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  1. 09Busaman

    Views From Your Campsite

    I loved camping in Nevada, sure do miss the open spaces. Here is our weekend spot, putting the boat in shortly.
  2. 09Busaman

    Fuel F-287

    After you weigh, go inside to the fuel desk and they will print the ticket for you. Should be just around 10 bucks. Then once you get the trailer, go back and weigh again. I have rarely seen a line, most of the time the scales are empty. Should be near the fuel station for trucks. At least that...
  3. 09Busaman

    Fuel F-287

    Agreed with above, it sounds like you are good. The hitch on your truck should have a sticker on it with capacity, given its a 20 model 1 ton it should be rated. Go find a Flying J or Pilot and weigh your truck. Find the door sticker inside the driver side and pillar and it will tell you what...
  4. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Update, happy to report from Lake Texoma that the Weboost is performing as expected. Outside the camper and away from the internal Weboost antenna I have 1 bar 4G, inside the camper I have full bars. We are happy with that.
  5. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Looks like we will be by 184624, just north of 70 at Johnson Creek. Thank you guys, I need to do my research a little better when planning locations. But this is only when I have to have service for work. Other than that I prefer to be some where my phone does not work. LOL
  6. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Thank you! We have Verizon so I hope we have the same.
  7. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Darn, I was hoping to not carry a pole and buy another antenna. We are moving to Lake Texoma on Sunday, maybe do a little more evaluation based on multiple locations and then decide if I want to invest in another antenna. Thank you guys, really appreciate the information.
  8. 09Busaman

    Really dumb HDMI question..

    Does the cable go to the entertainment center? It may be for Audio/DVD.
  9. 09Busaman

    Welcome from the UK

    Welcome Daz, I cant answer your question but someone will be along shortly to help you with information.
  10. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Thank you for the tips and ideas all. My exterior antenna is a omnidirectional, just the small round one that comes with the Reach RV. I have 1 bar 5G with it off, and 1 bar 5G with it on. Moving around inside or going outside it drops to 4G, but still 1 bar. I know I wont get something from...
  11. 09Busaman

    What did you do to your camper today?

    I did it yesterday, we installed a Weboost Reach RV. So far so good, still evaluating its value.
  12. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Thank you for all of the ideas all. I have the weboost installed, I drilled up and hit some spongy feeling resistance. I inspected as best I could with a flash light and found it was insulation. I cut the roof membrane and finished the cut. Box is installed, wire fished through and all should be...
  13. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    We have the same, but I cant find the wires and I have looked everywhere. Dealer was no help.
  14. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Thank you guys, I appreciate the the tips. I have a weather proof box and plenty of dicor. Will keep any eye on the membrane.
  15. 09Busaman

    How thick is the roof of my Elkridge?

    Not that I want to do it, but I need to drill a hole in the roof of my Elkridge 37BAR. Will be installing a Weboost and I want to put the booster near the bar TV and power outlet. I plan to start from the inside and drill up, does anyone know the distance from the interior ceiling to the roof? I...
  16. 09Busaman

    Conti Terra HD3?

    Hi all, 2020 F450 with 19.5's. I am looking at the Conti Terra HD3, has anyone had any experience with them or can suggest an alternative similar to them. I want a more aggressive tire but my options are limited with this wheel size. Just realized I posted in the wrong forum, mods please move...
  17. 09Busaman

    Replacing outdoor speakers?

    Speakers came in, fit back exactly in the same holes. No modification needed to the rig and they sound much better.
  18. 09Busaman

    Trouble filling tanks

    It looks to me like you need to keep your hose connected as shown, but turn your valve to Tank to fill. And leave it there when dry camping. Only use Normal if you are connected to a water spigot and that should bypass the Tank. Trying to fill the tank with valves as shown the water hose should...
  19. 09Busaman

    Furrion Oven Won’t Stay Lit

    Dont want to butt into the OP's thread, but since we may have similar issues I would like to comment. I would like to try the temp at 350, I usually set ours at 300 because it burns things if set too high, but will give it a try this week and see what happens.
  20. 09Busaman

    Furrion Oven Won’t Stay Lit

    My Suburban does the same thing, I continually relite it, thankfully it lights easy. I have to hover and look through the window to make sure the burner is still lite. I am assuming we may have the same issue.
  21. 09Busaman

    Auto leveling issues

    Another thought, at least this is what happened to me: Do you slides operate the jacks? Mine did after the first use, wound up having a stuck valve.
  22. 09Busaman

    Only owned for two years, still learning...

