasing bearings

    I always take them apart and grease them the right way !!!
  21. jnbhobe

    12 volt lighting and fridg and furnace

    Is your battery charged ?? Are you plugged into 120v electric, Is the converter putting out 12v ???
  22. jnbhobe

    2018 cyclone 4151 exterior gelcoat or clear coat gone and oxidized.

    One picture looks like a cracked decal. must have never been buffed abd waxed.
  23. jnbhobe

    Tire PSI

    80 PSI unless you know each exact wheel weight
  24. jnbhobe

    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    We wanted to go but our last grandaughter graduates that week !!!!
  25. jnbhobe

    North Trail 22FBS - Underbody bulge

    Pull a side down or cut a flap to see in there, you may have a tank falling down . I have a brace under the water tank across the frame.
  26. jnbhobe

    Forum Hacked???

    Can you fly me to the moon ????
  27. jnbhobe

    2019 M312 Marker Light Replacement

    Go to NAPA or any good parts store, they will have anything you want.
  28. jnbhobe

    All electric slides are dead

    Glad you figured it out and you learned a lot in the process !! I knew it was something simple you just had to track it down.
  29. jnbhobe

    All electric slides are dead

    Do you have power on both sides of all your breakers and on - off switches ?????
  30. jnbhobe

    Power issue

    Check your GFI, then your incoming power and your breakers, GFI first.
  31. jnbhobe

    Who Insures you?

    Erie Insurance on everything.
  32. jnbhobe

    Fan in compartment.

    Cooling fan on the converter.
  33. jnbhobe

    Tire pressure question

    Just leave them alone, they will be fine.
  34. jnbhobe


    I have had a couple of them loosen up or loose them on mine over the years. I just pull the hubs and replace them with grade 8 bolts and nylocks
  35. jnbhobe

    2017 RG22 Fresh Water Tank falling out...

    I always travel with a full tank of water, I have a piece of C-channel bolted under the tank across the frame. I have traveled that way for 40 years
  36. jnbhobe

    Overflowing toilet

    Flush valve.
  37. jnbhobe

    Backup lights

    On my fifth wheel I mounted flood lights about 6ft in front of the wheels. I like seeing where the wheels are going and the flood lights lite the whole area behind on both sides.
  38. jnbhobe

    Broken wheels

    They have a lifetime warranty.