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    Awning Motor Replacement

    I called customer service when I had to replace one on my 2011 Bighorn.
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    Mice and places they got into

    We covered and filled as many areas as we could find with foam, metal, and treated steel wool. We removed any food items and crumbs. I placed 6 regular mouse traps with peanut butter bait. I collected 7 mice over a two week period. I now place moth balls all around any thing contacting the...
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    How to reattach the wall cabinet

    Seven-foot tall closet next to the entrance has pulled out from all the screws holding it. 2011 Bighorn 3610RE. The screws come thru the wall from the outside and into the 3/4" thick wood sides of the cabinet. The outside finish material sheets were then installed over the screw heads blocking...
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    Fireplace replacement

    We have always run our fireplace for heat before using the furnace or electric heater. 2011 Bighorn the fireplace still works just fine. We do not leave the RV and let it run through.
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    Serious build quality issues

    Writing to the RV manufacturers and our state and federal representatives and news outlets about all the safety and quality concerns associated with the building of all RVs would be the proper way to get our concerns some attention.
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    Bent Hanger"s

    The spring hanger's sides, at the bend, become fatigued and will break off. This is not due to the weld breaking but the side metal being fatigued. This is not an uncommon problem with double/triple axle setups. A hanger that breaks need to be reinforced/boxed to reduce this fatigue breakage.
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    Replacement Rim/Wheel

    I have had two of my Tredit rims crack at different times and Tredit replaced both of them, no problem.:)
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    Warranty on Floor and or Vinyl flooring??

    Our 2011 Bighorn had grooves ( after the second trip ) in the kitchen vinyl flooring, this is caused by the rollers that support the slide out. Customer service representative let us know that after one year, the warranty had expired so nothing Hartland could cover. The representative suggested...
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    ATF: Bighorn - Kitchen Sink fell down

    My friend and I both have 3610 Big Horns. We had to support our sinks with additional brackets to hold them in place. Must be more common than we were led to believe.
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    Bighorn - Surge protector

    Your right about the EMS. I have had so many things fail that it is hard to keep documentation straight. Very disappointed with quality on this Bighorn. Some things were covered but the most serious ones were not covered. The power issue was just one of 13 breakdowns. Where ever the EMS is...
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    Bighorn - Surge protector

    I hope no one ever has the problem I have had with an EMS. Could be a hazard to your life. Thank someone if yours keeps working as it should.
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    Bighorn - Surge protector

    I had the portable EMS from Progressive. This did not protect my RV from an electrical surge of 240 volts. A dropped neutral in the power cord reel, which is after the EMS, allowed 240 volts to enter my RV and caused several thousand $$ damage. The wired my take more time but will protect more.
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    Power cord reel malfunction

    Per Progressive '" Our units are sealed at the factory against moisture. Any disassembly will void the Warranty."
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    Power cord reel malfunction

    I did e-mail TDI about the issue with my power cord reel. Have not heard from TDI. A Hartland rep did call me about my problem, nothing else.
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    Power cord reel malfunction

    Currently I am using my third Progressive EMS (Electrical Management System). Previous two EMS allowed moisture to enter the box. Each time Progressive replaced their EMS. I first checked my EMS, it was ok. The electrical issue had to be after the EMS. Checked my power cord it was ok. The way...
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    Power cord reel malfunction

    TDI Power cord reel on 2011 Bighorn. The contact for the electrical ground which is on the inside of the rotating drum, malfunctioned, allowed 220 volts to enter one side of my RV ( Lucky just one side). Took out the converter, on board vacuum, several appliances and allowed boiling of the...
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    I have had the Lippert 6 point level system for 3 years on my BigHorn 3610RE. We never have heard popping sounds and believe me if there was my wife would have let me know. Been from Florida to California to Michigan and camped everywhere between. I was just wandering why I don't have the...
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    To do or not to do Slide Out Toppers!

    Slide out toppers work great to keep things from getting into the rubber seals. I put together a plastic pipe support for the longest one, keeps from flapping and drains rain water, then just disassemble when closing, easy to store.
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    Leveling blocks, anyone use these?

