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    Manual over ride of the Hydraulics

    We are currently in route to Colorado Springs and our hydraulics have sprung a leak. I had to add two quarts of fluid just get get the slides and landing legs retracted. We are now stuck with the slides in with no access to the living area and no way to unhitch the truck. Is there a manual way...
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    Stepping down

    Sharon and I would like to inform everyone that we are resigning as the Canada Regional Directors. We have met some very nice owners in our short stay with the group. The reason for this decision is we are opening an RV Dealership and we will be selling some of the Haertland products. We felt...
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    Chapter leader wanted!

    I am looking for a chapter leader in the Province of Quebec and I am taking nominations. To be a Chapter Leader you must be a Heartland Club Member. The person we are looking for would possess: A. A friendly demeanor B. A non-combative, customer friendly style C. Good written and verbal...
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    BH Ti32 Graphic change

    The graphics on the front cap have changed. I think this is a great improvement over the original. Tony
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    Big Horn Titanium Brochure

    Attached is the new flier for the BH Ti32, Please note the file size is 1.9MB Tony
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    Critique of the Big Horn Titanium edition

    It is time to do a little bit of a critique on the New Big Horn Titanium after living in for a month now and towing it 2500 kms. It looks to us that Heartland has taken a great product and improved upon it. Let me start off by saying that this is the first Titanium that we have ever owned...