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    Pendant Light Replacement

    Checked on my trailer today and while parked one of my pendant lights over the island fell and broke. Maybe the cold, maybe the wind shook it. Either way I need to find a replacement hood. Anyone know what brand this is or where to find a reasonably priced replacement? it's 11" diameter...
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    Milestone 370FLMB Winterization

    Hello all. Trying to winterize for the season, and for the life of me, I can't seem to find the water heater bypass valve. My water heater is aft over the axles, but there is seemingly no way to access the backside of the wh. Does it make sense that the valve might be located in the front...
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    JT Strongarm & Rear Stabilizers

    Re: JT Strongarm & Rear Stabilizers Thanks for the feedback. From the best I can tell I'll have to get adapters welded on, but maybe I can take the pads off and bring them in. Frustrating, but I guess there isn't a way around it if you want to have a stable place to camp!
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    JT Strongarm & Rear Stabilizers

    Have a new 5er and looking to install the JT Strong Arms on it. I've been trying to find more information about the connection to the rear electric stabilizers (Ground Control 3.0). Lippert says I need 2 x $59 adapters (#314592) for the rears, but I can't figure out what they do or where they...
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    Island Lights

    Just purchased a new 5er with and island and hanging lights. A friend told me they are prone to falling due to way....anyone have recommendations for what to replace them with?