    I use plastic made for under level up jacks only. Have not had any problems past year. Before level up system used 3x10 treated no problem.
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    2011 Big Horn 3610RE, six point leveling system. Spend 6 months in Florida and traveled from West coast to East coast from Michigan to Texas. Never have had any popping sounds. Don't see why my RV should be any different than others, guess I am just lucky.
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    2012 Ford Super Duty F-350

    1999 350 SRW 7.3 Navistar Diesel 4x4 crew cab long bed 3.73 rear gear 191,562 miles. Bought new to pull first 5th wheel that was 33'. Then bought 2011 Big Horn 3610RE. Thought I would just see how the 1999 pulled the new 5th whl. 32000 miles later, pulling from Michigan back and forth to...
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    Folding handle outside door

    Go to a good sporting goods store and get bat handle wrap. Comes in different colors, does not rub off on hands and sticks for ever.
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    I have the 6 point level up system on my 2011 Big Horn 3610RE. This pop sound must just be isolated on certain RVs. I have not ever heard this on my unit. I have traveled thru 15 states, different temps, different elevation and different lengths of stay. I use the large plastic pads under all my...
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    Rear wall very wet

    My 2011 3610RE Bighorn had a water leak above the rear window in the caulk seam. Heartland customer service was rather rude when I called them to get some information, answer was, "it is the customers responsibility to check the caulk every 3 months and repair as needed". Asked if any...
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    Help! My Fresh Water Tank Doesn't Like Water!

    My friend and I have the same model Bighorn and both had the same problem. We took off the panel inside the bay behind the water inlets and found that the inlet water line had a low area. We disconnected the line, straightened it out and this corrected the problem. We also use the special hose...
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    RV road service insurance vs standard motor club

    We have had AAA RV Plus policy for more than 20 years and always had fast and good service when we needed it. Fast, being very important when traveling and have an issue. They take care of the truck and the 5th wheel. Most important when traveling is how many locations are available that handle...
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    Your tips for a looong road trip

    On long road trips we always can find a campground, safer, more relaxing and the host always are able to give good information about the area. We have visited and seen a lot of things we would have missed if not for the campground host telling us about things. This current trip from Michigan...
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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: WY, Gillette - 6/14/2012 to 6/17/2012

    OK! This weather is what I'm talkin about, warmer, less wind. Went to Buffalo today saw Work Kamper friends at Deer CG and drove up into the BIGHORN MTS Beautiful scenery. Looking forward to Wednesday at the Rally.
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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: WY, Gillette - 6/14/2012 to 6/17/2012

    After Gillette Rally going to Yellowstone NP, Fishing Bridge CG. What is best route for pulling 5th wheel?
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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: WY, Gillette - 6/14/2012 to 6/17/2012

    NOT LIKING THIS WIND! Been a great trip out here untill someone pushed the Wind button.
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    Tampa RV show

    Wintering in Clermont, Florida. Lots of Hartland products at this resort. 8-10 of us going to Tampa RV Show Thursday. Always have a good time.
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    Leaking Rear Window

    I had called customer service because my RV is still under warranty. That is when the customer service rep told me it was the owners responsibility to check the caulking every 3 months. I just wanted to know if this was a problem that had been reported by other Hartland owners. Fine! Wish I...
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    Leaking Rear Window

    2011 Bighorn 3610 leaks around the rear window when it rains. Customer service told me it is owners responsibility to check/ repair the caulk every 3 months above every window.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MI, Lake Leelanau - 8/25/2011 to 8/28/2011

    Sandy and I had a great time, very good Rally. Enjoyed meeting new people around the campfires.
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    LOCATION/DATE SET - 2012 - Gillette, WY

    Re: 2012 Rally Location and Date has been set - June 14-17, 2012 - Cam-Plex in Gillette, WY We will be taking the month of June to visit some of the national parks before and after the rally in Gillette. See ya all at the rally.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MI, Lake Leelanau - 8/25/2011 to 8/28/2011

    Came in on Saturday, site 60. Looks like the fun has already started:D:D
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    Where should we hold the 2014 North American Heartland Owners Rally?

    Hey Jim , Check out this site. Been there and is very nice. Myrtle Beach with Ocean front. Meeting room for 1000 people. No extra charge for meeting room with sound system and kitchen. Over 800 transient sites available for Rallys. Moving further West, Fleetwood Just had...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MI, Ludington * - 08/26/2010 to 08/29/2010

    OK! who was responsible for the super weather during the Rally? We arrived Sunday(great weather) left today,last rig to leave,(great weather). This was our first Rally and will not be our last. Looking forward to more Hartland Rally's Bert & Sandy
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    Wanting to upgrade my truck

    What other fluids do you have to change, besides the oil, on a regular schedule?
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    What is the best Power Chip

    I have a 1999 Ford 350 SRW( stock ) 7.3 Diesel crew cab (155,000 + miles). Had a little concern if the truck could handle my 2011 BigHorn 3610RE. Pulled from Florida to California, to Grand Canyon and home to Michigan. I did not have any issues, pulled the hills as good, or sometimes better...