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    re: black-water/gray-water

    re: black-water/gray-water My 2010 Big Horn 5thwheel will be stationary for several months, maybe longer, what can I use to keep the black and gray water tanks from getting offensive odors. I would prefer not using a chemical product if possible. Thanks for your help. cheri
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    Original thousand trails membership

    Our Thousand Trails membership was purchased back in 1976. At this time, there was only 1 campground which was located in Chehalis, WA. This is one of the few "orginal" memberships left. Our yearly fees are only $60.00 per year and cannot be raised. The membership also includes features...
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    Lookin' for a home for my RV

    New members to the Ft. Worth, Texas area. Looking for a "home" for my Big Horn RV. Anyone know of a nice, quiet, RV park to "settle in"? OR, maybe how to find one? Cost is a big issue for right now. Thanks, cheri
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    Loved the RV living

    My husband of 35 years passed away last week. Ernie loved camping and RVing. We had been full-timers for 5 years. Then Ern contracted cancer and within a year he passed. MY QUESTON: We have a 38' Big Horn that we both love. The Big Horn is now in a CRA RV campground in Needles, CA. I...
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    Looking for a Home

    We have been full-timers for 4 years now, but soon will need a "mail forwarding service". We live in Oregon and do not wish to change our residency. Does anyone have some ideas of who to contact for this service. Thanks.
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    kitchen table splitting

    We have a 2010 Big Horn 5th wheel. We are full-timers and I love the Big Horn. Problem: I have recently noticed that our kitchen table is beginning to split. It's only about an inch now, but I need help on what to do about this. Hopefully there is something I can coat the top of the table...
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    We are full-timers. Have a 3670 38' 2010 Big Horn. We love our 5th wheel. We are from Oregon and have never had to worry about having good water. But, being in southwest, Arizona mostly, good water is not always available. We have talked to many people and there is as many water filter...
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    fridge and hot water tank

    We have been full-timers for one year and love it. We have a 3670RL Big Horn and love it. We have been in Arizona and Nevada for a couple of months now and are having problems with the hot water tank and the fridge. Wondering if they are hot-weather related. My hubby and I are from...
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    traveling to Mexico

    We will be traveling to Yuma, AZ in a month or so. We have never been to Mexico and would love to visit. We have our passports. We are just thinking to park on the US side and take a bus into Mexico? Is that what most people do? We want to only spend a few hours. Maybe, like so many...
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    decals for 5th wheel & truck

    We have a 3670 2010 Big Horn. Would like to purchase a "Big Horn" decal for the trailer and for the truck. Any suggestions on where I can get them at a reasonable price?
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    outside television

    We purchased a small tv recently. We have it hooked up in our basement so we can watch tv outside. Is that terrible? We thought when the weather gets a little warmer, we can pop some pop corn and pretend we are at a drive-in-theater. Does it get any better??????
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    Big Horn in Arizona

    We have been in Arizona for several weeks now. We have a 3670 2010 Big Horn. We are currently camped @ St. David and in the next week or two will travel the 8 miles to Benson, AZ. The weather here was perfect today. In the low 70's. Went to Tombstone, AZ. A wonderful little...
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    kitchen counters

    We previously had a 2008 3670 Big Horn. We loved the 5th wheel; however, when the 2010 3670 Big Horn's arrived, we up-graded. We are still loving the Big Horn, but I am not very happy with the kitchen counters. I am very careful with the counters not to damage them. But I am seeing small...
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    outside propane heater/fire thing-a-ma-jig

    I am so cold-blooded, but at the same time love to spend time outside. This time of the year, even in California, (where we are now), it gets chilly at night. I would be so happy to find something to make the night warmer (at least for a couple of hours after the sun has gone down). I want...
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    HELP what to do w/our mail ?????

