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  1. bishgeo

    Heartland rep/slide damage

    Anyone know if he’s still with heartland. Or a new contact for slide damage. I dealt with him on my warranty issues in 2019 he was great.
  2. bishgeo

    Furrion DVD player.

    How did you plumb the new one in. It’s inside and outside stereo too.
  3. bishgeo

    Furrion DVD player.

    It’s got power to it. Didn’t work when we bought it they fixed it. Anyone know the warranty period on this junk.
  4. bishgeo

    Furrion DVD player.

    Not yet,need to grab a multimeter. Don’t think I can find a ground for test light.
  5. bishgeo

    Furrion DVD player.

    No power. Pulled it out and replaced fuse. Still nothing. Any suggestions.
  6. bishgeo

    New light switch

    I’d like to slap the designer who decided to put every **** light switch in the cabinet. Tired of having to walk to the cabinet in the morning to just turn the light on over the island. Did what they should have. Look at that quality craftsmanship cutting the panel holes. 😳
  7. bishgeo

    Rocker switch

    Did you read my post. I know the brand of the switches and who makes them. Was trying to find them cheaper than the mfg. these same switches must be in thousands of heartlands. Hard to believe no one has had to replace them but me.
  8. bishgeo

    Rocker switch

    Yea not the right dimensions. The switch people must have made the switch panel too. Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy from them. Seems like I have the only big country with bad switches. But that’s par for the course with this thing. 😡
  9. bishgeo

    Rocker switch

    My big country has sigma rocker switches in the control panel. Other than the mfg I can’t find a replacement the correct size. If any one can find them somewhere else please let me know.
  10. bishgeo

    New cable hook up

    No, I chased cable, replaced splitters no help. I decided to try hooking cable tv up to sat jack for living room and I get crystal clear tv. If we have decent cable I don’t get the satellite out and we don’t watch tv in bed so that works for us.
  11. bishgeo

    New cable hook up

    Anyone know, is the cable wiring and the antenna wiring to the living room tv the same connection. I know sat is different. My cable tv sucks even after dealer said they fixed it. Antenna tv is clear. I was going to put new outside cable hook up on side of rig near big tv and run new cable to tv...
  12. bishgeo


    I had printed a page showing the sat hookup in the udc. Wife put it up can’t find it and Ivan find where I printed it from. Thanks.
  13. bishgeo


    Just found a crack in my dinette wall. 😡😡
  14. bishgeo

    Anderson valve

    I wasn’t planning on tearing the basement apart just to look. It should be marked on the frt somewhere.
  15. bishgeo

    Anderson valve

    Not sure if I have the new up dated valve or not.
  16. bishgeo

    Ice cube tray

    Can the tray that forms the ice cubes be removed to clean. I ran antifreeze thru ice maker. I know. But that's the directions I was given by tech at heartland. 😡👍
  17. bishgeo

    De winterizing

    Two questions. First time dewinterizing with an Anderson valve. I usually pour bleach in the water fill hole and fill tank then run it thru system let it sit for a day drain and fill. How do you get bleach in the holding tank with this valve set up. 2nd it has the residential fridge that dealer...
  18. bishgeo

    ATF: Big Country - Rear hitch

    2019 big country has brackets for hitch but no hitch. Is there a hitch available and price. Thanks.
  19. bishgeo

    Maintanance and controller box location for a Schwintek slide

    Mine are on the roof of the front storage bay. 🙄🙄 - - - Updated - - -
  20. bishgeo

    Build sheet

    Finally got a reply. Bummer. 😢 As of 3/22/2018 the step light was discontinued on the Big Country line. There is no step light for this unit. Due to Heartland's commitment to continuous improvement, we reserve the right to make changes to models, including standards; options; materials...
  21. bishgeo

    Repair list.

    Finally got our repair list made for dealer visit. **** shame. Just poor quality build. George Bishop Check the caulking at trim at roof on rear cap Dinette slide out seal coming loose from wall outside Seal under dinette slide out above tires coming loose Dinette slide out rales at...
  22. bishgeo

    Unhappy camper

    For those that can’t read it. It’s an email from heartland wanting my vin # sad part is I traded my 05 Montana in on this thing. I have no idea about keystones customer service never needed it. Only time it was on a dealers lot was the day I picked it up. 50,000 miles and other than regular...
  23. bishgeo

    Unhappy camper

    Got this about my light yesterday. 😂👍
  24. bishgeo

    Unhappy camper

    Going to the Richmond in cw super center on the 17th. Service manager I talked to seem like a great guy. Made an appt time for me to show up. He wants me to walk him Thur it and explain what is wrong so he knows. But he was up front it could take 6-8 weeks to get warranty items approved and...
  25. bishgeo

    Rv shows.

    Isn’t there a show by state list somewhere.
  26. bishgeo

    Unhappy camper

    Pretty ****** here. Finally got scheduled into a camping world service center Jan 17 to get awnings put on that wasn't in stock when we bought it and a page of repairs done. They tell me I only had 90 days to get most of it done under warranty. . How the **** does that work if it takes them more...
  27. bishgeo

    Sat cable

  28. bishgeo

    Sat cable

    Watched the video.ill try it but this fat satalite cable I buy is some big stuff. I might have better luck licking my elbow. 😂
  29. bishgeo

    Sat cable

    How are you guys rolling up and storing sat cable. Mine might as well be 1/4 steel cable trying to roll it back up. Was thinking of trying a electric cord reel.
  30. bishgeo

    Satellite Hookup in Bedroom BC 3155RLK

    How are you feeding the signal to your Wally. Direct line or thru the camper sat jack.
  31. bishgeo

    Access to ports on TV in '18 Big Country 3560 SS

    I have a 2019 big country I have a hdmi cable hanging out of the hole in back board have no idea where it goes but won't get me a signal when connected to the Wally. I connected another hdmi cable behind tv by reaching behind tv elbow deep to reach scocket to plug it in.
  32. bishgeo

    Us map

    Got it thanks.when you need to update states do you have to create a new map to download.
  33. bishgeo

    Us map

    How do I apply the us map and states visited to my posts. Thanks
  34. bishgeo

    2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    New owners, we would like to attend.
  35. bishgeo

    2019 big country

    If you would like to share what you did that would be great. Looking for ideas. Should I search a certain groupe to see who has made switch modifications. Thanks
  36. bishgeo

    2019 big country

    The design to put all control switches behind a cabinet door has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Has any one moved a light switch to the outside of the cabinet anywhere. Also has anyone reversed the door direction. It opens into the entry door. Lost count of how many times I left cabinet...
  37. bishgeo

    Led porch light

    Read my lips. There is no step light. And there is no remote. - - - Updated - - - Yes gave them the vin and he said he would look it up never called back.
  38. bishgeo

    Led porch light

    2019 big country. Don't know who thought the bright white porch light was a good idea. Can it be replace with an amber led. I also have no step light. It's supposed to be standard equipment.
  39. bishgeo

    Cell service

    Verizon vs at&t while traveling. Who’s paying what and how is service.
  40. bishgeo

    Transporting Bicycles

    Before we got a bike rack we just put them on the bed.