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    Lithium 2414

    Not sure what you even mean by the 'op' to the other thread. You talking to me? I am new here and didn't know I couldn't post the same question more than once to different areas of the forum. :confused::confused::confused:
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Brand new to CC, but I bought a Springfield Armory XD-S Mod2 OSP 3.3" in a 9mm. Definitely going camping with me.
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    Lithium 2414

    Hello, I have money down and need some quick help. Who can tell me if my Polaris General or Polaris RZR will fit in the Lithium 2414? I need some pics or verification asap. I contacted Heartland directly but they have not got back to me as of yet. Any and all help is appreciated! Bassfan71