    Nice looking site, lots of shade, close to the water. Do we ever quit learning?
  23. 09Busaman

    Auto leveling issues

    Hi Davlyn, there will be a good many responses for you, I am still learning and just got my system working properly. Some things that help, make sure the nose is close to level before you start the auto level. Make sure your battery voltage is 12.5 or higher. Do you get any errors? Or are the...
  24. 09Busaman

    TMPS Readings

    I would also like to know. I was seeing a 10 to 15 lb increase in pressure and 15 to 20 degree rise from ambient temp. This is my first TPMS system and watch it like a hawk.
  25. 09Busaman

    Buildout garage

    Leave space for the slides to be covered as well. My buddy has this set up and I will doing the same as soon as I purchase property. More space than that may be preferable, depending on what you want to keep out of the sun or somewhat dry.
  26. 09Busaman

    Winegard Connect

    Thank you, that settles it for me. Not using it.
  27. 09Busaman

    Winegard Connect

    I am still learning as well, we have the Winegard Air 360 antenna that was already mounted. In order to finish the system, we will need a Gateway ( The switch on the wall is part of the pre-wire system. You should have wire...
  28. 09Busaman

    Chips falling onto bed...

    I carry a small shop vac for cleaning up things like this, and also for cleaning the basement.
  29. 09Busaman

    Winegard Connect

    According to my walk through, it powers what would be router connected to the antenna. I dont have a router yet and not sure if I want to do that or something else. Do you have a router installed?
  30. 09Busaman

    Replacing outdoor speakers?

    Polks are good speakers! Thank you, that gives me some confirmation 5.25 will work.
  31. 09Busaman

    Just bought but waiting on new 33bh

    Welcome, we just purchased our Elkridge, the 37BAR, and are month into ownership.
  32. 09Busaman

    Replacing outdoor speakers?

    Thank you. I have already ordered them so I will see how they compare. We have bluetooth speaker at home, we will use if this does not work out.
  33. 09Busaman

    "Need" to have a dishwasher?

    Thats interesting, first I have seen like that.
  34. 09Busaman

    Replacing outdoor speakers?

    Thank you. I haven't removed one yet. More to come when they arrive.
  35. 09Busaman

    Replacing outdoor speakers?

    Didn't find the exact answers I was looking for in the search. The outdoor speakers on our Elkridge are not great. I found some marine grade Kickers (always been a fan of this brand) and the sizes are 5.25. My speakers measure 5.5. Are these a weird size or do the standard 5.25 inch go right in...
  36. 09Busaman

    Inverter/charger vs converter/charger

    When my wife and I first started a few years ago, we boondocked most of the time. We used a generator when needed, but then the weather didnt require an A/C. The only thing that didnt work in our first camper was the TV, the microwave, and 120v outlets. We used the generator when we wanted those...
  37. 09Busaman

    Happy 4th from a newbie!

    Welcome to the board!
  38. 09Busaman

    Stuck hydraulic valve

    Just updating the thread. This past week was the second time we set up the Elkridge and due to the valve, I left the camper on the truck and extended the slides. As expected the front jacks lowered but did not lift the truck (assuming there was enough resistance in the jacks to allow the system...
  39. 09Busaman

    Trailer King RST tires

    I just went with a Zeemax Fortress tire for our Elkridge. I have family that owns a tire shop in Tulsa and I told him I wanted a bulletproof tire. I know nothing is bulletproof, but I wanted something I didnt have to worry about. The Trailer King tires I had were a 2 ply nylon sidewall. You...