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    Brake Voltage Drop

    What should be the voltage drop from the truck receptacle to the brake. I have a 1.7 volt drop on my Landmark. Thanks for any help.
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    12 VDC failure upon initiation of Slide Out actuation

    Robbie Gray Landmark Grand Canyon Manufacture Date: April 8, 2014 Have an issue with failure of 12 VDC Power upon Slide Out actuation. When pushing the switch to move the Slide Outs, the DC Power seems to short out. Any lights that are on go dark. This also happens with Water Pump Operation...
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    Recommended replacement for High Pointe EC942K9RE Convection/Microwave Oven

    Have a High Pointe EC942K9RE Convection/Microwave Oven in our camper. The Convection Oven quit working all of a sudden. Want to replace the High Pointe with a reliable Convection/Microwave Oven. Please inform on any suggestions. Thanks, Robbie
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    Stackable Washer/Dryer in 2015 Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon

    We have a 2015 Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon. Currently have a Splendide Washer/Dryer All-In-One installed. This machine has major issues and is a disaster. See other posts on issues with this unit. The Closet for the Washer/Dryer is located in the front right-hand corner. There is...
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    Exterior Light behind Entrance Steps

    On a Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon, how do you turn on the exterior light behind the entrance steps. The porch light switch does NOT do it nor do any of the other outside light switches. Is there a switch somewhere? At a loss how to turn on the light. Please help.
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    12 VDC lights when not illuminate when shore power is disconnected

    When shore power is disconnected, lights will not illuminate. Slide outs operate and refrigerator operate from inverter. Is there a fuse or breaker for the lights. All 12VDC loads operate when shore power connected. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks, Robbie
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    Trailer for Golf Cart

    I've seen several trailers with 2 swivel wheels hooked to 5th Wheel Campers. It appears that the trailer is hitched to the frame and is an extension of the camper. Many time the trailer is hauling a golf cart. If anyone has any knowledge on this, please respond. Not sure if it is safe? Will...
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    JFT Rims

    Have a 2015 Landmark Grand Canyon. The rims are 16" Aluminum and have 8 Lugs, and 8 Spokes. They are rated for 3750 Pounds and 110 PSI. I cannot determine the manufacturer of the Rims. The following information is contained on the backside of the spokes: JFT logo JFT05-B A81191660 SAE J 2530...
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    2015 Landmark Outside Entertainment Center TV Wall Mount

    We have a 2015 Landmark Grand Canyon. How do you remove the TV from the Wall Mounting Bracket. There is very little room to reach behind the TV and can't see any levers or handles. Please help.
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    Furrion FUR-DV5100 Speaker Wire Connector Module Problems

    My Furrion FUR-DV5100 has speaker wire connector module problems. The base unit will operate (as evidenced by the display) but no sound comes from the speakers. If the speaker wires are jiggled, then sound comes from the speakers for a while. Have e-mailed Furrion but no response. Has anyone...
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    Samsung HW-F355 Speaker System Woofer

    Own a 2015 Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon. The Speaker System in the Living Room is a Samsung HW-F355 Speaker System. According to all I have researched and the Owner's Manual, there is supposed to be a Woofer with the System. Cannot find the Woofer anywhere. Has anyone experienced the same...