    We have only been full-timers for 6 months now and I have one big problem. Just not sure what to do with our daily mail. We have sold our home and so the 5er is our "home". No problem with that. It is a Big Horn 3670 RL, 2010. We love it. But----what do we do with our mail. We will be...
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    new 2010 Big Horn

    We had a 2008 3670RL Big Horn. Just came back from a 10,000 mile trip and had some warranty work to be done. We are like people that shouldn't go into a pet store, because you will walk out with a pet. Well-----We took our 2008 Big Horn into the dealer where we purchased our 5th wheel...
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    feel like a new member

    FINALLY------hubby and wife are retired. Hubby has been retired for 3 years, and I finally said good-bye to the ol' alarm clock on March 31st. What a wonderful feeling. I worked for many years, plus serving our wonderful country in the Navy in the 60's. Now it is my turn to play a little...
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    darn ol' technology

    We have a 2008 Big Horn 3670RL and love it. We love it so much, we are wanting to sell our home and live in the Big Horn for a few years. Just traveling around our beautiful country. Also want to attend some of the Heartland Rallys. At the present, we have ATT phone service land line, Trac...
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    Travel Log Book

    Need Suggestions. I will hopefully be retiring as of November 1st. (Oh happy day----but this all depends on if we can sell our home) (The selling market grrrrrrrrrr) Anyway, I am looking for a nice Travel Log Book. Something that I can start recording our travels with information such as...
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    the Wonder Wash

    I need your expertise advice------------- We have the 2008 Big Horn 3670RL. We are already wired to install a washer and dryer. However, with the price of the machines, installing, etc., just not sure how long it would take to pay for itself. I have seen tv advertisements and also...
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    changing mattresses

    We have a Big Horn 2008 3670RL. We love the trailer, but wanted to have a different mattress for the bed. The bed in the Big Horn is a King Size and the one in our home is a California King. The California King is a little wider and longer. We will be retiring the end of this year and...
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    Big Horn Mascot Needed

    We have a Big Horn and I am looking for a Big Horn mascot. Maybe outside and inside. Any Ideas?
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    I want a "Big Horn"

    I know this may sound a little silly, but I would like to get a "Big Horn" for my trailer. I want something for the inside of the trailer. And maybe even a decal, etc. for the outside of the trailer. Stuffed animal, etc. Any Suggestions????
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    the new portable satellite

    Has anyone purchased a new portable satellite called, "Vu Cube"? It looks like what we are needing. Maybe simplier to use than a regular satellite dish. Hubby and I are all for "simplier", since we are both "mechanically challenged". Sad but true. We realize that we must go to a "satellite"...
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    how to move those heavy chairs?

    We have the Big Horn 3670RL. One of our biggest problems concerns moving the 2 recliner chairs when it comes time to move the slides in. They are so heavy, it is a hassle for us. Hubby has back problems and I am not very strong. So I found that on our last 4-day camping trip, we just left...
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    Thousand Trails/Leisure Time

    My parents joined Thousand Trails in the 70's. At that time, I believe that their only campground was in Chehalis, Washington. My husband and I purchased their contract and have never regretted it. Because I am not retired yet, we haven't had the chance to take full advantage of this...
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    We own a Big Horn 3670. The kitchen water is freezing up between 18 and 20 degrees. The bathroom/shower/sink/toilet does not freeze. The furnace is set at 60 degrees. We have had Wilderness, Prowler, and Outback trailers and have never had any trouble with lines freezing up. And the...
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    Which Oven to Use ???

    We have a 2008 Big Horn 3670 5th wheel. It is equipped with a micro-wave oven, a conventional oven and a convection oven. I pretty much have the micro-wave and the conventional oven down-pat----I am just wondering about the convection oven. I have never had one b4 and would like other's...
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    Taste of Ice Cubes in new Bighorn

    We are new members of this website and so glad to have found it. My husband and I just purchased a 2008 Big Horn 3670RL. We love it. We, like many folks, started out small. I mean the tent. (oh, too old for that type of camping now.) Then we went to a 15' trailer, then a 21' trailer, then...