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    Unusual Tire Wear

    I just noticed the driver's side rear tire is wearing on the inside very fast. The other tire on that axle is wearing normally. I do not believe the axle is bent and the suspension looks ok. Anyone experience one tire wearing on the inside?
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    Trailer brake warning in tow vehicle. [RESOLVED]

    I have a 2016 RAM and tow a Bighorn. Lately, I am receiving a message in the truck, "check Trailer brake wiring" or " trailer disconnected". The messages appear very intermittently, but always while towing. The cable to the truck has been replaced. I checked all of the connections I could and...
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    Winter Traveling

    I will be towing my Bighorn for two days through some pretty cold country. I did not winterize , and wondered if it would be OK to leave the furnace on a low setting while traveling to keep a little heat in the basement area.
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    Lippert Trail Air Pin Box

    The air tube in the pin box appears to have slipped slightly, so that the bottom has come out of the metal retaining ring. Anyone ever have this problem and a possible fix? Wasn't sure if I could relieve the pressure from the air bag and slip it back in place. Pin box is not attached to a...
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    Collision Repair Facility Needed

    Suffered some moderate damage to the entry door and surrounding area. Door is jammed and bottom hinge is broke. Willing to drive a distance to a quality repair facility who can complete timely repairs.
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    Good Sam Travel Assist

    Good Sam is offering a special price on their Travel Assist program, $79.99 for 15 months.Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with this program. Sounds like a great deal for what they are offering, but are they empty promises?
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    Thermostat Control Malfunction CORRECTED

    A friend of mine owns a 2016 Torque and believes he is having a problem with his bedroom thermostat. He is unable to turn on the furnace from the bedroom location. Everything else seems to be working fine. Any thoughts?
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    Floor Plan Question

    In looking at the new Bighorns, there is a discrepancy between the web site and the brochure provided by the dealer, with regards to the floor plans of the 3570RS and the 3575RS. Which is more current, the brochure or the web? Unfortunately, I discovered this after the Heartland reps left our...
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    Diesel Trucks and Cold Weather

    I'm new to towing with a diesel engine, especially in cold weather. We are heading up through northern CA, into Oregon and Wash. In some locations, the temps are dropping into the mid to lower 20's. Is there a need to be concerned about the diesel in the factory fuel tank "jelling"? The owners...
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    Ice Maker Winterization

    I am in the process of winterizing my ice maker on the Norcold refrigerator in my Bighorn. Think I have it figured out, between the factory recommendations and the Forum info. Just wanted to confirm the "water supply valve" is behind the UDC. Also, should I use some air to blow out the lines...
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    Sacramento to Spokane

    Thinking about taking a trip around Xmas from Sac. to Spokane on I-5. I'm a little concerned about the weather and mtn. passes in Oregon. I noticed some of those areas are getting freezing rain now. I don't have a tight schedule, so I could wait out a bad storm if I had to. Also, any hints on...
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    Anderson valve trouble

    My neighbor, who has a 2014 Bighorn is having issues with the 4 way valve. He is new to RVing and was unaware of the forum. So I'm trying to help. Apparently, when the valve us turned to "city" position, the fresh water tank also fills. I think I've seen this problem before, but I'm on my cell...
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    Bighorn Stairs Replacement

    The stairs on my 2013 Bighorn 3010RE are falling apart. The lower step has always been "spongy" and now one of the tabs has broken off. Any recommendations on replacement other than the OEM stairs? I have seen some Bighorns with aluminum stairs that look pretty nice and was told that someone was...
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    Restringing Rear Day/Night Shade

    The string on the rear shade broke and I can't find a diagram for restringing it. Mine has a spring attached to each end cap and everything I have found shows only ONE spring in the middle. Are there any step by step instructions available? I have fixed several of the smaller blinds before, but...
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    Drivers License for towing in CA

    I am again hearing talk about CA requiring a special endorsement on a drivers license for towing trailers and they now say it's supposed to be anything over 10,000 lb. I also heard CHP is having a field day on I-5 around Redding writing tickets for this violation. None of this info can be...
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    Entry Door Exterior Light

    The exterior motion sensor light over the front door has lost the two little plastic covers on each end. I believe they cover the sensors. Would like to replace it with something similar and maybe an upgrade in quality. Anyone have a recommendation
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    Dodge Ram 3500 Question

    I've been looking at the new 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 and would like some owner's opinions on it's specifics; ie. tranny, rear suspension air bags, interior comfort etc. Also, what color do you have.
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    Heartland Audit Unit

    I have been "off the grid", so to speak, for awhile (elk hunting) so this may be old news, but I noticed in the Heartland Newsletter that they have established a unit to "audit" all of the RV's before they are shipped to the dealer. I take this to mean all of the units are inspected for obvious...
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    Garmin RV 760LMT Review

    I would like to thank Bob Curry for his very thorough review of the new Garmin 760 LMT for RVers in the Heartland Highlights Newsletter. I'm curious to hear from some users about how valuable they find this, and is it that much better than the factory installed GPS in their truck. Bob mentioned...
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    Happy Daze in Sacramento

    Anyone had any dealings with Happy Daze in Sacramento, regarding purchasing Heartland Products? Were you treated with respect and did you consider the deal fair?
  21. J

