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    2012 Heartland Graystone GS33QS

    Specs I’ve seen for the used 2012 Heartland Graystone GS33QS I bought say there is 1 - 80 gal grey holding tank. I have 2 grey levers (grey #1 & grey #2) and 2 light indicators for grey. Would it be one tank that is split into two compartments that I have are do I really have two tanks? If...
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    Gold decal replacement

    2012 Heartland Graystone GS33QS The gold decal has peeled off some on the 2012 Graystone we got in 2019. The other decal colors are ok. What would people recommend as a fix? Try to find a decal close in color to replace it? Remove decal and use a paint? What type of paint would you use...
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    Suburban water heater switch

    Is there any risk/danger to keeping the switch out on the water heater to on? The element for electric won’t heat until the second inside switch is also turned on. I don’t know the reasons there are two swiches for electric. Just wondering if there’s a reason to always have to turn the one on...