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    My 2012 Torque 291 Mods

    Mod= Morryde steps, 12 v (purple) and 120 volt under awning lights, 12 v Purple led strip lights under steps. skirting (to keep kids from running away) attached with Velcro and suction cups (they are working better as glue not holding to material) 2nd awning, and testing a hammock
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    Auto Levelers

    Does anyone know if the auto levelers is an option with the Torques? Love our 2012 TQ291, been thinking in a few years on either the TQ321 or TQ325
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    291 wall studs

    I have a 2012 291 was wanting to know if the walls is the garage will hold mounting kayak s on them? The mounting straps bold to the wall 2 each for each kayak.
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    AC vents in 2012 291

    AC not blowing much air out of end of line vents, but have 3 withing 3 feet of AC unit. Would it hurt anything if I would block off a few to allow for more air to get to bedroom and cargo area as that is also used as a bed room? sorry if I missed a thread close to this