    Clearcoat Front Cap

    I'm tired of fighting the fading and dulling of my front cap. It's the standard white with decal on the Bighorn. Has anyone ever had their's sprayed with a clearcoat, similar to what is used on automobiles? The stuff sure works on car paint.
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    Computer Acting Strangely

    Sometimes, when posting a new thread or replying to an existing one, my computer begins to act up. It will skip some letters, not put spaces in, etc. Not always, just sometimes, and it may start at the beginning or half way through. The computer only does this on the Heartland Forum. So fr on...
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    Screws Popping Up On Slide Roof

    I noticed a number of screw heads starting to pop up under the seam tape on one of my slides roof. This is causing the seam tape to buckle and lose its adhesion to the roof. Is this something to be concerned about? I thought about just putting another piece of tape over all of it. Comments?
  24. J

    Fresh Water Drain Leak

    After a two week dry camping trip, I noticed water running down the outside of the fresh water drain hose. It appears to be coming from where the hose attaches to the tank. I have not pulled the coroplast down to confirm. My RV tech, who owns a Bighorn, says he had the same problem and found the...
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    Problem with "moving" slide seal

    As I travel down the highway, the "bulb or D seal", I believe it's called, that is attached to the side of the trailer across the top of the slide works it's way out of the track toward the front so that I can have one or two feet of seal sticking out after a two hour drive. Heartland replaced...
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    RESOLVED: Profile Updates Not Showing on Posts

    I recently updated my profile name to include a picture and my signature to include a US map. These both appear when viewing my profile, but neither appear when I post. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
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    New Pinbox

    I recently replaced the standard pin box on my Bighorn with the Air Ride Tri Glide. Now I'm left with an unsightly hole in the fiberglass where the pin box attaches to the frame, since the ABS cover no longer fits over the pin box. Does anyone make a plastic flange to cover the edges of the...
  28. J

    No Cable or Antenna Reception In Bedroom

    On our 2013 Bighorn, we have no cable or antenna reception in the bedroom. The living room works fine. We do have the Winegard Satellite dish installed on the roof, which was done by the dealer, and receive satellite on both TV's. We made sure the power booster was on and the TV tuned to...
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    Lippert Level-Up System

    Finally, after a total two months in the shop, the level-up system works as advertised. It is really slick. Not sure who to blame for the delay in finding and fixing the problem, Camping World or Lippert, but they ended up replacing the Keypad, Rear Sensor and finally the Brain. I do appreciate...
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    Bad Luck or Bad Products

    We decided to take the 5 month old Bighorn to Quartzsite, Az. for the big RV show and camp with some friends in the desert. We just got it out of the shop, where it sat for a month while trying to diagnose and fix the Lippert Level Up System. The 3010 model is always a big hit and we gave tours...
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    Considering the Tire Traker monitoring system vs the TST system. Have read the previous discussions and folks seem about split. Both seem to function the same and are priced about the same. Anything I may have missed?
  32. J

    Batwing Replacement

    I purchased The Jack antenna to replace the original batwing, but am having problems installing the booster on the correct coax cable. I have the Winegard rooftop satellite which seems to complicate the installation. I attached the booster to the cable marked antenna, but no luck. Anyone have...
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    Warming light in the UDC

    Anyone try using a light bulb behind the UDC to keep the water pump and lines from freezing? What wattage bulb? Any cautions or advice would be appreciated.
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    Bubbles in the Rubber Roof

    I happened to notice several bubbles in the rubber roof membrane of my 2013 Bighorn. The largest is approx. 3x6 inches. Not sure whether to be concerned and have them repaired, if even possible, or just live with it. I don't want any unresolved issues to go past my one year warranty.
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    Need Generator Opinion

    I have a 2013 Bighorn #3010 which is prepped for the Onan gen. and one A/C. Debating between a Honda 3000is or a Onan 3600. I have all the specs. on both, so I'm just curious what others would do. I am a little concerned on LP consumption with the Onan at 0.6 gph., and the hassel of horsing...
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    Touch up paint

    I need some touch up paint for my 2013 Bighorn to cover a couple minor scratches. Anyone know of a white paint that would come close?
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    Greystone Fireplace

    We are currently on a "shakedown trip" with the new 2013 Bighorn 3010 and have found very few problems or issues, other than my lack of understanding some of the new features. However, we have found the "Greystone" fireplace in the rear entertainment center to be quite noisy. The fan, whether on...
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    What Happened? (needed faucet ended up with new RV)

    We are currently on a trip in Oregon and my converter went out on our 2007 Bighorn. I took it in to a dealer in Grants Pass, Or. for repair and decided to have the kitchen faucet replaced as it had an annoying leak. We are now soon to be taking delivery of a 2013 Bighorn 3010 with the six point...
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    Shower Door

    The magnetic strip on our 'Frontline" shower door has become weak and allows the door to open at the slighest touch. It appears to be replaceable. Anyone replace one of these and if so, where did you buy it? I am hoping a Lowes or Home Depot may carry it. Also, anyone have any experience with...
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    Gel Coat turning yellow

    Over the past year I have noticed the gel coat on the entertainment slide of my 2007 Bighorn is turning a noticeable yellowish color. The trim around the outer edges of the slide is still white as is the metal skirting on the bottom. The rest of the gel coat on the trailer and other two slides...