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  1. Dmetcalf

    Just installed my Centramatic balancers on my fifth wheel

    On the tow rig you notice it through the smoother steering. On the trailer you just know the tires are wearing more evenly and probably running a bit cooler too.
  2. Dmetcalf

    Just installed my Centramatic balancers on my fifth wheel

    You will be glad to have them. But once for the life of the vehicle..!
  3. Dmetcalf

    Just installed my Centramatic balancers on my fifth wheel

    I added some Centramatic balancers to my Cyclone 4007. I’m a firm believer in these due to the fact I’ve had them on my 3500 dually for the past 6 years and have experienced a great difference vs traditional wheel balancing that changes as the tire wears. I’m glad to have them onboard
  4. Dmetcalf

    Balancing our trailer tires

    Yeah I have them on my truck so I’ve been thinking about that ..!! Thanks for the idea.
  5. Dmetcalf

    Balancing our trailer tires

    Thanks for all of the replies. I need to go with my recipe and have them balance my tires. Thanks again
  6. Dmetcalf

    Balancing our trailer tires

    Why doesn’t places like Discount tire or other similar places balance our rv trailer tires ..? I bought 6 new (very expensive) tires for my rv and was told “we don’t balance trailer tires”.
  7. Dmetcalf

    2020 Cyclone 4007 transfer switch

    That’s exactly where it is
  8. Dmetcalf

    EZ Connect electrical truck/RV connection

    Gary521- Good to hear from someone that has used one. The idea and YouTube video looked good and I’ve had to use a nail file to clean the contacts a couple times already and spray some contact cleaner. That electrical connection is an important one because it controls a lot of important...
  9. Dmetcalf

    EZ Connect electrical truck/RV connection

    Has anyone heard about this magnetic type of connector..? I saw it on YouTube and decided it was worth trying so I ordered the complete set up from e-trailer. Just thought I would throw this out there..?
  10. Dmetcalf

    2021 Cyclone wall cracks

    Heartland will more than likely have you take your rv to Elkhart for any service
  11. Dmetcalf

    Water running out when city water is connected

    I had the exact same issue. I had previously replaced the plastic valve with the brass version too. I just released the water pressure then moved the Anderson k ow back and forth then reset it on city water and it worked properly. Design flaw I suspect..!
  12. Dmetcalf

    Another broken shackle problem

    When is Lippert going to get their act together and make sure these are more robust to keep this from happening..!!!! Lippert are you reading this..!!!!
  13. Dmetcalf

    Crack on outside of bedroom slide out

    I don’t doubt that at all. Just anyone working in any other field where welding is reqywould be either reprimanded or fired for such crappy work.
  14. Dmetcalf

    Crack on outside of bedroom slide out

    Yikes, glad to hear it’s fixed for you ..! It looks like this is an issue with just about every brand rv with a slide out ..! It seems to me that someone (?) would have figured this out by now and made changes in the integrity of the welds at these areas by now ..! This is not difficult to...
  15. Dmetcalf

    Crack on outside of bedroom slide out

    I just noticed a crack on the outside corner (lower right) where the bedroom double slide - slide out is. Ours is a 2019 so it’s way out of the factory warranty but … we purchased the extra warranty from the dealership when we purchased it. I guess I need to see about initiating a claim to see...
  16. Dmetcalf

    Finally retired and went full time..!

    We ended up selling it because we are traveling and that thing (although it is a great idea and works well) is a pain to set up and take down. If your staying put … get one ..!
  17. Dmetcalf

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Did you stop to eat at the “ haunted hamburger” in Jerome ..? Fun little town and restaurant..!
  18. Dmetcalf

    What did you do to your camper today?

    X-3 the last one the wifey got a little sick so I had to throttle back a bit 😬. So many great riding roads up that way ..!!
  19. Dmetcalf

    Surge Protector

    I am using the Hughes Autoformer and am pleased with it. I like the idea of having the 10% boost if needed so nothing gets damaged from that issue as well.
  20. Dmetcalf

    What did you do to your camper today?

    Sounds like it was a great change for y’all..! We have taken ours all over as well, from Arizona to the Smokey mountains in Maggie Valley N. C.. Makes traveling so much more fun ..!!
  21. Dmetcalf

    What did you do to your camper today?

    What year & model Spyder did you get ..? We are full time and have a 2016 RT Limited and absolutely love it ..!!
  22. Dmetcalf

    Heated Basement

    I have the same set up as Ernest using a 250 w. ceramic heater in the underbelly area. I also don’t or try to not use my furnace unless the ceramic heaters can’t keep up then I’ll turn on the furnace for a short period of time
  23. Dmetcalf

    4007, Goo, Bad, Ugly and.....

    another modification for an area that was wasted space in my opinion. Now we can use this area to store things.
  24. Dmetcalf

    How thick is the garage floor?

    Should be 3/4 in. plywood not OSB but actual plywood…
  25. Dmetcalf

    Hughes Auto former Indicated Amp on line one was Overloaded (Front AC ISSUE)

    Doesn’t the newer models use a dual capacitor like ours uses a 60/5 size capacitor in it ..?
  26. Dmetcalf

    Water heater anode rod

    My water heater didn’t come with an anode rod in it. Should I install one using the drain plug as my access point..?
  27. Dmetcalf

    Inverter Gfi tripping

    Mine has done the same so I’ll be monitoring this thread.
  28. Dmetcalf

    Trim that's curved part under bed area on 5th wheel

    I applied a copious amount of good quality silicone glue after I heated the plastic trim with my heat gun (being careful not to melt it) then did my best to push the trim back in place. So far it’s holding ( 6 months).
  29. Dmetcalf

    I think I need to patent this … what do you think ?

    My wife bought a Walmart dust buster for the RV. But it didn’t come with any wall attachment son… I told her I could make one so here it is … can you tell what the rubber ring is that is holding it ..? And in case your wondering… it works perfectly..!
  30. Dmetcalf

    Need amperage info on the converter

    I also have the same in ours and added the charge wizard
  31. Dmetcalf

    Generator question

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely look into that.
  32. Dmetcalf

    Generator question

    Our power went out the other day due to a transformer issue. It was pushing 90 degrees out so I fired up the generator and attempted to run two of my three ac units and it kept kicking a 30 amp breaker on the generator..? Shouldn’t it run two ac units ..? Onan 5500
  33. Dmetcalf

    Is it ok to leave the inverter on all of the time

    I would think it wouldn’t hurt it by just leaving it on continuously because the shoreline power would cause it to turn off automatically. Then that’s just one thing I wouldn’t have to remember to turn on before we head out to a new location… it should automatically turn on and send power to our...
  34. Dmetcalf

    Is it ok to leave the inverter on all of the time

    I have been just leaving my inverter on basically all of the time. Should I be turning it off when I’m hooked up to shore power or does it matter ..? Thanks.
  35. Dmetcalf


    My rear camera is (from the factory) connected to the front bedroom slide hot lead. Go figure that one out ..!!
  36. Dmetcalf

    New Bighorn with new truck

    I also needed to add bags to mine. My pin weight has to be pushing 4000 lbs. Factory pin weight without anything in it is 3700 then because we are full time in it and the washer/dryer combo unit is up front I think 4000 is a good guess. With the bags inflated to 50-55 psi. it rides level.
  37. Dmetcalf

    replacement roof with RV Flex amour

    What was the name of the business in Denton..?